More leaked videos of election “dhandli: Unbelievable.

More leaked videos of election “dhandli: Unbelievable.




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More leaked videos of election "dhandli: Unbelievable., 9.7 out of 10 based on 26 ratings

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  1. insaan says:

    I have no doubt that the winner was Imran Khan but…………………….

  2. farhan11 says:

    ab or ecp ko kia sabot chai hay, jahan jahan rigging ke prove hain atleast wahan lazmi re-poll karwaya jae, warna iss govt k koi credibility nahi hogi this is just a dummy govt…

  3. kamran says:

    NA-179 say be pml-n ka Syed Basit Sultan Bukhari jeeta hay., shame yar, jahan jahan rigging howi hay wahan say pml-n walay jeetay hain, this is prove that pml-n is fully involved…. PTI ke sath bohot ziadti howi hay…

  4. farooOO says:

    ab jo polling stations may ye dhandali howi hay usmay pml-n walay jeetay hain.., PTI ka maindate chori howa hay agar na hota tu PTI clean sweep ker jata…

  5. ghangerkhan says:

    CJ and ECP will do nothing…

  6. I.Chaudhry says:

    there should be re-election under army and Mr sharif should be sent to jail

  7. Truther says:

    SHAREEF COURTS REVOKED ATTOCK SEAT RECOUNTING…reason" both parties were not consulted! ridiculous. its between EC and aggrieved party, why the other party needs to be heard. How would that make a difference, is there no need for transparency!

  8. hfazal100 says:

    AoA Meray Pakistani Youth I am Hassan from Malaysia
    I am a Muslim and Pakistani living in a Malaysia Swear Allah Brothers i see Imran Khan in my dream after Fajur and his face was full of noor and i listen voice that Imran Khan is a great human of Allah and Allah love him
    Brother Allah give us a Leader in shape of Imran Khan
    He is very honest
    This is all of us we know now that election was rigged
    This is our duty to come out on the street and don't let Nawaz Sharif take oath as prime minister
    Please brothers come out I am also coming to join all of you
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Come out please come out Believe me
    If 10 Million come out from houses from 180 Million population we will get change in Pakistan
    Pressurise ECP for recounting and in karachi we need fully election again
    in presence of media Live
    Pakistan zindabad

  9. Poor says:

    Blame no one but your own official .

  10. waseem-uk says:

    Fair and free election??? what a joke with nation!

    • patriot says:


      • shan_ak27 says:

        bro we can't blame the nation this time. Whole nation even elderly people and women with little kids stepped out to change their fate but this is corrupt Nawaz League and other status quo forces who hijacked whole nation.

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