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Faisla Awaam Ka (Kya Imran Khan Sadar Zardari se halaf laynay ko taeyar hain?) – 15th March 2013

Watch Imran KLhan Exclusive Interview in Faisla Awaam Ka with Aasma Shirazi – 15th March 2013





  • Syed Owais Ali Zaidy

    Imran Khan is a great individual but it is very wrong of you to link him up as an equal [nauzobillah] with the Grandson of the Holy Prophet [SAWW], Prince of ALL martyrs, Hazrat Imam Hussain [AS], think before you speak you stupid, sick b****!!

  • Haq Nawaz

    Dear All ! Nice to listen to Imran Khan and read your comments. I suggest we must NOT use abusive language for any one. I believe most of people who gave comments are educated and young people. I suggest you one thing " YOU MUST MUST GET OUT ON THE ELECTION DAY AND CASTE YOUR VOTE". Please do not sit in front of your TV to "kit' kit' kit" watch the results and thats all. Get out and be a person who can bring a POSITIVE CHANGE. ONE THING MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez analyse and see who all have been given how many chances and what have they given to the nation —- and in return what have they PUT INTO THIER OWN POCKETS?????? You are best judge. May Allah steer us to the right path. Pakistan Zindah baad. HAQ NAWAZ

  • mian abedullah

    we need raza rabani :Ayaz amir jasse log

  • darKness

    atleast more than half of year Imran is explaining Why he Chose Tsunami Word still Asma doesn't know why he chose this word ;/

  • Truth

    @ S Ahsan What you need is honest and strong will to make change and then change will take place.
    PTI is the only party who have policies ready to tackle corruption, education, energy , environment., industrial
    and health policy and three best ex- foreign ministers of which one be foreign minister. Only hope for this country is PTI under the honest leadership of Imran Khan. Do not lose the last hope for the country. Vote with clear thought for future of Pakistan and your children future.

  • azeem khan

    If you love pakistan you have to vote Imran khan for the biggest change in pakistan it never happend before. what we have before was bullshit.

  • shahadat

    pti is very nice due to few people in it