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  • http://www.facebook.com/muhammad.ramzan.545 Muhammad Ramzan

    SUN LO Nawaz sharif k karnamy….

  • Truth Only

    Meritocracy is the Best Principal for Any Institution to be Fair & get Strong.

    Each time when not respected, caused the dramatic and drastic Results.

    It's non-respect & obvious consequences in the institutions like PIA, RAILWAYS, EDUCATION, HEALTH, POLICE, JUSTICE, ENERGY etc etc etc … Consequently had DESTROYED Them All.

    The Same were the results in case of ZIA UL HAQ & MUSHARAF's non-merit Appointments, which led down their own cunning masters.
    ========== AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP ===========

    • Truth Only

      Non-respect of Merit in simple words means ' aqr'ba perwari ', so you do a non deserving pleasure to some one for your own benefits, hence you snatch the right of some deserving person and deliver it to a non deserving one.

      Consequently the interest of both become mutual and the injustice installs ….. the rest of the story is well known to all.
      You can well imagine How the Governing Elite destroyed All the institutions in Pakistan.

  • https://www.facebook.com/adeel.chohan3 Chohan Adeel

    تیر کو آزمانا نہیں – شیر کا ٹھکانا نہیں – پتنگ کو اڑانا نہیں – سائیکل کا زمانہ نہیں – سواۓ "بلے " کے کسی پہ مہر لگانا نہیں

  • mmm

    sharam nahi ati ye batian kerty 25 sal main kia kiya hai tum zerdari ke sath mil ke be sharam be gerat be hiss kiss mon se ye batain kerty ho sara kuch loot ke baher le ge ho jo kuch ra gya hai wo bi lotna chahty ho wo tum ko kabi bi nahi lotne dein ge tum sher nahi ho gider ho sher wo hota hai jo pakistan rahta hai wo kabi bi nahi bagta sher ak hi hai wo sari dunia janti hai ? imran khan

  • Arslan

    Poster of this video is a liar. Where did Imran Khan say: "Nawaz Shareef Zindabad"??? Why unfair means to get attention???

  • love-pakistan

    PML KA pigg

  • Zoor ka Jhatka

    It is true Imran khan type of Kuuttaa can lick even Piggg's assshole for power

    • Freeman

      Imran Khan is very respectable leader and whole world know that. No onne can buy Imran khan. He is brave and honest.

      Nawaz Sharif has taken lots of corrupt people in his party as he is desperate to win no matter who is in his party he jsut want to be a prime Minister on any cost.

      Imran khan has given 30% party tickets to youth. This mean Imran khan has already completed his promise even before t come in power. Weldone Imran Khan We will give you full support..

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    PTCL, Wapda & Internet Defaulters in Assembly (Including Ch. Nisar)
    15. Sana Ullah Zahri President PMLN Balochistan abusing ladies in Press Conf (Farzana Raja)
    16. Access to clean water in Punjab is decreased by 4% in last tenure of PML-N.
    17. Infant mortality rate in Punjab has increased in last 5 years.
    18. Revenue of Punjab has decreased in last 5 years.
    19. Number of children without access to education has increased in last 5 years. Whereas Punjab Govt. was spending money on Laptops & Danish Schools. (11.5 million)
    20. Infrastructure of Govt. schools in Punjab has been destroyed, 31% of schools without washrooms.
    21-not proper funding for rescue 1122,
    22- no fuel for petroling police that resulted in increase in crime ratio
    23- no funds for advancement of technical research in universities & colleges.

  • Muhammad Javed

    HI Thanks for that Investigation I know that situation very well. Just want to know how much money you got for that investigation. I know very very good that all situation.But shame like that type of anchor. how can do anything for the money .I am not anchor but if you want to debate on it with me . I am ready for that debate. I feel sorry for you that you a good looking man but you are sick mind and selfish person. Ask the natural lawyer in Pakistan. Then discuss with them how is the best chief in both of them. I never think that i will vote to Nawaz Sharif. But you people doing make easy for me to gave him vote.Still I am not convince to gave him vote .But YOU PTI people make easy for natural people to vote to Nawaz Sharif.. Do that thing to make happy ALLAH. Write the truth and speak the truth. You have to answer one day.

    • Kapi

      If someone force you to sell your mother will you do that? Then why would you sell your country by voting them if someone is doing something which you (being "very Smart") do not like. No self esteem

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    I have minimum 23 Reasons not to vote for PML-N .. Any PML-N Supporter who can deny these facts? Please share your views!!
    1. Liars (Jedda Contract One Example)
    2. Hudabiya Paper Mills Scandal (Reference Pending in NAB)
    3. Ittefaq Foundries Scandal (Loan Defaulters)
    4. Money Laundering (illegal transfers) Ishaq Dar’s statement
    5. NRO
    6. Record Lowest GDP in both tenures (90 & 97)
    7. Tax Evaders
    8. Used Public Money for personal projection
    9. Fake Degree Holders
    10. Defaulters of Banks & LESCO
    11. Supported Zardari in order to get next term guaranteed
    12. Criminal Act of keeping 1.14 Million kids away from schools in Punjab
    13. No action taken against Fake Medicine producers (Haneef Abbasi PIC Scandal)
    14. PTCL, Wapda & Internet Defaulters in Assembly (Including Ch. Nisar)

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    According to News 1254 police man are deployed for Shareef Family protection.
    Approximate Salary and Other Expenses of That Service are
    1254*20000 par Police man=approximately 25crores par Month
    and 3 Arab Yearly approx. aur Bagaraat hamarray Tax kay paisay say Kisi Bakery employee ka bora Khaal be kar daaytaay haan aur Kahtay hain kay woo Khadim haan . Issay hum Incompetence, unjust allotment, Destroying of Resources, Corruption, ETC

    I request u Vote For PTI IN 2013 Election I Am deadly sure that Imran khan Pakistan Kaa 1 Arab bee Zaya nahi hoonain daay gaa. In Sha Allah.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    ‎کہیں وحیدہ شاہ کے تھپڑ ہیں اور کہیں رابعہ شہباز کی پولیس گردی … کہیں جوزف کالونی کی آگ ہے اور کہیں عباس ٹاون کی آگ .. حکومت کوئٹہ میں بھی ناکام اور لاہور میں بھی ناکام .. بس میڈیا میں لفافہ دینے والے خادم کہلاتے ہیں … کب ان کو پہچانو گے ؟؟ کتنی اور نسلیں مر کٹ جائیں گی تو عقل آئے گی‎

    • Truth Only

      Yes Bangash sahib, Media rarely talks about these issues, whereas these arguments are strong enough to get them disqualified under 62 & 63.
      It seems the ECP concentrate more over Apparent Haqooq Allah than Real Haqooq ul Ebaad issues.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    تیر کو آزمانا نہیں – شیر کا ٹھکانا نہیں – پتنگ کو اڑانا نہیں – سائیکل کا زمانہ نہیں – سواۓ "بلے " کے کسی پہ مہر لگانا نہیں

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    pti zindabad

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti

    imran khan is pakistan solution .nawaz dakoo is pakistans pollution

  • QAZI


  • umaiz

    Imran Khan Zindabad !

  • alifbypy

    Imran sy bara ibnulwaqt koe nai….ilzam khan

    • http://twitter.com/Mubashar227 @Mubashar227

      ap log kun bury abuse kerty ho na kiya kero pls