Hum Log (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) – 3rd May 2013

Sheikh rasheed in Hum Log on samaa News – 3rd May 2013




Program was interrupted due to PM Speech

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Hum Log (Sheikh Rasheed Exclusive Interview) - 3rd May 2013, 9.1 out of 10 based on 60 ratings

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  1. faraz says:

    all my fnf vote to shaikh g n cheetah imran khan.

  2. Truth says:

    My brothers and sisters of Pakistan it is your duty to make sure that you choose clean and honest leadership for your own future and your children's future. This duty is placed on you by your Allah. Can you place your trust on people who are responsible for Pakistan's misery and have corruption in their previous tenures as Prime Minister of Pakistan were about $470 million stolen in various ways by Nawas Sharif from people of Pakistan, just read the book "Capitalism and Achilles heel" by Raymond Baker if he was telling lies then why did not Nawas Sharif sue him because accused former leader of Pakistan of doing corruption. Only reason guilty as charged. Just check the affidavit of Ishaq Dar about money laundering of Sharif family to magistrate and just watch documentary from Lahore to Ilford how they used fake accounts to move money about and take loans out on people name and they did not know til they got letters from bank for non-repayment of loans, name used was Qazi from Ilford

  3. akramalam says:

    Vote for PTI & SR

    Save Pakistan

  4. paksecular says:

    MQM best party at the moment, Anti- Talbaan and with best ideology…. a party with clear vision and goal.

    middle class,lower class well educated. .. people in MQM.

    MQM had given tickets to lower class … 20% tickets to woman( no party had give chance to women…
    they dont take land lords,rich people and electables…. MQM dont take any money from tickets holders.

    1st party who brought land reform and de-weaponised bill to Parliment.
    … real change…. i am really impressed..

    PTI, PMLN pro -talbaan right wing parties will make this country SOMALIA ,AFGANSTAAN.. remmber Moulana ZIA-UL -YAKEES PAKISTAN will not stand together, we need Jinnahs PAKISTAN ….

    so MQM Welcome to Punjab … Akram Rao Multan

  5. pti+sheikh rashid zindabad

  6. PAKISTAN C says:


  7. NADEEM says:

    good luck shaikh saab

  8. alifbypy says:

    یہ نے شرم شیدہ ٹلی اس کو تو میں اپنا چپڑاسی بھی نہ رکھوں:الزام خان
    یہ نے شرم شیدہ ٹلی اس کو تو میں اپنا چپڑاسی بھی نہ رکھوں:الزام خان
    یہ نے شرم شیدہ ٹلی اس کو تو میں اپنا چپڑاسی بھی نہ رکھوں:الزام خان
    یہ نے شرم شیدہ ٹلی اس کو تو میں اپنا چپڑاسی بھی نہ رکھوں:الزام خان
    یہ نے شرم شیدہ ٹلی اس کو تو میں اپنا چپڑاسی بھی نہ رکھوں:الزام خان

  9. ahmad says:

    sheikkh ziada paday khan na bnay usko pti ka faida ho ra hai …VOTE PTI

  10. Rafeeq Wazir says:

    pti zindabad my vote is for change


  12. abid says:

    yeh sheeda talli ek number ka munafiq hai yeh bada jootey polish mar mar kar aagey aaya hai pahley za bhutto ka fir zia ul haque ka ,,fir nawaz sharif ka fir musharraf ka ab imran khan ka …yeh banda imran khan ko bas use kar raha hai..lekin ab kya karein na 55 ki kismat kharab hai ek taraf sheed talli hai aur doosri taraf Shakil haiwaan hai…..chalo haivan sey accha to Sheed talli hai imran khan key wajah sey sheed talli ko vote de doonga

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