PTI Swat MNA Murad Saeed First Interview – He is One Good Brain

PTI Swat MNA Murad Saeed First Interview – He is One Good Brain




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PTI Swat MNA Murad Saeed First Interview - He is One Good Brain, 9.8 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

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  1. Fazal Rehman says:

    V good MURAD Brother

  2. Youth says:

    This one young man of PTI seems much better than the whole leadership of PMLn.
    This is PTI

  3. azeem says:

    One of PTI Star!!!

  4. Jazba Junoon says:

    The first minor wave of the coming tsunami has just hit the shores of KPK, a huge tide is on its way heading for Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan, just wait, all PML N gather your laundered money and leave before its too late.

  5. Sajjad Khan says:


  6. FromPMLtoPTI says:

    Wow .. PTV gone liberal .. Anchor kam fashion ziyada

  7. Naim says:

    we need good stuff no matter from any party.


    like him……………..thats change…………long live pti

  9. Ali says:

    ANP ko jaab awam ne chuna tu molviyoon say tang aa gae that let's see aab Immi ka baad khan sahaab kis ko vote detay hein. Is banday nay kiya aesi baat ki jis per uploader ye kehnay per majboor ho gaya ka "one good brain" plz explain mein khan na tu woh hi kaha jo bara khan kehta hai…TABDELI, TSUNAMI ETC ETC

  10. ali ahmad says:

    Look at the confidence and jazba of this young man.PTI and Imran khan zinda bad.

  11. We are with PTI IK Wave of change for real and sustainable peace and prosperity of Pakistan. our hope is Imran Khan

  12. sarkar says:

    yara zinda bad………….go pti tiger go all the way…………

  13. RAJA HABIB says:

    God blas you

  14. nainz says:

    Mashallah may Allah preserve him ameen

  15. givemechangeof2rupee says:

    Beautifill lady on PTV, that's the true change

  16. I.K Zindabad says:

    Oh Great you are man! GOOD LUCK!

  17. Mohammad says:

    Well done p t i that what we want in Kpk and all Pakistan

  18. nabil says:

    great, kash sare numaynde aise hore,
    decent educated, young,

  19. Scarface says:

    he sounds so DUMB if u ask me
    n he looks like a typical pathan SAVAGE

    • GujarJee says:

      abay MC salaam karo issi pathan ko jo terrorists aur pakistan key darmiayaan dewaar bhan kar khari hay… 40,000 shaheed ho chukay aaj tak pakistan kay liay magar uff tak nai ke… magar tere tui ka dard giya nahi… u wud hv shaaat ur pants a thousand times u A-hole if it wasnt for pathans… salaam lala… love you.. Pakistan Zindabaad

    • Faisal says:

      If he looks DUMB then u r DUMB ASS. U got me

    • i am sure you are not pakistani and do not have any thing to do with pakistan the dumb comment just explains this.

  20. bcn says:

    great yaar asy hi logon ki zarorat hai jo pakistan ko age le ke jaen pti zindabad pakistan khan

  21. jamal says:

    lala ye bata tablian tera baap hy ya dushman, ye bat tu tery leader ny abhi tak nahee batai.

  22. Aam Pakistani says:

    Lala Urdu bari maze ki methi methi bol raha tha.
    Love u

  23. kado says:

    belkol sach bolta he kabi kabi kechar ko saf karne ke liye kechar me hat dalna parta he
    i love pti

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