Super Moon (Full and Nearest Moon Ever) Watch Exclusive Video





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  • mohammad saleem

    this is the sign of ALLAH swt. this reminds us the POWER OF ALLAH swt, and this should send all of us to
    go the "sajda" and praise ALLAH swt. ALLAH swt has created sun and moon and other billions of stars, which are obeying the HIS orders.
    this is human being who becomes rebellious, and forget HIM.

    • Scientist

      Once cant prove that God Dosent Exist but science makes God unnecessary ,Professor Dr Stephen Hawking
      There is no God who created the Universe, and probably there is no heaven and no life after death, Professor Dr Stephen Hawking

  • baghi

    yeh hrr cheez mein indian songs v sad :@

  • Usama Abdul Malik

    it's lovely