Naz Baloch Candidate For NA 240 Karachi PTI Corner Meeting Speech

Naz Baloch Candidate For NA 240 Karachi PTI Corner Meeting Speech




  • ali ahmad

    well done Naz baloch.

  • youth

    na 240 may cheating hoi hai pti ko vote dalnay nahi dia

  • safeer ahmed

    inshah allah ab intakam(pti) ki bari hai

  • imran

    i wish u all the best

  • ek hindustani

    …………bas ek aaakhiri dhakka laga do……..nawaz,zardari ko gira do….
    PTI walo 11 may ko khud bhi bahar niklo ghar waloon ko bhi nikalo, doston ko bhi……jitne zeyadah niklo gey vote k liay utni hi zeyadah ummeed hai ,,,,insha Allah,ab ki Bari PTI
    aap ka parosi

  • farmaye

    God bless you



  • Arshad

    Only PTI

  • IKSupporter

    Good speach

  • PTI

    qasam sey aanso nikal aay hain yaar

  • Muhammad Nazir

    32 Reasons not to vote for PML-N ..
    1. Liars (Jedda Contract One Example)
    2. Hudabiya Paper Mills Scandal (Reference
    Pending in NAB)
    3. Ittefaq Foundries Scandal (Loan

    4. Money Laundering (illegal transfers) Ishaq Dar’s statement
    5. NRO
    6. Record Lowest GDP in both tenures (90 &
    7. Tax Evaders
    8. Used Public Money for personal projection
    9. Fake Degree Holders
    10. Defaulters of Banks & LESCO
    11. Supported Zardari in order to get next
    term guaranteed
    12. Criminal Act of keeping 1.14 Million kids away from schools in Punjab
    13. No action taken against Fake Medicine
    producers (Haneef Abbasi PIC Scandal)
    14. PTCL, Wapda & Internet Defaulters in
    Assembly (Including Ch. Nisar)
    15. Sana Ullah Zahri President PMLN Balochistan abusing ladies in Press Conf
    (Farzana Raja)
    16. Access to clean water in Punjab is
    decreased by 4% in last tenure of PML-N.
    17. Infant mortality rate in Punjab has
    increased in last 5 years.
    18. Revenue of Punjab has decreased in
    last 5 years.
    19. Number of children without access to
    education has increased in last 5 years.
    Whereas Punjab Govt. was spending money
    on Laptops & Danish Schools. (11.5 million)
    20. Infrastructure of Govt. schools in Punjab
    has been destroyed, 31% of schools
    without washrooms.
    21-not proper funding for rescue 1122,
    22- no fuel for petroling police that
    resulted in increase in crime ratio
    23- no funds for advancement of technical
    research in universities & colleges
    24- criminal and cruel cut on south punjab
    25- no solution to the load shedding
    problem in punjab (it is provincial matter as well after 18th amendment)
    26- transfer of funds to Mansehra, the
    constituency of Cap Safdar (Son in law of
    Nawaz Sharif)
    27- friendly nodes with terrorist groups
    28- no care of institute building
    29- no 3rd party audit of mega projects in
    30- to support milk project of Hamza
    Shahbaz, Punjab Govt used police to
    counter the other Dairy Farms in
    surrounding areas of Lahore
    31- family limited party (Nawaz to Shahbaz
    then Hamza and Maryam)
    32- 3000 times increase in personal assets during their tenure




    • iBaby

      Aur phir Karachi mai Boriyan miliengi :S


    jab tak suraj chand rahy ga
    IK terraa naamm rahyy gaa


    madam naz bloch

    very inspiring madam, ALLAH app ke madad kerray


    naz bloch

    hats off madam……………only respect


    great leader……..with vision…………ik sir

  • Saboor Bhatti

    daaar kay mahoool main baaat karna…….pti good work

  • griffins

    Hats off to this Brave Lady……..take this mushahidullah (scumbag)

    • Mohammad Arsh

      Hats off to U Brave Lady of PTI
      We really Need like you
      God bless u & Showered his blessing on us