Departure of America from Aghanistan, Impacts on Pakistan.

Posted on June 23, 2013 Articles

America is leaving Afghanistan in 2014. But there are many confusions raising in minds about post America scenario in the region, specially Pakistan the most effected country in the world which sustained extra ordinary terrorism. In this war, Pakistan is the only country which not only Participated actively but being a partner our political system suffered a lot. Our economy destroyed, thousands civilians and military troops killed. Many key political leadership lied down their lives and this is continuing till today. America came in this region to save its nation but plunged us into destruction. If America leaves as Russian left Afghanistan then unstable Afghanistan will be more and more dangerous for Pakistan and the region. America must remember that leaving Afghanistan in the circumstances as these are now then again Afghanistan will be encompassed by civil war and it may be captured by those elements who can endanger the sovereignty of Pakistan. But if America wants such government whose work would be as watch dog over china and Iran in this connection I believe that love between America and India is established on such terms but this dream will not come true. Pro- Indian government in Afghanistan will not be acceptable for Pakistan or should not be acceptable for Pakistan. Because Hamid Karzai whose government is Pro India and in the result Pakistan experiencing terrorism, sectarianism and separatism specially in Baluchistan and commonly. in every corner of the country. and here is an other question storming my mind and I may say it Alarming because in the perspective of history of America it is well known that when it leaves one country and an other plan would be ready for another country to shave. According to American nature, half of world is suffering specially middle east is in front of us. I wish to recall Iran Iraq War and then example of Iraq is before us, now Pakistan is fighting with so called Taliban for last 12 years. May we say it proxy war or our own war but war is war that weakens military power and this weakness invites powerful to attack. But here I again hope that our Army leadership is not like our Political leadership he must not look over this thing because I believe that our brave and bold army always use its powers in such way that it saves its power for the real enemy……. to be continued