Imran Khan’s House

Imran Khan’s House




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Imran Khan's House, 2.8 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

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  1. khan is great leader , unhn ne apni money se bnya hy aur bht pyara bnya hy . khan sahib ne awam ka paisa nhi kya na hi us se ghr bnya dosre leadron ki trh , yar ap kaase log ho jo sach jante hobhi ksi pe ilzam lgate ho aur jnhn ne pak ko lota hy un k kalaf bat nhi krte aur ulta unko defend krte ho shame on u

  2. SJU says:

    Very simple His own/Halal money before holding any Government office vs. Sharif's multiplied their wealth while being Governor and PM's.
    IK could still make millions of dollars by becoming a coach, expert/commentator, giving speeches as a motivational speaker but I'm sorry Sharif's don't have any expertise or skills or qualification to earn any respectable living. Honestly they would not be able to become what they are without Pakistan's corrupt system.

  3. CanadaCalgary says:

    Interesting but not impressive.
    Anyone living abroad for 15-20years cn easily afford such house in Pakistan.
    What they however cannot afford is 100+ factories and a farm house on 19500 kanals compared to imran's house on only only 130 Kanal.
    So by Simple class 2 math Nawaz sharif is ONLY 150 TIMES, ONLY 150 TIMES, ONLY 150 TIMES, ONLY 150 TIMES. BIGGER THAN IMRaN's house.

    shame shame on you.

  4. insaan says:

    Allah ne uski mehnut ki kamaai se dia hai,
    May Allah protect Imran Khan from all evil. Ameen.

  5. Junoon Ishq says:

    Mashallah haq halal ki kamai ka bohat piyara ghar, dosri taraf nooro ka scam kur kur kay banaya howa real estate.,

  6. Omer Ali says:

    he made this house by his own not by nations blood like noora and madari

  7. It's a 300 Kinals House… Itny bry gharon main rehny walay tabdeli ki baat krty hain…

  8. Ayaz butt says:

    Imran ka ye ghr bhi Nawaz sharif ky raiwind se bara nai…
    bet lgaty o???

  9. chali says:

    haram ki kamai say tu nahi bana imran ka ghar

  10. waseem khan says:

    to kiya hwa kricket ka legend apnay liye aisa ghar b nahi banayega imran khan zindabad nooray jootay to qoam k paisay say sb kuch kr rahay hay

  11. ali khan says:

    PML N trying very hard to let imran khan down in an amateur ways , ganja brotehrs ki tarah 5000 tax not even 100$ nahi dayta …wht a shame .. i pay more taxes than sharif brothers ..shame shame .

  12. Pakistan zindabaad says:

    The up-loader is a damn idiot…

  13. salman says:

    apnay baap noray ka gair b dakha na,,,,,,,,,,,,,jo 5000rs tax dayta hai kasi gushti ki ulad,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Pakistani says:

    The women asked you Imran Did you build this house your self.
    Imran Answer Yes I build this house with my hard earned money .

    Same Question to Noora Brothers? did you Build this house your self?

    Noora: No No No … May son gave me money to build this house I have NO money … I only pay 5000 Rupee Tax how can I build this house. LOL

    How did your son have so much money to build this house, and other property around the world?
    NOora: My soon started the business 10 yrs ago and my god grace and Pakistani People money he is Billioner…..LOL

  15. Umeed says:

    Video loader
    Mehanat ker hassad na ker aur ub ke leay dua ker.

  16. Umeed says:

    MashAllah, Allah Imran ko iss se bhi ziadah atta karay. Ameen

  17. Umeed says:

    So! What is the point to showing his house.
    Yeh ghar Imran ne apnay paisoo se banaya hei. Hamaray tax money ya corruption se nahi, baiwakoof.
    Bilawal and zardari houses and raiwind ke mehal ki video bhi load ker daina, please.

  18. Raza Sheikh says:

    aey listen you akal ke andhe, Imran Khan is someone who had made a lot money from cricket but still he is no where near the sahrifs or zaedaris. Sharifs live in a 5000 kanal palace in Raiwand . would you like to explain how the hell did he make that sort of money because one os his sons Hassan Nawaz is worth 1.2 billion sterling pounds, just one son. while the queen of England is 500 million sterling worth. So please before you pull up these stunts just think about your country. at least no one can say that Imran was or is involved in some sort of money laundering or loan deafulting. there is no comparison between the two. We need Imran and you will also say this one day when you grow up…. PTI Zindabad

  19. ABRAR RAJA says:


  20. asif says:

    Please watch and listen carefully. The voice is dubbed by a desi girl and Imran Khan is not saying what is dubbed. Watch his lips when he speaks…..

    PMLN is losing….

  21. Saleem Khan says:

    You need to prove this if its made from tax payers money or he did any kind of corruption,

  22. PTI says:

    Thank you uploader ye video dekh k hamara pyar apne leader se or barh gia hai

  23. PAK says:

    Saly aisy dekha raha ha jaisy tairy baap ka paisa laga ha upr.. apny baap noory ka bi dekha ja k agar himat ha Imran nain to koi restriction nae lagain apny ghar any jany pay noora tujhy gate pay bi nae any degaa !!

  24. urooj says:

    very nice house, mehnat kar hasad na kar oor han chori bhi na kar, Allah is Noore ko zaleel o khwaar kar ke maare ga, is ne hamaari dolat luut ke apne ghar banaii hen is dunya me, zardari Noora chor

  25. Truther says:

    I think everyone who has poured years of hard work on his job and earned a decent living has a right to build himself a house and a nice car.

    Noora your boss on the other hand stole our tax payer's money, he has no right to be living like a King, how many people work at ur NOORA PALACE, how many rooms does it have, how many people securing that palace. when you have all these answers only then we can talk. Shove this video up ur arss

    Tell me one Pakistani who earned millions overseas would want to give up all those years of hard work to spend his life in slums! Would you Mr. uploader?

  26. May Allah bless him with peace and tranquillity. His straight forward attitude can be compared with that of Quad e Azam who commented that "I am not a hypocrite" when some one asked him that as compared to Gandhi he was affluent man.
    The person who has tried to compare Imran with Nawaz Shareef should sit alone and ask himself, (Conscience/ZAMEER) whether Nawaz Shareef has everything in Pakistan or he has also taken his assets outside the country as well. Imran has earned everything outside and has brought it to his own country.
    If Nawaz Shareef and company has industrial units in Saudi Arabia I do not mind if he was not in politics but it makes a big difference because if "Nauoozu Billah" he becomes Prime Minister again then he can be controlled by other countries. Quite recently with regards to Pervaiz Musharaf Saudi king told him to just "shut up" Every one knows that how well mannered baby he is.

  27. kashif says:

    Alhamdullilah as he said may times its from his Hilal money. Thanks for posting we love IK.

  28. Ziaullah Afghan says:

    May Allah bless him with peace and tranquillity. His straight forward attitude can be compared with that of Quad e Azam who commented that "I am not a hypocrite" when some one asked him that as compared to Gandhi he was affluent man.
    The person who has tried to compare Imran with Nawaz Shareef should sit alone and ask himself, (Conscience/ZAMEER) whether Nawaz Shareef has everything in Pakistan or he has taken his assets outside the country as well. Imran has nothing outside Pakistan. He earned everything outside and has brought it to his own country.
    If Nawaz Shareef and company has industrial units in Saudi Arabia. I do not mind if he was not in politics but it makes a big difference because if "Nauoozu Billah" he becomes Prime Minister again then he can be controlled by other countries. Quite recently Saudi king just told him just to "shut up" with regards to Pervaiz Musharaf. Every one know that how well manner baby he is.

  29. No stupid stunt will work this time bro. His house his own money he never been in the governament how you can accused him. Nawaz Mahalat built from public money. So shut ur mouth and vote imran pa ji

  30. Mohammad says:

    Our khan has a style

  31. Mohammad says:

    house he built from his own money….IK has a style

  32. longlivePakistan says:

    no matter what you want to say in this video but thanks man for showing us imran khan's house it's so beautiful,Allah unko naseeb kara………
    vote for imran khan…………

  33. alexbaj says:

    He did it with his own money while he was not in power but was mentally powerful enough to bring his money back home and build his Paradise before becoming a political leader. Whereas Nawaz Sharif built what he has, after becoming a politician and public servant. We need to keep that in mind when comparing the two. May Pakistan be blessed with self made leaders who take this nation to new heights.

  34. Khalique says:

    I loved the house….he has got a nice choice…God Bless him….hard earned money….{:-)

  35. PakistaniMN says:

    jal gae

  36. PakistaniMN says:

    I like it

    vote PTI

  37. PakistaniMN says:

    Simple, Graceful, Peaceful, just like, Ziarat Residency of Quaid e Azam

  38. Noor jamal says:

    Ye TaX choree sey nehee bana ye London ka Flat bach ker bana hey. Wo Raiwand ka mahal be tu dekawo jo Tax choree aur qarzey maaz kerney sey bana hey.

  39. mashallah nice house

    lekan apne pese se banaya hai na kisi ko kiya taqleef hai

    logon ke tax se nai banaya ,,,

  40. hamdard says:

    Masahallha nice house ….yh awam ki money say nahi bana

  41. kawar says:





  42. usman says:

    we r with sir Imran Khan!

  43. Amir says:

    So what is the issue if the income is generated by legal means and tax paid. If he builds this house after becoming PM then its another issue. I think PML N is now frustrated. How about uploading the cheated wealth of Sharif's?

  44. ali says:

    Raiwind, Jati umra, Sargodha, mayfair apartments london, offshore companies etc…..wo kis k hain?

  45. aamar says:

    Yes, Yes, Imran Khan you deserve it. You fought for Pakistan as a national player. If I were you I would have built 3 more mansion like this one. You won this house. You did not steal from your people and you worked hard. That's the fruit of your work. God bless you. We are proud of you.

  46. nas says:

    I hope that if you have brain then you don't need to ask the difference between Nawaz house and Imran khan. Beywaqooof ko battana bhio mushkil hai samjhana bhi. Imran khan kee sugar mill nahee, textile mill nahewe, naa kisee bank kaa qarza hai aur naa hee kisee kaa maal khayya hai. nooRa ney qaum ko choona lagaya hai

  47. samar says:

    A really cheapshot from the noora uploader. Imran builted this house through loan from his ex wife, which he paid back by selling his London apartment.

  48. Pakistan says:

    Made with his own sweat and blood not like nawaz from that of awam

  49. shahzad khan says:

    Aby ya zakat or khalu kay pasy say bana hay

  50. Future says:

    Everybody in this world has right to make big or expensive house for self/family etc, The important thing is earn money honestly not through corruption or use state resources to build empire or increase assets.

  51. tan says:

    Being an Architect I can say that wont cost more than Rs 2000/sft, wheras Noora's Taj Mehal in Raiwing surely upto Rs 5000/Sft or more. . SO it proves that uploader is such an — hole that he doesnt even doing right job for he is being ppaid from Nooras. . .

  52. muhammad kahloon says:

    i am so happy that my leader lives in this elegent house.because he build it from his hard earned money.he did not loted like nooras and dAko zerdari.he will pakistan like this house.

  53. shim says:

    thats his own money at least…and he can do whatever with his money…

    imran khan is the only person who has given more to this nation than what he has earned by halal means..

    at least he is not a loan defaulter and corrupt like nawaz.

    earning money is not a sin, earning money like nawaz sharif is a sin.

  54. tan says:

    What an artistic minded person he is. . Good architectural taste unlike Nooras paindoo palaces. .

  55. Azn says:

    He made house from his own sources not looted money of people.more over it is just the land not the building which is bigger. See nawaz sharif house. See the road which is coming to house of Imran. And on Raiwind road which was made from our money. Then he says, I live in my mother;s house.
    Jiss insan ka dawa hi galat ho k woh shair hai. Kasm say ager woh shair hota to kabhi nahin bhagta mulk chor k mer jatta. Aise offers bhuto ko b thein lekin us nai merna pasand kiya. Or uper say banna phirta hai shair. Jalli plastic ka china made shair :D

  56. Youth Lahore se says:

    Ladakh de laaaaanat on u plmn darbaries, this not from stolen pakistani tax money or stolen from the banks like nawaz chor has done….when u will get cancer I hope u won't run to his hospital… U shameless jahils

  57. Talat khan says:

    Imran Khan worked hard to earn the money and purchase the Great House. He did not steal it from the Pakistani people like the rest of the politicians. Imran Khan is a great leader.

  58. Zaheer says:

    Reasons Not To Vote PML(n):

    1. Liars (Jeddah Contract One Example)
    2. Hudabiya Paper Mills Scandal (Reference Pending in NAB)
    3. Ittefaq Foundries Scandal (Loan Defaulters)
    4. Money laundering (illegal transfers) Ishaq Dar’s statement
    5. NRO
    6. Record Lowest GDP in both tenures (90 & 97)
    7. Tax Evaders
    8. Used Public Money for personal projection
    9. Fake Degree Holders
    10. Defaulters of Banks & LESCO
    11. Supported Zardari in order to get next term guaranteed
    12. Criminal Act of keeping 1.14 Million kids away from schools in Punjab
    13. No action taken against Fake Medicine producers (Haneef Abbasi PIC Scandal)
    14. PTCL, Wapda & Internet Defaulters in Assembly (Including Ch. Nisar)
    15. Sana Ullah Zahri President PMLN Baluchistan abusing ladies in Press Conf (Farzana Raja)
    16. Access to clean water in Punjab is decreased by 4% in last tenure of PML-N.
    17. Infant mortality rate in Punjab has increased in last 5 years.
    18. Revenue of Punjab has decreased in last 5 years.
    19. Number of children without access to education has increased in last 5 years. Whereas Punjab Govt. was spending money on Laptops & Danish Schools. (11.5 million)
    20. Infrastructure of Govt. schools in Punjab has been destroyed, 31% of schools without washrooms.
    21. Not proper funding for rescue 1122,
    22. No fuel for patrolling police that resulted in increase in crime ratio
    23. No funds for advancement of technical research in universities & colleges
    24. Criminal and cruel cut on south Punjab budget.
    25. No solution to the load shedding problem in Punjab (it is provincial matter as well after 18th amendment)
    26. Transfer of funds to Mansehra, the constituency of Cap Safdar (Son in law of Nawaz Sharif)
    27. Friendly nodes with terrorist groups
    28. No care of institute building
    29. No 3rd party audit of mega projects in Punjab
    30. To support milk project of Hamza Shahbaz, Punjab Govt. used police to counter the other Dairy Farms in surrounding areas of Lahore
    31. Family limited party (Nawaz to Shahbaz then Hamza and Maryam)
    32. 3000 times increase in personal assets during their tenure
    33. Qarz utaro mulk sanwaro scam –> Ran away with kids pocket money
    34. Attack on Supreme Court
    35. Kept a number of parties out of Parliament, through deceit and deception, who could have provided genuine opposition to PPP govt in last five years
    36. Power hungry –> Ameer-ul-moaminin bill
    37. Lack of intelligence and ability to articulate on issues in top leadership
    38. Party is a family controlled mafia
    39. Apparently returned to Pakistan with a vengeance to take revenge from Pakistani state and public
    40. Total disregard of two nation theory by Nawaz Sharif

    So, do you have any answers to these reasons? Tell us in the comments below.

  59. Pak says:

    Imran never stayed in government and this house is not from looted money from people of Pakistan, but if had built houses and factories in Pakistan and UK and Saudia after coming into power than we could say that he is corrupt.

  60. Qaaaaa says:

    Great Leader, PTI zindabad

  61. Khan says:

    Masha'Allah. Great Leader.

    • Simple Truth says:

      gambling kee kamaai, shaukat khanum kay chandon kee kamaai, aur jamima kee looti hooi dolat say bana hay yeh ghar……
      IK nay chand hazar tax jama karaya hay. Agar halal kamaya hay to tax kahan jama karaya hay.
      IK bohat bara fraud hay…
      Nangi aurat kay sath phir kar mazhab kee baat karta hay

      • Pakistan zindabad says:

        dunya us c bat krne k lea lakhon rupey dne ko tyar ha……….. sharif's ka raiwand kahan c aya jo 5000 tax dte han………..imran khan to lakhon me tax dte han……..kuch aqal kro r sambhal jao…………..socho zra thandey dmag se………..ALLAH tumhen r hum sab ko hadayat dy.

  62. jawad says:

    he made this from his own money and from the tax payers money so dont compare imran khan with nawaz shareef

  63. Leader says:

    Simple, Graceful, Peaceful, just like, Ziarat Residency of Quaid e Azam.

    • Common man says:

      Aaenda Imran khan ko Hazrat Umar (RA) ki misaal nei deni chaye Jo adhi dunya pe hakoomat krty thy or ek jhonpri Numa ghar mea rehty thy. Look at his lifestyle. PTI supporters u r following an illusion. Koi b farishta nei hay.

      • SJU says:

        That's true he neither we are calling him Farishta but Shetan bhi nahi hai. we are not against anybody's haq/ halal's wealth. and he is not comparing himself Hazrat Umar (RA).

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