Zaid Hamid Exposed By Ejaz Haider, Emaad Khalid & Marvi Sirmed

Posted on April 26, 2013

This is the program where foul language was used against General Pervez Kayani because of which Capital TV was banned for three days by Pakistan Army. Ejaz Haider, Marvi Sirmed, and Emaad Khalid who is Zaid Hamid’s former assistant, together expose and rape Zaid Hamid in this program “Bey Laag” aired on Capital TV on April 22, 2013.Guys, don’t get excited too much. This is a very cleverly designed program by Ejaz Haider to de-credit Zaid Hamid at the instance of Pakistan Army. Army has lost usefulness of Zaid Hamid and he was becoming too much of a nonsense.




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