BABA Pir Nange Shah .. Kya yeh shrik aur gunaah nahi hai???

BABA Pir Nange Shah .. Kya yeh shrik aur gunaah nahi hai???




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BABA Pir Nange Shah .. Kya yeh shrik aur gunaah nahi hai???, 8.0 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  1. abdulla ansari says:

    all these things are the work shaitan. these people will go in jahannam

  2. jazba says:

    LOLOLOL — omg — nangey shah — is ki koi tit esi beti nai he jo baap jese kaprey pehnti ho — HAHAHAH
    tite bhai 00 or lao

  3. Syed Khurshid says:

    Kia banay ga is qoum ka …??? Hairat hai Aurtain aur bachay baray shoq ke Baba ke jalway daikh rahay thay…

  4. Khan says:

    Sahat Gunnah Hay Piyary Bhai per Shirak Allah K Siwa Allah Ki Safat kisi awr ma kehna ya Man'na hay na k kisi Gunah k Pass Khara hona Shirk hota hay……

  5. every one see this link you cannot belive .

  6. YOUSUF KHAN says:


  7. libra says:

    doob ke mar jana chaiye aise logo ko jo aise shetanon ko manty hain aise insan ko jaan se mar dena chaiye shamee

  8. hammadwazir says:

    Punjab walo allah se daro

  9. yeh shrik hy…our aisay aadmi ka qatial wajab hy….

  10. Abdul Rehman says:

    A Bullet should be Look better in his face

  11. Sikandar Ali Dahani says:

    Ye Bht gunah hai Mangna Srif Allah Pak Se Chahai …….

  12. Iram Butt says:

    hahahahhahahahaha baba ji k jalway toubaaaaaaaah Allah hadayet de sab owratoon ko or baba ji ko haya or kapray

  13. Quaid e Azam says:

    mauj ji mauj malanga di hahahaaa jahl qaum jahl log jahil hukamran jahil mard juhlao ki qaum waisay hi leader lanat tum logo par oyeeee baigharitho allah jo hameesha tha hameesha hay aur hameesha rahay ga us ko bhool kar us ko choor kar jahil logo tumhara anjam allah hi janay .allah hum sab ko is fitnay say bachnay ki taufeeq aatta farmaye ameen.

  14. rebels says:

    goli mar deni chahiye kutty koB) kaash ye taliban ke haath lag jaye

  15. mona says:

    are pakistanis muslim? what about all hadees and quran

  16. Asim Bhat says:

    He died couple of years ago…His name was "Ahad sub Sopori"…We should not blame him…This is the fault with women not him. He was a mad man but was believed to possess special spiritual powers…. Most of the people in Kashmir do not like his way of spiritualism..though he had a following…..he never left his home in Sopore Baramullah but just a day before dying he went to hospital where Geelani sb, highly respected pro-freedom leader was admitted and this Baba waved his hand over the face of Geelani sb….And very next day he died…From that day he gained special respect in whole Kashmir and is believed to have endorsed freedom struggle..

  17. Zee says:

    Astaghfarullah No wonder why we are going down the hill. Clearly this Baba is not in his senses and some peoples are using this mental person to make some good money and hopeless Women are trying to get some hope thinking they are doing great job. this things have destroyed the Sufi Culture and Real Darwaish Peoples. You will never see many peoples with Real Darwaish Person.
    This is nothing more then a Money making Machine from poor and uneducated peoples and due to poorness many people out their hopes on peoples who cant even fulfil there own needs.

    God Bless Paklstan

  18. Aslam says:

    JazakUm Allah Khairan katheera uploader bhai and thank you admin as well usually you don't allow these kind of videos but some how you did !!!
    Btw this is the region where earth quakes struck few years back we Pakistanis are asking for Allah s azab every day with every breath with every mislead deed
    May Allah reward uploader admin and the sheikh touseef ur rehman hifullah who does these operations of ilm and Daleel to highlight the juhal in Islamic republic of pakistan

  19. Machan says:

    One word only "JAHALAT ".

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