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Kharra Sach (Article 62 & 63 Bind on CareTaker Govt. Or Not?) – 28th March 2013

Zaid Hamid(Analyst),Inamullah Niazi Join Mubashir Lucman in Kharra Sach – 28th March 2013!



  • A Muslim

    Sir ZAID HAMid , , ,
    thanx for your AZAAN . We truly need this voice of AZAAN to see the real faces of all political parties. ANd its also hlepfull to take dicision. Sir our prayers are with you & i'm one of your silent student. Anyone who can think and even have little knowledge can understand your AZAAN but if people don't ,they don't have sense or maybe they don't want btw Pak Sirzamen have some brave people as like you so we r (awam) not hopeless.INSHAALLAH ALLAH JI WILL DO BEST FOR PAKISTAN(ZINDABAD),MAY ALLAH JI BLESS U & THE PEOPLE WHO R WORKING WITH U SINCERLY FOR THE SAKE OF PAKISTAN (AMEEN) , , !

  • Waqas Shareef

    Sore loser

  • pakistan300

    Main har Pakistani say jo Pakistan ko khushhal dakhna chahtay request karta hon kay wo apnay gharon say niklain or har Pakistani ko apne samjh bojh say convince karain kay wo un politicians {especially ppp, pmln mqm and anp} ko vote na dain jo kabe be government main aien hain pls save Pakistan

  • caretakerkimaka

    Elect Imran Khan. This caretakers are MFs and I am sure all of them are trying hard to get MF Shariff in power to be a puppet to external powers. When Mr Khan will come to power all these MFs will have a heart attack. Some of them will die, some will run away and die quicker on the foreign land and in isolation. They will be buried locked in the coffin so that even if they are alive will have no place to escape.

  • meandu

    I doubt IK can do much in this system. I can not fathom that one can expect 180 million people to get together on election day and make a sensible decission when most of them dont even know what the hell they are doing. Its utterly stupid to give the management of whole country based on votes from a majority who is illiterate or less educated and has no idea how a country is ruled. Utterly stupid way to find ruler and hence utterly stupid results. which by the way are higly forged and does not have a section to say that I vote agains the system and I vote to change the system. Its a cat and mouse game and only stupid people can expect change or good results from this sytem.

  • Khan

    Khara jhot

    • Emad F Farooqi

      U Stopid

  • ex pti

    Imran Khan is going to be just a part of the hung parliament them he will realise what Dr qadri was saying was right there's a very big difference in the vision of a leader and a politician! No vote for me I will not be part of this safe face keeping parties! My imaan won't let me vot in this muk muka first article 62/63.but pti would not be empowerment to the right way!

    • Rehan Khan

      A Quitter wouldnt understand, what ideology is…

  • amir

    plz vote for insaaf, tahreekkay insaaf (BALLA) BAT http://www.fb.com/risingqatar

  • well said

    Zaid Hamid ki correct! have good argument

  • Naeem Peerzada

    Cursed on Zaid Hamid.. thousand times

  • ali

    عمران خان پاکستان کا گورباچوف بننے جا رہے ہیں عمران کی قیمت ایک جہاز ایک ہیلی کاپٹر اور ایک بلٹ پروف گاڑی ہے … عمران خان کے بھائی کا بیان http://www.naibaat.com.pk/ePaper/lahore/30-03-201

  • Harvey

    I don't expect any free & fair elections. Even the people raising the slogan of change will be disapponited AFTER the elections. Dr. Qadri is right in boycotting elections and to protets peacefully nationwide in form of a sit-in!

  • Nazim

    Zaid sahib yeh army walay tou insurance card hein tamam politicians k leay….Yeh tou Khara such hei..Koi maney ya na maney……….Army Generals and politicians are hum newala and hum peyala………yeh tou koi farsi bolney wala aa ker hie inn ko saaf ker sakta hie

  • newuser

    zemtv per video kis tarah add ker tay hain???

    • https://www.facebook.com/anik.butt Anik Asif Butt

      submit vedio karke

  • https://www.facebook.com/wali.marjan.148 Wali Marjan Bangash Pti