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Capital Talk (Exclusive Interview With Imran Khan) – 15th April 2013

Imran Khan Joins Hamid Mir in Capital Talk – 15th April 2013





  • https://www.facebook.com/jalal.r.jajja Fahsar Jalal

    I can explain all this plan and If only talk about railway and if railway goes to corporate agreement then Pakistan Railway will be best in the world. Hell of Investment will available in Pakistan in only rail and there are thousands of opportunities in Pakistan for Investment and I can see that new 10 years time people will be going for Visa of Pakistan and there will be no Visa

  • Kleem

    Khan is best for Pakistan.

  • Kleem

    I like khan.

  • shahid mirza

    a)Sita white case clearly convicted khan under Article 62 but Muk Mukao ECP allowed him to contest election,
    b)Almost 54 PTI candidates has been charged with allegation of tax evasion , defaulters and non payment of bills but ECP allowed them to contest election.
    c)Khan did not file his tax returns from 1997 to 2008 , that’s why he is silent and did not talk against ECP.
    d)Khan’s 300 canal dynasty cost is not shown in his tax return , Umar Cheema of Jang investigative journal has papers showing “BE Nami Home” that’s why Khan is silent against ECP

  • sheikh

    Imran saheb ney awaam key dil ki baat kar die, too ab kahoo na awamm ko sirf oor sirf Imran koo voot dov.

  • oslo

    ارے لوگو


    اور نظام بدلنے میں عمران خان کا ساتھ دو

    چہرے نہیں نظام کو بدلو

  • Hha

    Vote pti I love Pakistan

  • bacha khan

    tum ko kiya maloom hain????
    ye jo itna gand lika hain. ye to imran khan ki waja se ham kuch nahi kahtay. warna es tarha bewaqoopi ki baton se pahlay ye tumhara zuban kaat deta… tum logon ki awqat kiya hain main janta ho….

  • ghiyas khan

    yes he is a best and strong only leader in pakistan just see his past wwooooow jo souchta hai wo ye kar k choorta hai and being a pakistani mera leader ye hee hai

  • imran khan

    vote for imran khan only