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  • tully

    shaheed salaam taseer was a true muslim who was killed by a goon of shareef brothers..slaman tujh per Allah ki rehmat ho…aur qatil donoo jahaanoo mein zaleel aur ruswa ho (ameen)Imran khan is true and brave leader..magar iss mullha ko zara bhe sharm nhee aai..

  • tully

    —-ye molvi kutta hay..shaitan ki aulaad khabees mullah..halway ki plate per apni buchi farokhat karany wala dalaal..

    • https://www.facebook.com/mian.waseem.9400 Mian Waseem

      teri maa ko chudwaya he es ne keya gashti k bache kanjer insan

  • realism

    pagal molvi

  • Billi

    lakh laanat is molvi pe…




  • UnityFaithDiscipline

    Can you believe this person is a PhD in Islamic Studies? Compare him with any other PhD degree holder and see if anyone swears or raises his / her voice like that in public.
    But such people believe they know everything there is to know and that all other subjects are unnecessary.
    They forget that the Prophet of Islam mentioned that for knowledge's sake don't hesitate to even go to China.
    Of course the Chinese were not teaching from the Quran there

  • tabdeeli-razakaar

    sab khatam ho jayein gay. ek tu aor teray jaisay 12 log reh jayain gay pakistan main baki pora pakistan america ka agent hay sab khatam ho jayein gay. lol

  • eelums

    these people are in fear that they will no longer be able to deceive people with the name of religion.
    And imran khan is an open threat for them.
    Pti zindabad

  • Zia Afghan

    Dabaley Ustad! Laga reh, Jalali too aur jalaal mein aa; We really need jockers like you to get votes.

  • Arshad

    Allah ki panah aur kiya chahate hu is mulk se band zahnu ku khulu

  • Mokan

    can some ask is munafiq idiot molvi .why is her doing it on internet and TV … is it not haram in Islam to have videos and picture according to his beoiefs.

  • Mokan

    People must wake up and open their eyes… and do no t believe in Mullahs … they are munafiq and chore….they mislead people in the name of Islam and mislead the teachings of Quran… hey are sad b*stards….Islam is a very simple and open religion ..we do not need mullahs… all we need is quran and read the transaltion and understand it… Allah has granted us Brain …so use it. )))

    These molvies are funded by western and mid eastern countries for more than 100 years …. so they have their own propaganda…

  • Ablesky

    Plagal moulvi.

  • ALI

    i dont belive on this mullah people they talk bad about usa why ……. i want to ask him why???? they need food thats why this is there shop talk bad about other used islam …………………..maulana dont forget one day you have died and give answer to ALLAH dont show people worng way ……………………

  • LALA

    "Deen e Mullah… Fesabilillah Fasaad" Allama Iqbal… jiss insaan ke shakal khotey jayse ho os ney batain bhi issi tarah dayncho dayncho kar kay karni hain… sala islaam aur halwey ka theekedar

  • drkashif

    dirty molvi…jahil insan

    • safder

      Ager khud sahi nai to dusron ko pagal mat kaho.

  • UnityFaithDiscipline

    Maulana is referring to Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, the killer of Salman Taseer.

    If interested you can watch his extreme views on blasphemy in the heated discussion here, especially from 20:10 in the video

    He is a PhD in Islamic studies but I wish he had studied something else also. Unfortunately such people believe that there is nothing else to study in the world. If it was like that, the Prophet of Islam would not have mentioned China as a source of knowledge.

  • yasir khan

    These are the same molvis who used to call Quaid e Azam Kafir. They are the reason People are not practicing the religion the way it was suppose to be practiced.