Apas Ki Baat ( Prediction Special About Election 2013 ) – 5th May 2013


watch ( Prediction Special About Election 2013 ) In Apas Ki Baat – 5th May 2013





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  • http://www.facebook.com/ibrahim.bangash.56 Ibrahim Bangash

    In donu Females ko khud nahin pata k In ki phuddi kon kon marnay wala hai hahhahaha……….

  • maghroo

    These women are out of their mind. Completely wrong. I don't understand that why respectable show as "Aaps ki Baat" entertain such a murky and baseless individuals.

  • Salman Khan

    Thanks witches…what an analyses.

  • Aly Orakzai


  • bashir

    sorry to say there are many pakistanies doing shirk . Allah guide them all . ameen

  • bash

    do mushrik aurtain . Allah in ko hadayt

  • Ali

    why the hell is he inviting these bullshit guests???

  • khakaan

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  • XYZ

    Sitara kiya meri taqdeer ki khabar dega
    wo khud frakhai aflak mein hai kwar o zaboon

    Allama iqbal

  • jamil qureshi

    munib sahab apas ki baat main kin khawateen ko as a gest bolaya ha in ki prediction per kaan na dherna

  • naheed akhter

    samia khan ,aaliya or in jasy baqi sb log joty hn .munib ko asy program krny ki kia zarort hy kia ap muslim nhe hn munib sahab???in logon ko apny aaj ka nhe pata ye dosron ka kal bta rhy hn
    .gheb ka ilm srf ALLAh ko hy.

  • farooOO

    these types of programs must be ban, because in Islam these times of predictions are haram, we are leaving in ISLAMIC STATE AND WE BELIEVE THAT FUTURE IS UNPREDICTABLE… LANAT ON THESE LADIES AND JAHIL ANCHOR….

  • http://www.facebook.com/raeeseh Raeese Hassan

    lafafa kha ka geo,jhot bol ka Geo,noora ki terfdari kar ka Geo,itna jhot pahlio ka such kho jaya Geo,us and zoinest agenda phela ka Geo, aur meri turf sa lanat ha Geo pa.

  • navee

    jo shaks sitara parat kay pass jaata hai us ki 40 days tak namaz kabol nahi hoti

  • rahul

    Allah janta hai elections mein kya hona hai

    inshallah pti will win good number of seats : )

  • https://www.facebook.com/usman.sharif.90 Usman Tariq


  • Pakistan

    GEO is Paid channel by NOORA group…..Its an Open Secret..This program is also deliberately made by this MUNNA….to show Zardari and Nawaz as strong candidates to make an impression that they are strong so people may Vote for them…..another CHEAP tactics by NOORAS… …….

    People are ready for change…..and its visible….Stupids….

  • https://www.facebook.com/Maverick000 Adnan Ali

    Zardari bhi aik HINDU baba rekhay phirta hae….uss K.utti kay bachay nay 11 MAy rekhwaye ho gi yae date….takay country stable naa ho saki….

    • Chankiya

      Arey bhai Hindus are insaan too. Majority of the Pakistani Muslims were Hindus to start with. Those coward Hindus are your ancestors who change the religion under preasure. Just see what great progress Hindus have made in India and look what a mess you Muslims have made in Pakistan. You are your own worst enemy. You don't need another enemy to destroy you, you, yourself, are doing a good job.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Maverick000 Adnan Ali

    Yae Tero card reader tu Bilkul hi chawal hae…..Bilkul hi……Bewakoff…….in logon ko sun ker Hansi arehe hae mujhay…..

    Ground realities kuch aur hain….in logon nay Pakistan aur India kay semi final main kaha tha Pakistan will win, Afridi kay statrs top per hain…But hoa kia INDIA jeet gaya……So all this Bullshit….Thats all…..

  • NAJM

    What the hell is Aliya talking about? She is obviously a Jiyala. Dont you think its a waste of time to invite such a guest.

  • malole

    After August pakistan will emerge as new paksitan. hahahha. hehehhe.

  • zain khan

    world cup mai in dono no kaha ta k pakistan world cup jeete ga aor nateeja apke samne hai…:)

  • omar shah

    why would a moslim believe in this bolshit if this is true why do we need to go out work hard and change our lives?? was it written bill gates would be richest no he went out and earned it.. this analysis is crap shiiiiiiiiiiii

    • malole

      it is just for fun. we will see who turns out right.

  • Asad_Lahore

    Its all Bullshit! Munib should call these Dumb heads on 12th May. Paid Prediction of GEO Channel sponsored by Noora and Company.

    Apna Vote bus Imran Khan ka #PTI is coming …..!

  • Afaq

    Now Finally It Has Been Proven That PPP-P & PTI Are Together, Don't Vote PTI :-( Choose Another One Guys.

    • Pakistan ki awaz

      Yes mr noora pathawari that shows your mentality level that proved by whom who cant predict about themselves .You cant make 18crore people fool by cheap tactics.The game is over and now match result will be seen on 11May night.Your paid anchors and paid pathwaris cant save noora -zardari alliance as Junoon of PTI is on peak

    • liberal

      really ? then what is this ? http://www.samaa.tv/newsdetail.aspx?ID=65594&…

  • VekaaOooo

    paid analysis bullshit

  • http://www.facebook.com/ehsonzaidi Ehson Zaidi


  • sunlight123

    tero card is BULSHIT she is just guessing .

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    Both of thesse women know nothing, they have no knowledge.

    They should have to call Sadiq Malik astropalmist, he is the est in Pakistan

  • mirzaitaly

    both r bit.ches
    ghaib ka ilm sirf ALLAH janta hai

    • malole

      and what is that? Did God talk to you?

      • dad

        what the F dude?? you don't agree with him that's fine! but why this stupid logic??
        stupid noora kay stupid chailay

  • dad

    people like you also predicted that Pk will win the world cup??
    stop this nonsense!!!

  • thinker

    Ghaib ka Ilm sirf aur Sirf Allah SWT ko hai aur kisi ko nahien. Yeh dono gunha waley kaam ker rahi hain. Betyter they refrain doing it or else they will face it.

  • A.h:s

    ECP and CJ have Articles 62&63 have been Completely Ridculed . I will say that Judiciary is biased with Syed Musharaf. after 6 to 7 month will (APMLcome back.

  • thinker

    Ae Chaand Grahan tou kyoun na en dono ko lug gaya , tou aaj en ki bakwaas na sunni parti.!!

  • thinker

    Future President Musharraf. Sooner or Later. May be this year. Wait and See.

  • thinker

    PML N than PTI than PPP than PML Q than MQM than JI than ANP than JUI than BNP than AT than Independents.

  • thinker

    Yeh dono jadugarniyaan kya kehna chaati hain, kya Pakistan ab astrology and Tarot card per chal raha hai.??? Islaam mein es ki kya gunjaish hai? No.

  • undecided-voter

    in khawateen say tou chirriya hi achchi thi….

  • jahangir

    Thank God Aliya did not say that 1) MQM will make Govt. 2) Fazul-reham will be opposition leader 3) ppp would held largest ministries. bala bala bala

  • https://www.facebook.com/mehroze.designer Mehroze Tayyab

    lanat hai in dono per

  • nadeem

    Musharaf aa raha hai ,,, moajzah yehi honay ja raha hai

  • bombestan

    tero card is just rubish

  • zubda

    not a good episode

  • Macintosh


  • http://www.facebook.com/hanishah5 Hani Syed

    chawal ha pehli auraaat

  • https://www.facebook.com/mohammed.a.fattani Mohammed Aslam Fattani

    what a joke


    muneeb achay bhalay shareef aadmi ho
    kin ko bulla liya hai

  • http://twitter.com/umer_1519 @umer_1519

    o bc tum logu ko apna ni pata agly pal kia hne wala or i batne…or zardari BC mufamat mufmat ker k bana to sakta ALLAH kere usy itni seats na mile

  • OnefromBunch

    They should call Sadiq Mehmood Malik ,,, atleast instead of Samia

    • thinker

      Is he a bigger jadoogar than Samia jadoogarni.


    bloody biiiitch paid by parties with ur cards .we dont have it in ISLAM this cards

  • liberal