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  • maq

    For reference Orange Revolution in Ukraine, they faced the same circumstances post election regarding forging and people of Ukraine came out for their rights.

  • 1voice

    Yeh hey neya Pakistan! Mubarak ho sab ko.

  • azanum

    will anybody tell me who will keep check on these reporters who think of themselves intellectual. can any body ask them a question? r they loyal or blackmailers?

  • https://www.facebook.com/saqu96 Saqlain Javed

    #TuQwasRight #Elections2013 #PakVotes

  • twist16


  • Jan Khan

    Before official announcement surrounding countries leaders are congratulating the estimated vote’s taker? Where allegations of over rigging, but celebrations are done well in advance, seems a pre-planned well in advance even congratulation from an equal partner country. A mystery unsolved but being implemented. The party selected with majority in a province are entitled to form government, but themselves unofficially announced with majority greeting each other and encouraging to side-line the party in majority rights; to form their own government?
    The so claimed majority party unofficial victory is in violations of Human Rights before even taking an oath; to become a prime minister? What can be expected from such a person or persons ignoring rights of others SubkhanAllah?
    We overseas Muslims (Pakistanis) feel ashamed by the acts of such political parties proven through media over rigging, the ones wanted to bring the real change are prevented by force of the opposition parties.
    The world is seeing how our politicians of the past are making fool out of their own nation, how can our foreign policies be trust?
    Today green passport has no respect due to our own actions and doings, such as today the ones intend to bring the changes are targeted. How can the nation (educated youth) support the corrupt and self-interest vision one family rulers? Any crime in world is linked with Pakistan why? Because they see us as criminals even if we are innocent, they know that such rulers will not stand for just Human Rights, but will support in violations of Human Rights.
    We portray an image to the whole world based on our actions “Allah (SWT) will never change a nation, unless they change themselves” and truly repent. The others regard Muhammad (SAW) followers to act according to the Sunnah, but we portray the opposite image in every aspect. We all have to die soon or later but wake up and realise the traitors and the wise!!!!!!

  • 01234567

    huge victory ki waja yeh video hai
    patwari aur thanedar ne apna khob farz nibaya
    aur noon league ko jataya

  • asghar

    hi my name is ………………..
    i live in na 250 yaha pa ele wala din bht dhandli huwi hai or dhandli karna waly or koi na mqm ka karkun tha jin ka naam yeha hai
    mr waheed
    x unit incharge mustafa
    n his workers
    main2 baja line na khara huwa tha or mera num 6 baja aaya jab main balid paper lana gaya too waha pay behata huwa mustafa jo x unit incharge tha unn hoo na ,mjh ko balid paper nh diay or woo paper apna karkun ko da diya or mjh sa kaha k chup chap mqm ko vote do warna bhair nikal k jaan sa marr doo ga main na police sa bhi complain ki thi sub inspector bashir uss na mera moo pa chamt mari or kaha k dafa hoo jhayo waha pa zada voter pti k tha or waha pa pti k razakar m.samar ko b mqm k karkun na kaha k chup chap jha k beath jha abb app khud faslia karay k kon sahi hai kon galat
    polling station name:cost guard public school nera nasra school

  • last Chance

    No use crying over split milk.Should have joined Tahir-ul -Qadri to at least form an independent election commission.Nothing was done to reforms the ECP as promised by PTI and some parties.We thought PTI was not playing politics as such but was focused on bringing widespread reforms, which are unlikely with these these traditional parties (corrupt and power hungry) in power.More than sixty years down the road we still don't get "INSHAF" and looks very difficult in future too.What this election has proved thougt that UNITY,FAITH and DISIPLINE is what we lack.I think the best now is no take care of our ancestorial land go as much as we can for our own people and forget about about all other fairy tales.This is, what has been proved in this election.

  • sara

    badami pagal hai kya na 250 main to polling hi nahi hoi dhandli kahan se hoi kaun jeeta hai wahan ? polling hi shoro nahi thi 2 baje tak.

  • babar

    ary the best

  • Patriotic Pakistani

    is this true MQM mandate in Karachi?


      No its bullshit.


    samajh nahin ati kay kiya karein dil andar say phat raha hai bahut tension mein hai kis tarah imran khan ko power mein layein,election bhi huye rigging bhi huyi punjabiyun nay bhi dhoka diya ab tu comments karte huye bhi sharam aati hai last char paanch salon say yeh hi karte aa rahe hain,isi election ka intazar tha ab tu woh bhi fair nahin huye ab mazeed paanch saal intazar nahin hota,bas ab tu aik hi option hai kay kpk mein chale jayein kam az kam wahan tu imran khan ki hakoomat hai, sakoon tu mile ga,pti walon ab kiya karein yaara bahut takleef hoti hai pakistan ko dekh kar imran khan jaisa honest leader hum waste kar rahe hain

    • truth prevail

      Yar ap punjabi ko alag q kar rahe hoo unhoon ne saab se pehley imran ka jalsa kamiyab banaya tha aur punjabiyoon ne saab se ziada vote diye ha8n pure pakistan se wahan parbh8 buhat dhandli hui hai aur abb wahi log sab se ziada victimise bhi hoon gay so please respext all pti member




      DR QADRI ko mubark do .us ney pakistan bacha liya . apny moreedon ko poling jany sy rok kar pakistan ki bohoot khidmet ki . meen amsterdam idara minhaj ul quran ka kar kun tha 12 may khuda hafiz keta hoon
      PTI ke dosto hamari jang khatm nahee hoi . inshala KPK sy nai pakistan ka agaz ho ga . INSHALA INSHALA PTI nai jazby nai shan sy samny ai gi ham umeed rakhty heen kam az kam punjab meen ab koi hangama jaloos ehtjaj naheen ho ga
      KPK ke bhadero tume salam .tum ney jo kaha kar dikhaia . punjab ke logo ALHA ap ko aienda 5 saal saber himet ke sath guzarny ki himet de .

  • PakistaniMN

    PMLN sharaam sey tum doobe marooo, itney dandly…..this is ridiculous so much rigging,
    I request all youth to wake up and start protesting for this corrupt election……


    uzma bhukhari g a s h ti bhag gayi defend hi nahin kar sakti loti kabhi pp mein kabhi ganja league mein

  • purepakistan

    I can understand that PMLN had large support
    But I can never understand how can they win with such a very very large margin

    Believe or not its done indoor, papers are stamped rapidly
    in favour of pmln to make it win,
    80 90 and 100 thousand vote on one side and runner up 70 000
    say 160.000 vote togather at one seat one polling station, were there supermen who were surving all these voters that fast, less than 10 second per person served

    This Unbelieveable margin of votes has something Fishy behind it

    and MQM there is no doubt wins by f o r c e at g u n p o i n t

  • https://www.facebook.com/chaudhry.aamir.yousaf Aamir Yousaf

    yeh 5 bivion wala kon hai

  • bina ali

    mubesher is real dog of malik riaz n abdul qadir gilani

  • Apo

    saley badmai and mubacher mqm agent hey,allah en ko and mqm waloon ko garak karey.

  • Yasmeen A

    Done is done!
    Why cry now
    Why do dharnas now !
    Whatever dr qadri predicted it is happening
    If all rejected to Vote in this corrupt nizaam this crying after could have been prevented
    There is still time listen to dr qadri he is the Only savior for pakistan to posper
    Otherwise pakistan in corrupt hands will downgrade further……

    • azanumm

      that's y he ran from pak.

  • maro

    A massive rigging in Punjab during elections. Most of the results were changed at late night in favour of PMLN especially in Lahore, Faisalabad, Pindi and other major cities. The plan was to stop PTI to come into power. The planners were USA, KSA, Bikaoo NAPAK Army, Sold out Paki media and handicapped ECP. They were the players behind MALALA drama as well. They will never allow IMran Khan to come into power. In Pakistan masses are not accepting election results.
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    maro · less than 1 minute ago
    sorry i am make copy that message but that is reality my friend ali murtaza
    You abslaute right i thing also the same

  • Naveed Ali

    Now tell who is civilized ,kpk or others

  • https://www.facebook.com/Maverick000 Adnan Ali

    Election Commission Staff Recruitment by Punjab Government Shahbaz Shareif for elections during his Office= 40,000 Presiding Officers, 108,000 Polling Officers and 200,000 plus Asst Presiding Officers were selected when PMLN was still running the Punjab province. Shahbaz Sharif selected this LIST.

    (For reference Moeed Pirzada on 29-04-2013, Check his face book page Please), This is where On GROUND Rigging was settled for PTI……

  • https://www.facebook.com/Maverick000 Adnan Ali

    LAANTI MQM …badly exposed…..here…kesay Bakwas ker raha hae…..DHEET aadmi

  • ganga brother

    ab yea hi ho ga pakistan mea or do vote noorea ko 2yr goverment ………….

  • pakistani


  • ali_m777

    PMLN sharaam sey tum doobe marooo, itney dandly…..this is ridiculous so much rigging,
    I request all youth to wake up and start protesting for this corrupt election……

    • ijaz

      oh pti…pagal group… ye karachi ki video hy…. or mqm ki lady hy…..salu phly gor si dkh liya karo….be -aqal log

      • Jazba Junoon

        So if PML N sees all this rigging, don't you think that they as true Pakistani's (which they claim), must contact the election commission and the supreme court on behalf of the people of Pakistan. Now is the test of sincerity between PML N VS PTI. Let's see how much they love Pakistan, only to win election or to fight for justice.

    • Bitter Truth

      Now you want to wake up and protest. And when Tahir ul Qadri requested you to join, PTI ignored.

      Now you go on the corner and keep crying for next 5 years!

  • m imran Saeed

    stupid opinion about 62 & 63 , should be realize shame while saying "zilat sy guzara k Dua y qanoot snao"

    • basim

      62. 63 scrutiny was just made into a joke by Ecp and returning officers Only so people think this 62 63 is rubbish.so they Can easily remove this from elections in future…. Scrutiny never really happened thatswhy all this dhandli is happening because of corrupt nizaam…. Dr qadri was absoloutely Correct…
      You have to get rid of corruption from root which is ECP…..

  • Imran

    F**k u b***ards. Who will listen to you for another 5 yrs. Awami mandate, my foot..