Sar-e-Aam – 29th March 2013


Watch Latest Sar-e-Aam with Iqrar-ul-Hassan – 29th March 2013




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  • naqeeb

    salam iqrar bhai baki tu saray haqaiq tu smajh agay liakin paidaesh kis tarh hoti hai from naqeeb tank

  • ejaz

    plz send the email address sar-e-Aam

  • Ahmer Khan

    Mard ka maqam na aurat ka ihteram :(
    Shmae on us :@ :/

  • Ahmer Khan

    Mard ka maqam na aurat ka ihteram :(
    shame on us :@ :/

  • B Ahmed


  • jatt

    real hero Iqrar ul hassan

  • @saif4life

    I'm so proud of your work Iqrar – Ul – Hassan and all the big issues you are highlighting. What will happen to these poor people? And I'm shocked to see some young Muslim men take advantage of these people. . .Allahu Akbar!

  • shaikh

    ye repeat kb ata hae sar e aam

  • Malveros

    Excellent Awareness Programme.

  • farooOO

    yaar these people are most negligible not only in Pakistan but all over the world… i will INSHALLAH make an institute to make them educated and give training of different skills like driving, designing, mechanical works, computer skills.. i will do this INSHALLAH SOON

    • Ahmad

      hmm pehle khud institute main trainings le lena .

  • Malik Yaseen Awan

    hay hay ya to sar e amm ka cikna ha hahahahahhaha

  • Libra Butt

    iqrar bhai KHUDA ap ko kamyaab karay har imtehaan main good job bhai agher hum ap k kisi kaam a sakay to plz hamain zaroor batana GOD BLESS U

  • Sohail Butt

    Enter text right here!

  • safdar

    good job well done

  • zeeshan ali

    thanks iqrar for this in4mation,,u just doing a splendid job brother,,keep it up my all prayers are for u,,

  • Changeforr

    Very wel job done by ary team, after watching this dont have any words to share, please they r human aswel so treat them like a human….

    • zahidsz

      Iqrar God bless you and at the same time I suggest to Khawar insaan kay bachay ban jao – Had Allah wanted to make you Khawaja Sara and made you, then think how miserable would have been your life. Baigharat insaan – Allah say Darr – Imran Khan ko agar Allah nay tum jaisee badbakht qoum ko diya hay tou badnaseebo iss insaan ko apna PM banao aur mulk kee qismat change karo Ghaddoo – insaan kay bachay ban jao bohat hogiaya.

  • jibran

    good job all is good

  • tauba

    Lanat ho esay bande per… bc Hijray se pyar kr rha tha

  • lol

    kya chutiyapa episode… ishq with transgender

    • Libra Butt

      yaar esa nai kehte agher tu hijtra hota to phir tu kabhi esa msg nai likhta pyaar kisi se bhi ho sakta hai

  • Dera Bugti

    Kya jahalat hai.. bc aik khuaja sira se ishaq…. halat hai

  • adrees

    good job by ARY.

  • Jazba-e-Pakistan

    a very nice programme.

    the Pakistani society and mindset must change to prevent mocking and creating hatred/prejudices against Khwaja Sarrou/enuchs…

  • mir muhammad

    nice rona aa gaya


    u done a wonderful job and we should these people as human beings. many myths proved wrong about these people.

  • pakifriend

    i hope people will give them some respect at least now. good work Iqrar

  • khawar

    iss khuwajah sarah ka ashiq mujhy pti ka voter lagta hy .

    • pakifriend

      aur khwaja sarah Pml-N / MQM ka lag raha ho ga

      • syed

        yar is prog mn to siyasat chor do bhaiyun!!!

      • ali

        hahhhaha zabardust

    • nabeel

      mujhy yu khuwajah sarah lagta hy

  • umeed

    Imran Khan will be next PM. Inshallah. all my prayers and best wishes r with Imran Khan.
    he is the better choice among other politicians.
    friends choice is yours, it's all up to u. because if other party wins through your vote
    and they dont deliver, then u can't complain because it would be too late,because it was your choice.
    So think before u vote someone it could change your future and your kids future.

  • shamil