Takrar on Express News (Shaikh Rasheed Interview) – 31st March 2013


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  • asim

    ap log kam ho jo darnha ho ga ap be cor ho

  • http://www.facebook.com/shahbe.ali Shahbe Ali

    No vote

  • https://www.facebook.com/mahmoodhassan35 Mahmood Hassan

    great man .. real leader

  • https://www.facebook.com/mahmoodhassan35 Mahmood Hassan

    gret man

  • mohammed rafiq


  • Ibraheem

    SHAIKH RASHEED You are INCORRECT to say that no party has polcYies and how to impliment them. For your kind information only and only PTI has mentioned the detailed policies and how to imPliment them.

    Other than the above main comment almost all of your comments are very valid and interesting and they way you put them into words. i LIKE YOUR IDEA THAT ALL INDEPENdANT PARTIES COULD OR SHOULD MAKE THE GOVERNMENT. EVEN BETTER IF THEy UNITE WITH PTI before or AFTER THE ELCTION to makecertain they are the winners.



    • Akbar Badshah

      YOU seems to have great heart…
      .but remember ALLAH has given you mouth to speak your heart…and only if you r a wellwisher u will take time and write fee words…as i am giving my important time to write fee words…..
      but trust me if your father your brother your other family member or friend is making any mistakes …
      it is your duties to advise them as a true friend
      just……like not keeping a TAB on how party ticket are given away……?it is your duty to advise them to check ……it doesnt mater as a yougster if you give good advise to your elders….as long it is balance …and on merit…..i hope you understand……..
      there are at least 6 party ticket i m made aware of which is not issued on merit…………?
      it is not the job of other parties to advise you to check this process…(pml ppp r pppp they all want pti to loose…but not YOU)…
      .it is the job of family member or in this case pti PARTY members to ask question from there leader….? just as you would as question from your eider family member………….?
      all i am asking for the party not to willy nealy award ticket just bcos some on is rich.R even won intra party election….NOW its GE 2013 ….?
      it should b if the candidate can win election………….?
      if right candidate are given ticket …….trust me we will release funds beyond PTI expectation…….to support poor candidates …………..only if the party tickets are given to deserving candidates…………
      also pti policey to give more than 2 ticket to party member not acceptable……
      .IK MAY BE 4…5 r 6…….but no more then 2 ticket per other member………….inorder to accomodate more PTI candidates……….what you say………..
      any comments……R……very welcome

  • Ibraheem

    Shaikh Rasheed YOU R INCORRECT to say no one party has said what their policies ARE and how thy will impliment. PTI IS THE ONLY PARTY WHO HAS REAL EXPERTISE AND THE WILL THEY HAVE MENTIONED MANY A TIME

  • Ali

    True and great leader is only Imran khan …….. We pakistan people are very clear , we need change and that is PTI .

  • breaking news
  • Makar Politicians
  • Pakistan Zindabaad

    People who live overseas have no idea, how sysmatically Pakistan has made morally and financially bankrupt with in the last 5 years." hadd sey ziyada bay hayaiy, buk aur naa'ng he aan Pakistan may", which is very very dangerous for any nation and the country of the world. What Shiekh Rasheed says, his every word is nothing but truth. Allah Pakistan aur Pakistaniyo'n ki halato'n per rahem fermaiy aameen"

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ansar143 Ansar Khan

    wow,,,, akhri 1.5 minutes…. words of century

  • Hijras Commission

    I think Almas BoBy could be better EC than Fakru Bhai. She is more braver, younger, energetic than Fakru Bhai.

  • Wiil They Stand UP

    Caretaker or Hijras?? Who is going to take care of them, when they will (if they will) stand really (not just talks, talk is cheap action screams) against our maffia, terrorists and bad maash political parties?? Who is going to save them?? They are unable to take care of themselves even, how they are going to take care of this nation's interest when they are scared to death?? On one threat of MQM and other terrorists political parties, ECP and CT PM will fall down like wall of sand.

  • Allah ki Lanat Ho
  • Fake Degree Holders
  • http://www.facebook.com/sajid.gulfam.1 Sajid Gulfam


  • Talk is Cheap Action

    Dr. Qadri apni zuban ka sacha nikla, uss ne election may hisa waqai nahi liya, wo hamare siyasatdaano ki terah seat ka buka nahi nikla, wo waqai Pakistanis ka hamdard he !!: Talk is cheap, Action screams

    • amir

      dr.Qadri sub s bara karpt han is ko itna marna ho ga jub tak who barwa bahhg jy harime ke oliad han is ko barway ko koi 7th nh dy ga

  • Tariq

    Skaikh Rasheed always says good words these days. He is trying to make a wake-up call for nation to take a right decision.

    Good PTI-Jalsa in Swat – Hope PTI will clean-Swipe. Seem from ticket distribution Imran Khan proof it's promise that tickets are going to give to right as some betrayed who just join the party for tickets they are leaving now because they didn’t get ticket so shame on them and good for the new born pure democratic party of Pakistan that filter and scan these lethal virus from the party to be successful in deliver Naya Pakistan as we want. Election in Party start gives a sweet-fruit in shape of decision and policy – Great Imran – you done it. Now Janoon can’t be stop.

    Good news today that Nadra design a simple-software by which we British foreigner Pakistani can poll our votes to PTI and keep in mind that most of young fellows are abroad and 90% like PTI so 4.5 million votes can be a significant number in election poll. Let see election commission and Supreme court when going to decide to install this system in Pakistani embassies and Nadra make a cost issue in it that would cost 1 millions Rs which seem again a question mark on this of corruption smell how to install a single software programme cost that mush high – anyhow it’s a good step that they realized in 65 years to do some efforts for those foreign Pakistani who participate so much in country development and even though they have no respectable rights yet – as recently "bata" Tax on international call so we only nation charging high tax on Overseas in-coming calls whereas India and other Asian countries can talk home country only on 1p but we on 8p per minute so shameful that these corrupt people want to be millionaire only by robbing others money – Almighty Allah give them horrible punishment in this world and then in the day of judgement too as we want to see them here to burn in fire.

    Now come to the point again that hope this vote polling system install on time and worked that day and hope all foreign Pakistani can manager to poll their votes as some embassies too far away from some voters which need one whole day to travel there and come back it should be some online system to make it easy for us and it can be possible to make some NIC or passport barcode identity reader scan system to confirm with phone, email and home address detail voter record then feed other information for specific candidate of NA and PA of his/her vote polling and electronic vote information go straight to election commission. But as they said software produce in two days so we can't expect too much from it and it’s to be sure that lot of weakness will be occur and keep in mind approval group (election commission & Supreme Court) are not the IT people but they just want to fix the issue for political people. Hope it all worked. Tariq from UK

    • waqas butt

      Salam tariq bhi!
      I realy like your coments even though they r very long like aessy lol but i love that all.
      And i second it!!!!
      Waqas clapham sw4 london 07536469079

      • Pakistan Zindabaad

        people like Shiekh Rasheed, Dr Qadeer Khan and Dr Qadri are very sincere to the nation, they are not greedy for president seat, Pm seat or any seat at all, shiekh Rasheed wouldn't care, if he doesn't get any seat, but he cares that Dis-honest, Corrupt, Sluggish and Criminal politician are not elected this time, they are trying to wake up this nation, who is sleeping and still they go to the jalsa of fake and fraud people of PPP, PMLN, JUI and MQM.

  • PMLN
  • Mokan

    Word DEMOCRACY …means ….moral deprivation…by Deception….In simple words it means slavery for the people thry monetary debt ( every rupee you earn there is debt behind it its fraudulent,this fraudulent system is run all around the world )

  • Mokan

    PK election is a pre planned game by the west….the only which will change this game and defeat the west is by voting for the new leader, new system and constitution…. only people's vote (one person one vote can defeat this) ….so people must make sure that they do not get fooled by the media, Judges, ECP , Army and corrupt politicians and molvies….. vote for change and new honest people and leader to run the country….

  • pak1

    Vote for LUN…

    • NoraydaJawai

      up yours LOL

  • Bhola


  • pakistan300

    Main har Pakistani say jo Pakistan ko khushhal dakhna chahtay request karta hon kay wo apnay gharon say niklain or har Pakistani ko apne samjh bojh say convince karain kay wo un politicians {especially ppp, pmln mqm and anp} ko vote na dain jo kabe be government main aien hain pls save Pakistan

  • rahul

    shiekh rasheed vs shahbaz shareef

    Who will win ??

    please Say SR fr SHIEKH AND sHOWBAZ for SHAHbaz shareef lol


    • Alv

      Mai Kammando Hun…. MKH will win!

      Dartha warta nahe hun…

  • punjabi

    IK shouldn't support this idiot man

    • Karachi wala

      shut up MQM terrorist

  • Scarface

    Shahbaz Shairf iss elections mein teri WIG uttar kay teri TIND humain dikhae gaa :)


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004295884855 Aftab Ahmad

      aur khud ki wig ka kia karaiga????

      • Scarface

        oye JAHIL tujhay WIG aur hair transplants kaa diff hee nahi putta tu yeh mera qasoor tu nahi hai naa :)

  • سعید احمد

    شیخ رشید احمد صا حب،سر انشاءاللہ آپکی ایمانداری اور سچای رایگاں نہیں جاےگی۔اللہ سبحان تعالی آپکو صحت اور لمبی عمر عطا فرماے ۔آمین
    پاکستان کو آپ کی اور عمران خان کی ضرورت ہے
    اللہ سبحان تعالی آپ دونوں کو کامیابی سے ہمکنار فرماے آمین

  • butt bahadur

    we r with u sh rasheed pti zindabaad

  • din_news

    hahaah Sheikh Rasheed is DRUNK hahaha

  • TruthBehindIt

    Do you want to know…..
    Why do we have corrupt rulers, corrupt leaders, Shirk doer Ulama Karam….???

    Do you want to know…..
    Why this Lost Ummah accepts their Ulama's false interpretations as Deen…..???

    Do you want to know……
    Why the Shirk doer Sectarians are killing each others…..???

    Do you want to know….
    Why this Ummah is facing terrorism from Shirk-doer Talibaan…..???

    Do you want to know…..
    Why this Ummah has divided into Haram and Mushrik "Schools of Thoughts"…..???

    Do you want to know……
    Why are they not Muslims, and why are they Salafi, Wahabi, Sunni, Shia, Brelwi, Deobandi, Tablighee, Sufee, Jihadees…..???

    … Do you want to know……
    Why, in spite of having Al Quran The Book of Guidance, this unfortunate Ummah is under Allah's Wrath and Azaab…..???

    The answer is……Because:
    Not the kuffaar, but Al-Quran is the enemy of this Lost and Last Ummah…Please take your time and listen….and comment:

  • https://www.facebook.com/zubair.ahmed.3158652 Zubair Ahmed

    i request to every PTI lover to condemn strongly the bad words coz noora league is trying to spread hate for PTI if someone who wants to do criticism should do strongly but not with bad words plz

  • Mr Lad

    Because IK dint cooperate with him and now he has started speaking against IK.

  • https://www.facebook.com/aatif.ikram Aatif Azio

    sheiikh buhet pi ke betha hua hai aaj. IK bach ke rahe is se. black mailer hai ek number ke.

  • Mr Lad

    Sheikh rasheed is a support of status-quo and supporting people like Maulana diesel.

    • Mr Lad


      • Makar Politicians

        Big Bull _________

  • https://www.facebook.com/aatif.ikram Aatif Azio

    Being insafiyans, IK ki majbori thi warna is aadmi ki zubaan buhet kharab hai. mujra tamashbeen yeh koi words hain talk show main beth ke bolne wale. shame on this channel. sheikh sahab hath halka rakha karo yaar. aisa language nai bolni chaheye families dekhti hain programs

    • idrees

      No vote is nazam say lerna ho ga 11 may ko darna ho ga

  • https://www.facebook.com/alihussain5 Ali Hussain

    یہ کارکنان بیٹھ کر یہ تلاش کرتے رہتے ہیں کے تحریک انصاف کا کوئی بندا دوسری پارٹی میں چلا جاۓ یا اندرونی الیکشن میں کیا ہوا . او بھائی چوھدری صاحب کی ترھا کبھی اپنا چہرہ دیکھا ہے ؟ شرم ان لوگوں کو پھر بھی نہیں آنی ، یہ اپنے نفسوں کا سودا چند سکوں کے عیوض بیچ چکے ہیں . انسے کوئی شکوہ نہیں کیوں کے الله ہدایت نہ دینا چاہیں تو ایسے لوگ اندھے گھونگھے بہرے رہتے ہیں

  • saeed

    He will win, because people like him, in his area. On the other hand Shakeel Awan nephew of baber Awan can not be win, Uncle with PPP, nephew is pml n, Mook Moka Policy. Any how Sheikh Rasheed will will. In Sha ALLAH,

  • Truth

    This is true ager iss dafa PPP ya PML-N ko Vote dia tu TABAHI hae…..

    Apnay say Wada kero kay Us Zardari jo loot ker kha gaya aur us NAWAZ Shareif Jisnay Zardari ko support kia her Mushkil main …inko Vote nahi dain gay….

    aur jo Nawaz aur Zardari ko ab bhi Vote day ga…us main aur aik Pr.ostitute main koi ferq nahi….kion kay wo bhi izzat bechti hae aur PPP aur PML-N ko vote denay wala bhi apne aur apnay bachon ka Mustakbil bechay ga….

    Vote for Change …Vote for PTI….ALLAH bar bar Apne QISMAT Badlnay ka Moka Nahi deta….

    Sochna zaror…

  • tong

    Isko koi party ghass nai dal rai…yeah assay he akela zalil hoga

  • https://www.facebook.com/Maverick000 Adnan Ali

    Sheikh sahib youth of PTI will support you in Your Constituency….and i hope Shiekh sahib will support Imran Khan in its constituency….

  • moh

    great man SHK

  • Umeed

    HEC is found that, pmln opposition leader ch. nisar is a fake degree holder.
    Shame on u PMLN.

  • Umeed

    Canadian people say,
    "Babies diapers and corrupt politicians should change on time,
    Before it's too late."

    • ttp

      copy from hassan nisar program

      • Umeed

        Yup u r absolutely right.

        • Umeed

          And I like this saying.

    • Makar Politicians

      well said Umeed

  • ewew

    ARMY should come in PK and KIK-OUT all political leaders PPP &PLMN molana desil

    • Truth

      Ager Dhandli hoi tu yehe hoga meray bhai…..dont worry….yehe sheikh sahib keh rehay hain

  • imran

    sheikh grtttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • insaan

    May Allah bless Sheikh Rasheed Saheb.

  • ek hindustani

    shaikh sahab k baaal real hai keya .??? ya wige hai……. m just asking not insulting

  • nbiu

    Dabang Rasheed………………… wha bhai wah,,,,,

  • mama

    shaikh sahib Qooom Mooott marti hai

  • an oversea Pakistani

    I like you for Dabang interview

  • Muhammad

    Yeh sheikh… imran khan ko b harvaie gaa pindi se

  • mudassar sharif


  • http://www.facebook.com/naeem.shezad Naeem Shezad

    wa shekh shaib kia bat hai app ki

  • mudassar sharif

    sheikh saheb pti will win the elections……….inshallah…………you will win as well sir

  • AMIR iqbal

    shakh waqas nay assambly main nowaz shareef peh lanat baji or pml n join kar ke loota bana after 1 week his degree fake jaily

    • wik

      esay kahtay hain thook k chaatna…

  • AMIR iqbal

    pml ko sirf kursi say matlib ha
    shame on nowaz shareef loota leage

    • azhar

      PTI ko konsa bed say matlab hai woh bhi kursi kay lyay hi contest main hai….. :)

      • Ibraheem

        Wrong. PTI wants to make repect f or Pakistan INSHALLAH

  • asghar

    sheikh sahb Allah aap ko kamyabe dah, ameen

    • gano butt

      he is amazing

  • bebo poland

    sheikh tera rab rakha

    • AHMED

      nawaz sharif and pml n tera rab rakha and kamyabe kara AMEEN

      • uk resident

        dr qadri ki fikar aam ho gai