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  • M Yasin Mughal

    All will become the fuel of the Hell on the day of Judgement. Do gaz jaga be na milli koha yar main

  • Deepak Nathani


  • adnan

    Need help. 03453111123 plz contact me if anyone can help

  • shivaji the boss

    Pakistan is not a single % rich as india is .India is also a developing country as well.

  • sam mir

    want to c NS at top ♥♥

  • Silversurfer

    This just the list of people who have some declared property.

    Asif Zardari, Nawaz Shareef and Malik Riaz are far more rich and may even be at par with the Ambanis in India.

  • insaan

    these are all in rat race to loot this country whatever is left over in there…………..

  • mohammad saleem

    what business zardari has got???
    blackmailer, extortion, gambling, looting, dacoiting, money laundering and many more

    • AZHER

      U have a problem with zardari knowing the fact that his father was one of the richest landlord in 70s and he married with a lady whos father and ancestors were from billioner.. U ppl dnt take name of Mr. Nawaz everyone knows that his father was KAABARII WALA..

    • fahad

      Yes Mr.Azher u r rite nawaz's father was Kabari wala thats true

  • http://www.facebook.com/imran.shah.14811692 Imran Shah

    sare tax chor hai tou asasetou billions me honge na

  • karachi meri jan

    you must be joking if this is declared wealth then what about undeclared wealth and by the way majority of money of the[ [ politicians] is looted wealth of people of pakistan they can get away in this world but what about that day who can escape that day of judgement pakistan ki hukamrani aik amanat hay aur is may khayanat karnay walaaur is ko nuqsan phonchanay wala zara soch lay.

  • faraz

    now noraa brothers gonna be on top after their 5 yesrs of govt.

  • Ahmad

    where is riaz malik


      i dunno right now where he is but i tell u bro,,,,HE,LL BE IN THE HELL

      • chikooooooooo

        No doubt InshaAllah

  • javaidqaisar

    These rankings should also be accompanied alongwith their pictures, the amount of tax paid by these people during the year.

  • Mokan

    Their wealth is questionable… most of their looted wealth has been put in their family names…

    • Hammad

      ik bhikaari bhi thailay walay ko yahi bolta hai..
      thailay wala choti dukaan walay ko yah bolta hai…
      choti dukaan wala bari dukaan ko.
      same for, jhompri wala makaan walay ko, jo kare daar hai…
      karaye daar malik makaan ko…
      makaan wala kothi walay ko…
      and so on…

      i am pretty sure tum ko bhi koyi aisa bolta ho ga!

      • rashid

        Very wel said hammad bhai. I am 100% agreed.

  • guest
  • shan_ak27

    By the way whats Zardaris Business hahahah

    • Nura

      Dakhoo ,and lootmar

    • khan

      Zardari has business of selling ash holes, do u want to sell urs? Chutyee kahe ky…hahaha

    • khan

      Zardari has business of ash-holes, do u want to sell ur ash hole?

      • shan_ak27

        Oh really he probably sells your moms holee you and you suck0 Zardaris balls