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Maazrat Ke Saath (Sheikh Rasheed Discussing About Musharraf’s Trial) – 24th June 2013

Watch Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive in Maazrat Ke Saath – 24th June 2013





  • ali

    Sheikh sb musharaf ka sath chor do warna hum ne aap ka sath chor dena hey. Kyun ke pervez lal masjid ki bachion ka qatal hey.

  • ALI

    Shaikh Rasheed is absolutely right. Public should pay serious attention what the real problems of Pakistan are at this time? The politicians are deliberately trying to divert nation's attention from real problems.

  • nabil

    Big changes are going to happen after september 2013. Nawaz Sharif will fall if he messes with Army and Musharaaf.

  • nabil

    What kind of democracy they are talking about where nawaz sharif, zardari and other rich people are exempt from income tax? If you go for case against Mushaaraf then Zardari and nawaz should be next in the line for their corruption. Then I can understand democracy.

  • abrar

    es admi ko akela bulane wala anker criminal act kar rha he

  • Khan

    Sheikh sb Laal masjid k massom bacho k khoon krny waly ko ibrat naak saza milni chaye, wo be tho Ghareebo k bachy thy, KP, Balochistan aur FATA may Musharaf ki waja say jo aag bars rai hy wo be tho ghareeb log hy na…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ehsan.khan.146 Ehsan Khan

    Nawaz sharif grait leader

  • goodDeedsLeadTo

    People have greed or materialistic mentality, and it appears, Allah causes a person to be not able to see the right from wrong.
    Actions speaks louder than words, despite the fact, we are not going to see, at least in the next 5 years, IK's plan to allow financial Integrity to recursively trickle down, by first chopping the rotting fish at the top.

    It is obvious it is not trickle down in the next 5 years, because the ones at the top are not open to 100 percent disclosure. & people may learn not to vote on the basis of patronage.

    I believe, IK's PTI will still be able to stand out taller among the other parties, & has a chance to win the next election, & recursively trickle down financial integrity, immensely increase tax & investment nets, put an end to dependence on foreign powers, execute an independent foreign policy.

  • goodDeedsLeadTo

    The truth all over the world including Pakistan is, Might is Right.
    & there is nothing we can do to change people.
    Greed for success mentality submits many, even normal people, to the notion of, Might is Right.
    If there is anything we can change is only our own selves, toward righteousness.
    Nonetheless, Universal Law of, Might is Right, is going to hold.
    And, if we change ourselves, empower ourselves, then we have a chance to put an end to inequity, injustice, as much as possible.

  • saraawan

    kutta ganja noora poora ager load shedding aur mehngayi beyroozgari ka musla haal na kiya tu teri gand mein poora punjab danda dee dee ga fough bhi jis sey tuj ko mout ati hai kutaay Kashmiri

  • Alexander

    Janwar party nawaw kuta kamina