Jirga on Geo News (Exclusive Interview With Pervez Khattak) – 6th June 2013


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  • Youth

    This fool salim is a jerk ….has no guts to talk to nawaz chor and his darbaries like this …

  • Muhammed Lodhi

    Pervez Khattak is not clear on many issues and I feel that his plan is different than Imran Khan. He can not and will not deliver anything for the people of KPK. Regarding Education system, he is partly right to bring some changes but the way he wants , he is not clear. He said he will bring equal education system, I think in USA and other European countries, private and government schools have their own books and system.He can upgrade government school system, but can not match private system, where teachers are highly qualified and they spent a lot of money and energy to deliver. Secondly the most important issue is Hazara Province. He is using old tactics that he will form a commission, and all parties should agree on Hazara Province issue. Definitely all parties will never agree on this issue, we vote PTI on their promise that they will vote for the Hazara Province and now he is backing for the promise. It is disappointment for the people of Hazara. People of HAZARA should not expect anything from Pervez Khattak and speak for their rights. Our commissioners,Tehsildar,SP, Registrar, Passport Office Director all Pathan and they deal with us unjustly. They insult us and take heavy bribe and they are sucking our blood. We were displaced from our land and all Tarbella Dam royalty is spent on other than Hazara. Those people who were displaced from heir forefather land are deprived from electricity (People of Khalabat Township) and whole country has benefited from the electricity of the Tarbella Dam.For small things, we have to go to Peshawar, where Pathan insult us and use abusive language. Tehsildar and Patwaris are getting heavy bribes, Mr. Khattak did not talk about this issue. All the people of Hazara do not like name Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, we the people of Hazara are not Pakhtunkhuwa, we should change this name.

  • shehzad sahibzada

    if u look to his question salim safi is not fair

  • imran khan sadri

    watch out guys, Khattak Sahab is saying that we've ticked 35% to our youth and Geo News (JEW NEWS) is posting 30%, this is what damn channal is delivering about the Party. Long Live PTI, Long live Imran Khan…

  • B j khan


  • http://www.olgd.com M. IMAD KHAN


  • waqas786a

    welldone pervaiz khattak

  • Tariq Amir

    I wish the PM and all the four CMs good luck. We cannot afford failure of any of the five governments.

  • waqas786a

    i just watched saleem safi show becoz of pervaiz khattak otherwise ye safi nawaz sharif ke chamche ka show to meine aj tak nai dekha. isko begairat ko sari buraiyan pti mein hi dikhai deti hain. gadha kahin ka.

  • waqas786a

    this chabal safi is a biggest chamcha of nawaz sharif

  • waqas786a

    imran khan zindabad

  • Mardan

    This guy Saleem saafi is asking very stupid questions. I have heard very high about Saafi but he came out to be an immature journalist, he may knows many things about KPK, Taliban but he is not a mature man. He should work hard and should improve himself as it would be good for his future career. If he remains like this then a good channels he'll lose his position/importance.

    • bangash


  • New Pakistan

    Every dull minded journalist ask same question about Youth CM. They do not think and do not have any scene of thinking that who was expected PM from PTI. Every one know PTI expected PM was Imran Khan and he is above 60 same could be applied to CMs.

  • Nasir, sahiwal

    cm of kpk loota.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nachowdhari Nisar Ahmed Chowdhari

    I don't think that people should be so biased, we should see the question of the anchor person it is his job to ask any question that he wants, only when you ask tough question you understand the capacity of the guest and as such I am thankful to Saleem Safi that he asked these tough questions so that the people who do not know Parvez Khattak now know his capacity and knowledge From my point of view a very good and informative interview


    safi sahib ne end main very hardly kha k hamari duain aur nake tamanain aap k sath ho ge Kaptan aur PTI ka bada mukhalif sahafi,saleem safi

  • Abdul

    Salmi safi ! You tried to put you wording in khattak mouth but you failed.you didnot questened noon leigue why they added sardar yousaf from mansehra who was integral part of Musharraf and zardary regime. He was the one who was blocking roads for sharif to pass from.nawaz don't know that hazara is a small division and if they create hazara province, they should make seventeen provinces in Pakistan.

    A.h.khan. USA



  • Abu

    Safi sahib great job as always.

  • abid

    saleem safi ney buhat koshesh ke he lekn pervez khattak ney barey achey tareqe le jawab dea heee,,,

  • PTI

    hamara sooba hamara sooba..!!..bc….get over it…stop trying to further this divide

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000155932647 Muhammad Nazir

    نواز شریف کا ایران گیس پائپ لائن منصوبہ ختم کرنے کا فیصلہ۔۔

    پائپ لائن منصوبے پر آنے والے بھاری اخراجات اٹھانے سے پاکستان قاصر تھا پاکستان کے حصے پیسے چین اور روس دینے کیلئے تیار ہیں

    روسی صدر پاکستان کا دورہ کرنا چاہتے تھے مگر دورہ اچانک منسوخ کر دیا گیا کیوں؟؟؟۔ پاکستان گیس پائپ لائن سے 500 ملین ڈالر سالانہ کما سکتا ہے


    nawaz shareef ka sab se bada CHAMCHA…ANCHOR

    • malu123k

      Interview is always critical analysis. Do not act like a kid.

  • sajjad

    IMRAN KHAN ZINDABAD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ISLAM ZINDABAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  • gust

    we will do this ,we will do that,but when and where would you do it on mars.my advise to pti is that they give bat and ball to every pshtoon and taliban.it will make a big diffrence and its easy to do.

  • fahad husain

    Sleem safi is a v.good man

  • analyst

    Do not forget Safi belongs to GEO and GEO is Anti PTI………

  • bilal

    safi is a good analyst we like good ..najam shati ..hameed meer ,saleem safi good ..

  • sono

    safi sub imparshal anker good we like u

  • imran

    safi sub we like yours knolege

  • sandhu

    safi sub you done allway good

  • shah

    safi sub good anker welldon allways

  • shah

    safi sub very good

  • Babar

    This safi is a Biased prick he Never Liked PTI and never said nothing Good about them so let him be negative we don't care .. we trust In PTI

  • Nasir Khan

    What is PTI = Group of RAW agents + A gang of hooligans + A mafia group of criminals.
    Pervez Khatak Jamati jaise lafnge laffzai se PTI ke jra'em ko chupane ki koshish karte hein.

    • A Rauf

      and who r noora,s family party 28 year in politics they only bring change on their bold heads and they also think only Lahore is punjab shame on their thoughts and their policy makers

  • https://www.facebook.com/masoodsakhi.ahmadzai Masoodsakhi Ahmadzai

    bohot mazerat ke satkrahaho salem saheb ke niat me fark pehli dafa de

  • https://www.facebook.com/aqeelzeee Aqeel Khawaja

    bonga insan hai ye

  • farooq

    Jirga program ke host ke sawaloon say ek badboo aati hai, iss liyay iss program ko dekhna waqt zaiya karnay wali baat hai.

  • https://www.facebook.com/roohulamin.khan.167 Roohul Amin Pti Khan


  • Hearrtbeat

    Khatak sahib ny har bouncer per chaka mara.
    Khadim ala ko aik bhi aisa bouncer mara tho bold ho aye ga.
    safi sorry you lose !!

  • Shah

    Saleem Safi, you are a disgrace for Pashtuns

  • Pakistan

    Their isnt diffrance b/w Shabaz & Imran Whoo wada he kya jo Wafa ho jay both of them will goong to be stand in next election (They will going bring change )people Pakistan had chance when Altaf Hussain made a histry in Pakistan Election he sent lower middle class people young to parliment But Punjabi establishment did not like it

  • Sardar Zafar Kahn

    Mr Safi. People like you can never see positive. You are a crook and biased journalist. Sorry to say that but this is the truth.

  • alsyedo

    khatak sahib well done

  • siddiqie


  • ali khan pmln


    Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 3rd Term Today News Photos 05th June – 2013

  • Shaw Khaled

    Product of Change, Youth & Democracy = Mr Khattak, Mr Asad, Mr Swathi so many more. Where is my Youth?

    Who will initiate, deliver & accomplish change? 3 female clansperson of Mr Khattak? Or are there not enough female qualified (Achievement oriented) law makers, doctors, economists, professors in the province.

    Very sorry to say that the presence of such people will achieve any vision & dream of the party, we need a common man (both genders) to sit there, a man qualified from engineering university, medical Institutes, law colleges, management schools along with some honest experienced politicians so that they can draft brilliant policies, doctor up the social & economic state of my people, Boost the wellbeing of the institutions like health, food, transport, agriculture & tourism.

    I didn’t vote to see another version of the past.

  • shahid

    maazrat k sath saleem saafi is playing wid khatak sb who is not clear abt his future plans. so he mst nt attend such programmes untill unless he is nt mature enough to ans tricky question.

  • amir ali

    IK was right he was the better choice as compare to young qaiser

  • Muhammad Waqas

    Safi did what a journalist should do: Ask hard-hitting question. He's not there to kiss Khattak's butt. With that said, Khattak did very well in the interview.

  • Attitude Adjuster

    Safi sorry to say you are a jerk

  • Insafian

    Saleem Safi did what he had to, he wanted a higher TRP by attracting audience, he just proved that. Khattak Sahab, I believe will come up with comprehensive policies very soon.

  • https://www.facebook.com/syed.a.kirmani Syed Adnan Abbas Kirmani

    Great man with great party vision

  • RajaTasadaq

    Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed God bles u . Zindabad Zindabad.sher ka shakary kon ? sheikh rasheed

  • Arifwaheed

    Khattak Sahiba de BEIMAN Sfi la interviewe ma warkawa

  • Insafian

    Please people, the type of comments you're passing makes the old parties staunch on their belief that PTI supporters are ill-mannered and don't have control of their tongues. Please analyse this in a very acceptable and credible tone. – An Insafian

  • Fazal

    Safi Sb Aff Jessa main me baghairat insan nahi dek why u know jab aap ke home main wife ke Saat kiyee larayyee hoin to aap Obama ko bolayeegeeee drone ke example essa hain thing stupid person

  • nisar

    Why Salim safi asked him how old you are you? May be Salim safi wanted to marry his isiter to Pervez khatak.


    Saleem Safi Ka Andaz Issa Hi Jo PTI K Khilaf Hamisha Raha Hi To AJ Sawalo m Nazar Araha Hi

  • nasir khan

    Salim safi wanted to discredit PK , asked him stupid questions. Even asked him how are you just let people know he is not new but old. Salim safi will try his best in next 5 years to damage PTI govt in PKP. he will be attacking KPK Govt all the time. Before election he predited that PTI will not get many seats in KPK.

  • concerned patkistani

    Khattak Sahib,
    Very well replied.

  • Qureishi

    Aisa lagta hai keh KPK main hakumat Saleem Safi kay sar par baiti hai. The most biased person

  • nabil



  • akhan

    The elevation difference between Kalabagh and Nowshera is 300 feet (Check Google map elevation), while the proposed dam height is 950 feet, so for sure nowshera and surrounding area will be under water

    • as8036

      I understand your concern, but I think like all civilized nations , pakistan people ( we ) should also learn that building DAM or any other building is not done by politics or can not be build by looking at google maps. There are professionals for this job called engineers and architectures with all necessary information, surveys and simulations. Something should be left for professionals to decide whether Nowshera will be drowned or not.
      If dont trust local professionals than hire international reputed professionals but please dont tell me looking at google or reading the paper or reading report come to this conclusion. if that the case, than you should get the NOBLE prize.

  • shan_ak27

    very smart politician he will be a good CM inshaaallah PTI zindabad

  • Javed

    There is a saying, when confront a weak and feeble I choose a wrath, then I cool down when faced with mighty and powerful. Pakistan's political and administration know only to deal with weak minorities .

  • akhan

    Im sorry to say, but Khatak is not clear regarding Imran's new governance system