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  • Naveed

    Please do not lie about Quran… Surah Nisa Ayah 58 is as follows:

    "Indeed, Allah commands you to render trusts to whom they are due and when you judge between people to judge with justice. Excellent is that which Allah instructs you. Indeed, Allah is ever Hearing and Seeing."


    خدا تم کو حکم دیتا ہے کہ امانت والوں کی امانتیں ان کے حوالے کردیا کرو اور جب لوگوں میں فیصلہ کرنے لگو تو انصاف سے فیصلہ کیا کرو خدا تمہیں بہت خوب نصیحت کرتا ہے بےشک خدا سنتا اور دیکھتا ہے

  • Sabeer

    L una di rani Maryam nawaz

  • Omar

    "ALLAH kissi qom ki halat nahi badalta jab tak woh qom khud apni halat khud na badlay ( Al-Quran )"

    badal do apni halat apnay vote se


  • sud

    he has been elected before and what has he done in the last 5 years.look at the state of the hospitals, education, agriculture load shedding and he is taking credit for things that he hasn't done.. do you know how long it takes to enrich uranium to build nuclear bombs. ask dr kadir. he started this when zia was in power. let us all accept the truth rather than believing in false promises. during his time in power he has accumulated so much wealth that you cannot even imagine. properties and business in london uk, america, uae, europe and saudi. This also applies to others who have used their office, public monies and corruption to accumulate their wealth. They have all spread this culture in the whole of pakistan and everybody is at it. If the rulers do this and can get away with it then why cant the public do the same.HE IS A DISGRACE

  • Fisher

    People, this person did not appear in the common people for the last three years and was enjoying his rule on the 65% Pakistan. Now because of forth-coming election, he has suddenly appeared in interview, masses, jalsas and trying to be sympathetic with the people.
    After he wins this election (which I pray that Allah na karey), he will be able to get his third PM baari and will never appear among you. He will make roads to run his land cruises on the glass roads and will get high commissions money in the big projects and fill his tajoorees.

  • sadiq

    very good nawaz sharif

    • sadiq

      my favourit voter nawaz sharif

  • Habib

    Koi hai Jo Pakistan ki jaan is CHOR say choray. NOOORA ja dafa ho ja jaan chor Pakistan ki

  • Pakistani

    Decko decko kon ayaa Chor ayaaa CHOR AYA.