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Tonight with Moeed (Parvez Musharraf Return, what is going to happen ?) – 20th March 2013

Wattch Latest Tonight with Moeed (Parvez Musharraf Return, what is going to happen ?) – 20th March 2013





  • GreatPatriot

    I hate this son of a dictator . he reminds me of his ugly liar father.i lived under the rule of that evaporated dictator .He was a biggest munafiq. and the other two are clowns of clown parties.

  • GreatPatriot

    This is RED ALERT please read it carefully.
    Selection of a care taker prime minister is a big fraud and topi drama played by noor league and ppp. They have prepared this drama very cleverly to fool other parties specially PTI and public. They have played the first act of drama and disagreed on given names as planned. Then it will go to P Committee and the ACT TWO will start, this committee will also disagree as their plan. Then the LAST ACT will start and case will go to E commission where their party affiliated members and Chief Election Commissioner Fakhar ud Din G. Ibrahim who is installed by them to fulfil this dirty job and he is in fact theirs man and will select a corrupt care taker prime minister who is already chosen by these two parties to give his full support to these Corrupt Status Quo parties . They have crafted this plan very cleverly years ago to dodge PTI. Open your eyes PTI, its tigers and people of Pakistan. They are putting dirt in our eyes and making fool of us. If Election commit ion selects a corrupt prime minister then start a war of pani pat against this corrupt P Minister and corrupt E Commission. Otherwise we will see these choor parties will be in power again. God bless our Pakistan and save it from all evils. AMEEN

  • bittertruuth.

    Most of Pakistani’s are racist and a bunch of bigot’s who will lie and cheat for money, .It may also be right that Pakistani will sell their mama for money and power,
    look at all those good friends of Musharaf who followed him like puppies and licked his feet are now talking against him.
    Journalists and news-media from Punjab are filthy and nauseating scum of the earth ,they are always in the market for sale like some whore. instead of appreciating and kissing Musharaf feet they never stop spewing venom against him who gave TV industry a life in Pakistan.
    It is despicable that Musharaf is guilty but Chief Justice who approved him for President is not, Generals Politicians and Ministers who helped him for eight years have done nothing wrong but Musharaf is guilty because he is urdu speaking.
    I think Baloch are right by killing and kicking Punjabi’s out of Balochistan, Baloch finally realized that they cannot trust snakes and blood sucking leeches and parasites.

  • ali_ss

    nawaz ganja,, zaleel, ab musharraf say deal kar kay khamosh ho gia hay, ganja kursi kayliay apni maan behan bhi baich sakta hay.

    • aziz

      yah imran ka sathe nahi kutto is hud tak mutt jao ke tum loogon ko dekhte he goli mar deen insan bano. huramio ager kise qabil ho to politics karo loogon per gund uchalana aur gunde namm rakhna bund karoo yah Allah ka hukam hai quran main kabhi us ko bhi parh liya karo

  • norozkhan

    I wonder why we blame Musharaf only for breaching the constitution by holding President Position for eight years.
    What about Iftikhar Choudhry who as a Chief Justice authorized Pervez Musharaf to be the lawful President of Pakistan and supported him until he was accused of misusing his powers to help his son.
    If Musharaf is guilty of his actions then Iftikhar Choudhry is also guilty of legitimizing Musharaf as a President.
    Where is the common sense, why two standards, are we becoming a laughing stock for the world ??

    • Love Pakistan

      LOL veru true!! :)

    • Mohammad

      @norozkhan, the people criticising now if they would have done at that time it would be better then. Why now after 13 yrs. Please stop living in the past. If the politicians have done their job right instead of just looting nobody would violate the constitution. if anything has to corrected it is the corrupt politicians. Look what happen last week, billions of ruppes have been looted in the broad daylight. If anything has to be done do these people first.

  • Shaukat

    Pervaiz Musharaf is not anymore a hope for Pakistan. His time is already over. What he wants to do now what he failed to do during his regime.

    • Mohammad

      @Shaukat, every Pakistani should encourage any honest person who wants to do for the country. Whats wrong about that. Musharraf says he can work in any capacity with no pay for the betterment of Pakisan. He already had an organisation named as Musharraf Foundation. The irony is that the account of that organisation is freezed and he cannot do any social service. He built several houses in Musharraf colony. Allaw swt also said that even if qayamat is coming do whatever you were doing. Did not say to stop doing.

  • Mr LAd

    Kasuri is talking non-sense. IK has been struggling for 17 years and i can bet if Musharraf could win even 1 seat. thanks !

    • Terimadakhasam

      jeet gia tey fir ki karain ga outr

    • jaanis

      If ur enemy dont like u, mean u are doing good , i give u example , in Bussh erra CIA Chif answer to Stanging comety ,(*)(*)(*) Musharraf is playing double game with Amertca he nerver do what he Promise , (*)(*)(*) iam in USA i know what Musharraf did for Pakistan when USA find Out Musharraf will never do what America wants than the start in forcing democracy ,and put pressure on him to talk with Benazir he did and than thet use C J to weakens Musharraf ,and then they Remov Benazir so bring Zardari who never ever think any role in politic ,if benazir live , and they use Zarddari to do what thay want , 1st thing finish welth we have How? just dont pay circular dept ,no power ,no job. no job, no money, no money ,more lone ,more lone more US leverage,more US leverage ,u do what they want 2Nd goal , no power no job ,no job more crime ,more crime more criminals .more criminals more terrorist ,more terrorist ,more CIA aside .more CIA aside Goal 3RD ,More CIA Aside More Terror more terror security at risk security risk, peope fight each other s , peopls fight s shia vs sunni suni vs barelvi .barelvi vs deubandi.deubandi vs ehle hadice Goal 4TH civil war civil was mean. Balochi vs Punjabi.Pathan vs Punjabi ,Pathan vs Hazzara.punjabi vs sindhi .sindhi vs Muhajir ,Muhajis vs Pathan balochi vs muhajirs Muhajir vs Punjabis so on so forth Goal 5th civil war Country brake in a parts Pakhtoonistan 1 country 2 sindh urban 3 karachi hedrabad 4balochistan 5 Kowetta 6south punjab 7north punjab ACHIEVEMENTS, Pakistan become maney countrys ,Goal 5 no Nuks no threats to india Goal 6 no place for china as strategic alinc no Strategic Alince with China mean ,China cannot be a Suprt Power ,If China is not a future power Mean America is Remain,,,,,,,,,,,So just Think <<<< Zarddari did 2 think No 1 didint Pay circular debt and 2nd Didint Make any law to fight terror just to help enemy what Nawaz Did he did nothing , he was opposition he shoud stop Zardarri By Inforceing street power but he sit he is worst than Zardari, becuse he dose not have any vision he is one of Big illiterae in pakistans history who just eat Phajje ka PAYA and thats all ,,,,look one powe just energi can finsh pakista (((,Watch Movie Zero Dark thirty)))

    • jaanis

      What Constitution? Enemy of nation use that word.i can Defiend u.
      (1) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto didint he Play with Constitution when he Nationaliz industry ,education,shipping,ext.
      (2) Benazeer Bhutto did she ever organized Municipal election didint she use Commissioners to keep all power
      (3) Nawaz Sharif didint he purchase assembly members ? didint he and Benazir use Police for extra judicial killing in karachi and Balochistan,Asfina Urs so called political leaders, thay all Subvert even Rape Constitution ,
      Musharraf was faar Greater than tham he do have vision to do good for country ,but i know he will never be elect by un visionry un educated un humane peopls of pakistan,i know thay will choose again PPP and PMLN so they come back and rape pakistan again and again ,i know they not even give there vote to Imran Khan ,because they love to see that rape they enjoy it ,i wish if this time they think and refuse & reject that all corrupt politicians, if not Musharraf No problem than IMRAN KHAN iam sure he can make difrace,i just hope for Imran with good heart ,But Musharraf was tested and he did great,

  • asianhustler786

    Artical 62, 63 applies on Zirdari,Gillani,Nawaz,Sharjeel Memon,Parviz ashraf.Faisal raza Abdi,Agha siraj Durrani,Bilawal

    Zirdar– Corruption,bad Governance ,Murder of BB

    Bilawal– Dancing in Club drunk in Uk

    Raja Rental,rental power corruption and murder of NAB officer

    Gillani– loan of billions and expending flood funds in Harrods london

    Sarjeel Memon—Always Drunk -invites female escorts every night

    Faisal raza Abdi—Drunk and funding Sipahe Mohammed Shia terror group and ISO against deobandies

    Nawaz–yellow cab scandal,motorway scandal,sasti roti scam,

    Agha siraj Durrani– pix being drunk beer bottle in hand with Sharmila farooqi.

    so all PPP and PMLN ANP,JUI should be effected with Artical 62-63..

    Nalat on G A Y CJ