Pir Sahib Pagara and Shah Mehmood Qureshi Press Conference – 6th April 2013

Pir Sahib Pagara and Shah Mehmood Qureshi Press Conference – 6th April 2013

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Pir Sahib Pagara and Shah Mehmood Qureshi Press Conference - 6th April 2013, 7.8 out of 10 based on 84 ratings

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  1. ***** says:

    I love PTI … my Vote is for PTI ….
    You can't be loyal to two different people….
    ya tao pir pagara pagal hai yah Imran Khan … if they are thinking S.M.Qureshi is loyal to them both.

    • ikhlaas says:

      smq is not contesting on pml f ticket so how can his loyalty be with pagara .
      it is seat adjustment with pagara on an independent basis ..pagara will expect smq to support him on some seats in sindh as a ghausia jamaat leader…
      smq's loyalty is with ik

  2. ikhlaas says:

    Now before certain idiots start doubting shah mahmood qureshi they first need to learn a bit of politics.
    Shah mahmood is contesting on two seats from multan on pti ticket and most probably 2 seats from sindh as an independent candidate.
    Shah mahmood is a leader of ghausia jamaat which has a huge presence in southern punjab and sindh. Shah mahmood has made this adjustment as a ghausia jamaat leader not as a pti leader with pagara
    they both will assist each other on some seats in sindh
    If shah mahmood had asked pml f support as a pti leader in return pagara would have asked pti to help them on some seats as well which is not possible..
    it is a smart political move…pti has nothing to lose it can only win in this scenario..certain journalists and analysts will create drama on this issue my advice to the supporters would be to trust imran khan…
    just register yourself as tabdeeli razaakar and work hard on your constituency

    • ***** says:

      but .. what if S.M.Qureshi loses in punjab but wins from sindh???
      Is he going to side with PTI or pagara ?

      • ikhlaas says:

        He is vice chairman of pti
        he will be on pti's side..
        if in case smq loses from multan and wins from sindh as an independent candidate it will still favor pti as he will support pti and those seats will be in pti's kitty direct or indirectly.
        pti has nothing to lose

  3. TIPU says:

    Shah mehmood a wise man.

  4. Azeem says:

    Great qureshi Sb!
    PTI zindabad

  5. sadaa says:

    Vote for PTI

  6. gul says:

    PIR PAGARA apnay halkay may to change laya nahe saka pakistan may kya lai gaa???

  7. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    PTI ka aik aur LOTA Shah Mehmood also run away…:$

  8. Talkingbuddy says:

    may tou abhi Airport jaraha hoon. hahaha

  9. Adnan Ali says:

    shah sahb chuk ker rekho kam…. great

  10. Arshad says:

    Keep It Up Shah Sahab Good Work
    Geo PTI
    Vote For PTI Vote For Change

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