Facts behind LAL Masjid Operation


Aaj kal LAL Masjir ka issue dobara hot ho raha hai. We should never forget facts and reality.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/imran.khan.10004 Imran Khan

    There is confusion. However being a keen observer of the situation i am an impartial critic of this tragic incident.
    First of all the above video is an intentional blend of different clips just to divert peoples' opinion in their own favor and against Taliban or a single sect.
    No doubt Lal Masjid occupents' line of action can never be recommended in any way. Had i been at Mr. Musharaf's place, i would have gone to the extreme limit, however in another way.
    As a last resort Lal masjid shoud not be assaulted or attacked in such a shameful manner by our security forces.
    First of all there was no urgency or emergency that security forces had to attack it.Negotiatons could have been prolonged. But stake holders had their own interests for which today every person is paying a silent price
    Secondly in worst case supply of water,food could have been blocked which would either oblige the occupents to surrender or choose hunger to death.
    That could have been the two options of this complex situation over which now our hypocrite and selfish media,politicians, security officials are scoring points.
    Our nation has week memory. We are forgetting an interview(after Lal Masjid Operation) in which Hamid Mir, Ejaz ul Haq and 1 or 2 students from Lal Masjid were present. I saw weeping(in Live programme) Ejaz ul Haq. He was looking repentful. He could not play his due role. So was the reason.
    Never build your opinion on mere one sided video clips. Look at the other side of the picture too.

    • https://www.facebook.com/broken.har8 Umair Ahmed Abbasi

      My dear Imran being a keen observer you certainly missed many issues. Each and every person inside the masjid was given clear passage and free way to end everything and go back to there homes. you are picturing one side of the picture have you forgotten the colonel and the Ranger that was martyred by these evil mullas. Cutting food chain and water? you must be kidding they had stocks of weapons inside what made you think that they will not have enough food or water. Umme Hassam clearly stated in two consecutive interviews that they had Suicide bombers inside and they were saying that Islam had allowed Suicide bombing. whereas you should have seen Rana Mubashir's program on news one on 22nd of april to see the real facts and figures.

  • saif

    How much money are you getting from all-cia muslim league?

  • ijaz

    mushraf geader ki favour ki ja rahi ha,,,,, people ko pagal bana kar,,,,,,, hamdardi laynay kay lay





  • Riaz Murtaza

    Firstly Lal Masjid was built illegally on government of Pakistan's land. Secondly, how and why did these occupants of Lal Masjid collected modern arms and were ready to fight against the state !

  • https://www.facebook.com/irfanwithpakistan Irfan Khokhar

    learn from mistakes say no to all leader except imran khan…as long mushif is concern he think that he can do any thing and public is stupid.. as long he can give reason it's ok …. i really do not understand if a politician is coward is different and if chief army is coward it's just suck!!! he surrender our lovely country to USA and let them do what ever they desired. so plz guys just vote 4 Imran khan and do not misguided by any one !!

  • Sameer

    well did Musharraf.
    we must cleare this kind of rubbish from pakistan.
    we Love you Pervez Musharraf.

  • KinG0fKinGz

    Geo Musharraf…!!!!

  • Shan

    Good job and we support Musharaf…..

  • Loyal Pakistani

    Hamid Mir is a paid Agent of the enemies of Pakistan ….

  • naheed

    yahan say ek ko bhee zindah buch ker nhein janay dena chahiyie thaa..,,ye mullah subb se bada khabees hay

    • dawar

      ohhhhh my ALLAH loook a girl is favoring an evil.this is the sign of qayammah.

  • Love-Pakistan


  • Love-Pakistan

    Only one side of picture…. Ghalteya dono terf sy hoy… Lakan govt sb ky jan ky hafazat ky zemadar hoty hy… Govt es tarha nhe react kya krty… Govt ko koi aey sa rasta nekalna chahey tha jes sy khoon kharaba bach jata…..

  • Love-Pakistan

    Only one side of picture…. Ghalteya dono terf sy hoy… Lakan govt sb ky jan ky hafazat ky zemadar hoty hy… Govt es tarha nhe react kya krty… Govt ko koi aey sa rasta nekalna chahey tha jes sy khoon kharaba bach jata…..

    One more thing look Karachi…. Vahan jo dhashat gardy ho rhy hy, Us ky bhy camera recordings tk bhy majood hy vahan koi operation q nhe hota…

    Tm jay sy log aj kal active hy apny leader musharraf ky ley. or han i dont like mulana abdul aziz… yah bhy es operation may musharraf ky sath mela hova tha.

    • Sameer

      asa rasta in molvio ny nahi mana tha.imam e kaba ki baat b nahi sunni thi in molvio ny.

  • tahir

    jahil molvi instead of jehad doing fasaad fee sabi lilah

  • zamzam8883

    Bus is video main itna hi kaffi ha,,,K musharaf operation kerna k lia ya garranty mang raha tha k reporting nahi honi chaiya,,,,,bus itna hi bohet ha,,,,,

  • kala Nag

    This Mulla who was chief is now comparing this to Karbala. If we have asked this same question before he would have denied Karbala .

    Stop Saudi money and you will see the difference

  • Pak Politics

    Masjid main asla (weapons) la ker ISLAM ko badnam kerte huway sharm nahi ayee in molvion ko.

    they are rebels, making a state within a state they should be treated like they were treated.

    • ali

      bhai wo asla khud rakhwaya tha mush ne dekha nhi tha kitna set kr ke rakha hoa tha

      • Sameer

        ap jooth bole rahy hain janab.

      • Haider

        lagta he bhai sab ne video gor se nai dekhi.
        asla agr mushraf ne rakha tha to molvi pagal golia kiyo chla rahe the

      • mujahid

        ali bilkul thek kh rha hai

  • Ali

    Good Step by Musharaf

  • Mokan

    No one is allowed to take law in their hands….. must respect the law of the country….Molvies are terrorist and kafirs …..promoting their own religion and agenda…. they should be hanged…..they are all western agents and receiving money from Saudi and Arms from West…..people should not have any sympathies with these idots….

  • https://www.facebook.com/abbas.warrich.3 Abbas Warrich

    Nice video

  • kamrankamipk

    These Terrorist should be hanged till death.
    Musharaf you done a very good job. But forgot to hang jamat-e-islami.
    And Molvi Nawaz Sharif.
    Imran why are you making collation with JI.
    You should stand alone.
    Pakistanis are with you.