Pakistan Women’s cricket team captain Sana Mir profile


Pakistan Women’s cricket team captain Sana Mir profile




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  • Ayesha Jamal

    i also luv cricket sooo much hence my age is jst 13 but i gocrazy for it everyday and its jst like oxegen to me other people need oxegen to survive but i want to take it's name everyday to survive and ply it aswell….i'm a watta bowler so my bro says me to change my style :( i jst want to be a CRICKETER!!!!!! <3 I jst simply love it <3

  • abidrizvi

    Captain Sana Mir and some of your management member stops the game at one position, they don’t want anybody to come forward and take place of their friends Like Qanita Jalil (36 Years old) since last 4 years she never completed her 10 overs cota of ODI she is unfit and over age, Summaiya Siddiqui no performance at all, Javeria Khan with the Average of 6 since last two years, and Rabia Shah with the average of 2.5 ,Nahda with the average of 4.00 in 12 matches etc.

  • Navid Asim

    i like this girl she is our pride .. atleast she is 1000000 thousand time better than vina malike
    i respsect her.. keep up guys / your nation loves you.. better than the man team

  • PML_N

    Great JOb

  • BCN


    • Muhammad Waqas

      Shut the F up! Tumhare biwi jab burqa pehantii hai tou koi kehta hai kioun usko kala tent pehanwaya hai? Uski marzi woh jo khelay jo karay, tumharay baap nei usko khareeda nahi ho. Jahil insaan. Mind your own business.

    • Muhammad Waqas

      Aik kaam karo apni ghaleez, ghatiya ankhon ko cover karo. That's a better alternative.

    • PTI supporter

      100% agree with Waqas. Apni beti ko ghar mei bhetayo, dosri ki betioun par comment mat karo. Apni beti ki fikar karo.

    • Beta

      Aby apni ankhen set rakh. acha ghaleez nazron se mat dekh.

      aurton per hukm jharne wala tu kon hai.

    • Beta

      ghaleez nazron se tum dekho aur pardah woh karen. Dafa hoo

    • Omer

      aur kiss tarha cover kartay hain chaudry of Islam ?

  • Allah Lok

    Internationally Another positive expression of PAKISTAN .Imran Khan use to say "CHANGE HAS COME IN PAKISTAN".

  • inamsh

    Great! Geo Pakistan Women's cricket team!……Good luck!

  • Scarface

    who cares