Hasb e Haal – 31st March 2013


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  • http://www.facebook.com/sanashamshozai.shamshozai Sana Shamshozai

    aik bat kahoo azizi aik god gifted actor hay.

  • k khan

    Lanat is tara key siasat danno per or Allah ki lanat hoo ameen.

  • Ahmad

    Most Islamist are terorist or pro terorist so they are all criminals. We need a secular Pakistan where every
    Pakistan is free to go to his place of worship. At this moment it is not so. We have to decide for secular
    Pakistan today or tomarrow.

    • https://www.facebook.com/fariha.salfi Fariha Salfi


    • abida tahir

      aap islamic pakistan mei apni worship bilkul kersaktay hai 100% russia is example of seculer state kia aap waha apney aqeeday ke mutabiq worship kersaktay hai?definitley a big NO

    • Basit

      Your parents named you after beloved Prophet but you are so ignorant , You don't have knowledge about Islam & Islam never halts anyone to worship as per religion. For you information Pakistan was created as Muslim State not a secular state. By the how many time do you go to mosque ????? I feel sorry for Muslims like you , so ignorant no knowledge about Islam.

    • https://www.facebook.com/masood.mehmood1 Masood Mehmood

      dur teri zindagi py lahnat, muslim terorist han tu tu kon sa molana ha?

  • Abdul Aziz

    aftab of geo tv should watch this program learn and feel shame
    and stop insulting personal for same people every program.. where he was study to disrespect of elders.
    and stop doing advertising for pmln.
    azizi is a great .

  • Noshin

    We need a "Sarkar"

  • Tahir Azeem


    Azizy and his team is doing good and character constructive work for Pakistani peoples.
    Please keep it doing. Pakistanies are getting good political information and knowledge through your programme husbe haal.

    Section ( 62) & (63) of Pakistan's constitution must be implemented to keep the corrupt politicians out of election 2013.

    Azizy and his team zindabad ……….Pakistan zindabad.

  • shah g

    اسمان پہ چڑھ کے بھی تیرا باپ بھی اسلامی شقیں ختم نہیں کرسکتا،
    ابھی ہم
    پاکستان کا مطلب کیا لا الہ الا اللہ
    نہیں بھولے

  • SHAH G

    سو روپے کے وکیل کو زیب نہیں دیتا کہ وہ قائد اعظم پر اس طرح اعتراضات کریں
    کیا وہ اسی لیے سینیٹر بنے
    صاف کیوں نہیں کہتے کہ اسلام کو نہیں مانتے
    جب رینینڈ ڈیوس کو چھڑآنے کا مسئلہ ہو تو پھر اسلامی دیت یاد آتی ہے
    کل اللہ کی عدالت میں کیا جواب دوگے
    منافقت کی بھی حد ہوتی ہے یار
    سورہ اخلاص یاد نہیں اور 62/63 ختم کرو حد ہو گئی یار

  • Johnrob

    Instead of 62 or 63, follow US model of 69.
    Sorry Clinton never left presidency -Junaid Saleem- stop lying befor publuc

  • pakistani

    we want justice for kamran faisal

  • pakistani

    PML N ZINDABAAD And will cleansweap insha Alllah

  • 6969

    meera will win election by big lead insha Allah

  • fawwad

    azizi uncle u r making progressB)

  • Afridi

    Bas Allah es dafa en jooton aur awam ka hoon choosne walo Se nejat de.. Dunya tv walo ko mobarak bad pesh karta hoo .. K logon main vote ki ahmiyat ujagar kiya ja raha hai.. Add dekaye ja rahe hai.. Well done Dunya tv

  • azaz

    junid sahib lough nicely not like najia

  • http://www.facebook.com/diwakar.sahoonja Diwakar Sahoonja

    azizi is great actor

  • Amjad


  • very

    New poll for Lahore.. Popularity of 2013 elections…

    Maulana Fazal Rehman…..20%
    PPP……………………………… 05%


      OH REALLY o.0

  • Abdul1943

    Hasbe hall teem congratulation for a sweet & constructive talkshow.polititions who are sick of artical 62 & 63 are not qualified to contest for member of parliament.ppp & pmln along with other ruling parties were totally failed to deliver,in result today nation is in deep troubles.economy is near to collapse. Unemployment is on the peek point.what ppp leaders done on the last day of rule ? Avery one know.they are shameless people.

    A.h.khan. USA.

  • Hijras Commission

    I think Almas BoBy could be better EC than Fakru Bhai. She is more braver, younger, energetic than Fakru Bhai.

  • Fake Degree Holders
  • Fake Degree Holders
  • baber ali

    azazi is great

  • ABC

    PPP trying to give an impressioh that Bilawal will run country in a better way so that PPP can get vote again.
    Another possibility is that PPP dont want to launch in flop election for PPP.

  • Tariq

    Good program today – Najee now going to participate in programme instead of this laughing only (as she laugh well – look good) but we foreigner want all 3 best participate in programme so Najee you are now going good to do this. cheers

    Good PTI-Jalsa in Swat – Hope PTI will clean-Swipe. Seem from ticket distribution Imran Khan proof it's promise that tickets are going to give to right as some betrayed who just join the party for tickets they are leaving now because they didn’t get ticket so shame on them and good for the new born pure democratic party of Pakistan that filter and scan these lethal virus from the party to be successful in deliver Naya Pakistan as we want. Election in Party start gives a sweet-fruit in shape of decision and policy – Great Imran – you done it. Now Janoon can’t be stop.
    Good news today that Nadra design a simple-software by which we British foreigner Pakistani can poll our votes to PTI and keep in mind that most of young fellows are abroad and 90% like PTI so 4.5 million votes can be a significant number in election poll. Let see election commission and Supreme court when going to decide to install this system in Pakistani embassies and Nadra make a cost issue in it that would cost 1 millions Rs which seem again a question mark on this of corruption smell how to install a single software programme cost that mush high – anyhow it’s a good step that they realized in 65 years to do some efforts for those foreign Pakistani who participate so much in country development and even though they have no respectable rights yet – as recently "bata" Tax on international call so we only nation charging high tax on Overseas in-coming calls whereas India and other Asian countries can talk home country only on 1p but we on 8p per minute so shameful that these corrupt people want to be millionaire only by robbing others money – Almighty Allah give them horrible punishment in this world and then in the day of judgment too as we want to see them here to burn in fire.
    Now come to the point again that hope this vote polling system install on time and worked that day and hope all foreign Pakistani can manager to poll their votes as some embassies too far away from some voters which need one whole day to travel there and come back it should be some online system to make it easy for us and it can be possible to make some NIC or passport barcode identity reader scan system to confirm with phone, email and home address detail voter record then feed other information for specific candidate of NA and PA of his/her vote polling and electronic vote information go straight to election commission. But as they said software produce in two days so we can't expect too much from it and it’s to be sure that lot of weakness will be occur and keep in mind approval group (election commission & Supreme Court) are not the IT people but they just want to fix the issue for political people. Tariq from UK

  • formnite1

    To keep the members of the Assembly "warm"..vote for Mera. She will make all male memebrs warm and focused…lol…hah hah hah ..Joke Mera. Your should wear a BIKINI and coem to parliment with your "Manshoor" and do soem ammendements in the pakiatan Constitution….trust me it will pass,,,,due to your BIKINI….lol

    • voiceofchicago

      Attandance of parlimentarians will increase.

  • formnite1

    Aziazi….this best MERA ..I have seen ….you were better lookiing then that Mera…who thinks she can win election against Imran Khan….ha ha…..She is a JOKE..

    • Bhutta


  • Shahid

    Imran khan is great leder

  • pakistan300

    Main har Pakistani say jo Pakistan ko khushhal dakhna chahtay request karta hon kay wo apnay gharon say niklain or har Pakistani ko apne samjh bojh say convince karain kay wo un politicians {especially ppp, pmln mqm and anp} ko vote na dain jo kabe be government main aien hain pls save Pakistan

  • Disgusted

    In Govt. diplomacy it is often not advised to be too honest. For instance an Indian journalist disguised as Pakistani reporter can ask you some security questions. You better not be too honest there.

    A greedy diplomat will quickly spot that situation and negotiate a price afterwards, somewhat like a Pakistani Policeman flag a poor motorbike guy on the street and score half of his salary as bribe. Just the earlier crime is bigger and risk a nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherri.sheikh Sherri Sheikh

    ever green

  • riz

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  • riz

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sherri.sheikh Sherri Sheikh

    great debate

  • Disgusted

    Love it!

  • Abdul1943

    Hasbe hall teem congratulation for a sweet & constructive talkshow.polititions who are sick of artical 62 & 63 are not qualified to contest for member of parliament.ppp & pmln along with other ruling parties were totally failed to deliver,in result today nation is in deep troubles.economy is near to collapse. Unemployment is on the peek point, power shortage is not taken serious. If people of Pakistan repeat mistake to vote them, then they have to face conciquences. Vote for your self vote for PTI.

    A.h.khan. USA.

  • Ahmad

    Ehtezaz is best rest is nothing.

    • Mirza

      Really how?

      • Ahmad

        Ehtezaz is only one who succeed in his effort to reinstate the Judges.

    • Raj

      u r right he become senitor selfish mokaprast lakh lanat hy us per

    • PTI – amsterdam


    • hamed

      bari zabardast baat ke he. aap ko pata he nhi ya shutar murgh ke tarah ho gay hain/ In hazrat sahib ne thoray se paison of ppp ke izzat ki khatir PTCL ke pensioner ke khelaf court me PTXL aur ppp Govy. ke taraf se wakeel ban kar 29000 pensioner ke half pension rukwai hui he jis me bewa aurtain be hain. sharam aani chahye aesy roti kapra aur makan ke dawe dar party per/ kia khoob follower he aap. Zulm to phir zulm he mit jae ga.

  • Silversurfer

    I do not agree. 62 and 63 should be limited to financial corruption.

  • pakistan

    azizi sahib ab ap bara 62 , 63 k keh rahe ho jab , es ko shaoor deena wale ka tu ap na mazaq uraya thaa . ab ap ki baat koon mane gaa , ? jab waqat thaa 62 , 63 ka shaoor delana waloon ka sath deena ka us waqat app na mazaq karnee meen koi kasar naa choori , ab bhugoo aur chooroon ki chaplosi kartea rahoo mazeed 5 years tak .

  • riz

    beta is after girls
    baap is after PK repetition

  • riz

    azizi go home and get new girl make her sucking

  • anjleen

    allways a great show:D

  • london

    feeqazardari,smuhsand wasim akram….it seems, is one person ,who has no sense of any kind

  • Paki

    Great show, Great Azizi

  • apnagyreban

    Ye sabat ho gya ke media PML (Noora) ke jayab main hy

    • sachi baat

      Bai G baat tu saah hy magar baat hy raswai ki

    • http://twitter.com/umer_1619 @umer_1619

      kese ?ye hasb e hall wale to neutral he hai ye kisi ki side to nhi lete

  • apnagyreban

    PTI deserve a chance, agar Pakistani Logon ny PTI ko chance na dya tu ye Pakistan ki BADQISMATI ho gy Khuda ka wasta azmay hoy logon ko maat azmana vote for IMRAN KHAN because he is a true leader

    • manna

      agree with u but imran ke sath bhi azmaey huey log hein woh bhi pehley kai bar kheh kha chukey hein it means they r after power only.let see how imran khan handle them.

    • arsalmukeet

      bohat say azmaye hoye log pti main pohnch gye . Mujhy btao kia un ko bhi nan azmaon dobara ?