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Elections 2013 aur Dhaandli..Ary News Special Show

Watch Latest Elections 2013 aur Dhaandli..Ary News Special Show





  • maq

    For reference Orange Revolution in Ukraine, they faced the same circumstances post election regarding forging and people of Ukraine came out for their rights.

  • 1voice

    Yeh hey neya Pakistan! Mubarak ho sab ko.

  • azanum

    will anybody tell me who will keep check on these reporters who think of themselves intellectual. can any body ask them a question? r they loyal or blackmailers?

  • https://www.facebook.com/saqu96 Saqlain Javed

    #TuQwasRight #Elections2013 #PakVotes

  • twist16


  • Jan Khan

    Before official announcement surrounding countries leaders are congratulating the estimated vote’s taker? Where allegations of over rigging, but celebrations are done well in advance, seems a pre-planned well in advance even congratulation from an equal partner country. A mystery unsolved but being implemented. The party selected with majority in a province are entitled to form government, but themselves unofficially announced with majority greeting each other and encouraging to side-line the party in majority rights; to form their own government?
    The so claimed majority party unofficial victory is in violations of Human Rights before even taking an oath; to become a prime minister? What can be expected from such a person or persons ignoring rights of others SubkhanAllah?
    We overseas Muslims (Pakistanis) feel ashamed by the acts of such political parties proven through media over rigging, the ones wanted to bring the real change are prevented by force of the opposition parties.
    The world is seeing how our politicians of the past are making fool out of their own nation, how can our foreign policies be trust?
    Today green passport has no respect due to our own actions and doings, such as today the ones intend to bring the changes are targeted. How can the nation (educated youth) support the corrupt and self-interest vision one family rulers? Any crime in world is linked with Pakistan why? Because they see us as criminals even if we are innocent, they know that such rulers will not stand for just Human Rights, but will support in violations of Human Rights.
    We portray an image to the whole world based on our actions “Allah (SWT) will never change a nation, unless they change themselves” and truly repent. The others regard Muhammad (SAW) followers to act according to the Sunnah, but we portray the opposite image in every aspect. We all have to die soon or later but wake up and realise the traitors and the wise!!!!!!

  • 01234567

    huge victory ki waja yeh video hai
    patwari aur thanedar ne apna khob farz nibaya
    aur noon league ko jataya

  • asghar

    hi my name is ………………..
    i live in na 250 yaha pa ele wala din bht dhandli huwi hai or dhandli karna waly or koi na mqm ka karkun tha jin ka naam yeha hai
    mr waheed
    x unit incharge mustafa
    n his workers
    main2 baja line na khara huwa tha or mera num 6 baja aaya jab main balid paper lana gaya too waha pay behata huwa mustafa jo x unit incharge tha unn hoo na ,mjh ko balid paper nh diay or woo paper apna karkun ko da diya or mjh sa kaha k chup chap mqm ko vote do warna bhair nikal k jaan sa marr doo ga main na police sa bhi complain ki thi sub inspector bashir uss na mera moo pa chamt mari or kaha k dafa hoo jhayo waha pa zada voter pti k tha or waha pa pti k razakar m.samar ko b mqm k karkun na kaha k chup chap jha k beath jha abb app khud faslia karay k kon sahi hai kon galat
    polling station name:cost guard public school nera nasra school

  • last Chance

    No use crying over split milk.Should have joined Tahir-ul -Qadri to at least form an independent election commission.Nothing was done to reforms the ECP as promised by PTI and some parties.We thought PTI was not playing politics as such but was focused on bringing widespread reforms, which are unlikely with these these traditional parties (corrupt and power hungry) in power.More than sixty years down the road we still don't get "INSHAF" and looks very difficult in future too.What this election has proved thougt that UNITY,FAITH and DISIPLINE is what we lack.I think the best now is no take care of our ancestorial land go as much as we can for our own people and forget about about all other fairy tales.This is, what has been proved in this election.