PTI’s show of power in Peshawar today _ SAMAA TV report


PTI’s show of power in Peshawar today _ SAMAA TV report

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  • Muhammad Waseem

    shabash hai yar un per jo kehty k we love PMLN…

  • patriot

    Imran Khan and PTI is the last hope.Do your your best this time for a new pakistan which will be equal to any developed country where you all can enjoy basic rights.Basic needs, Oppertunity of education for everyone and opportunity to live a respectable life,and vote only pti.

  • Omar Malik

    Mein hon aaj sey or abhi sey TABDEELI RAZAKAAR…..

    SIR IMRAN KHAN ap 10 lakh tabdeeli razakaar ki bat ker rahein hain….. mere khiyal se to 10 crore Nojawan, balkey Pakistan ka har bacha, baraha, boora, Aoratein, Larkiyan, Bachiyan sab tabdeeli Razakaar ban jain ge…. 10 Lakh to door ki baat ….. itne tabdeeli razakaar ban jain ge k SIR IMRAN KHAN ap se samnbhaley nahe jain ge inshallah.!!!.

    or SIR IMRAN KHAN mein apka shukariya ada kerta hon mugh ko asali Jamohriyat ka matlab samghane k liye. Ham sab Pakistan k Nojawaan Goliyon, choron, or election mein dhandli kerney walon k samne dat jain ge,…. per election mein bandookon per vote perney nahe dein ge… or dhandli nahe hone dein ge…. Or ghar ghar jain ge… or tabdeeli ka begham pohnchain ge…. Ameen… Inshallah..

  • Topi

    peshawar walo aap ko MUBARAK HO ,,,,,,kyun k aap ne tareekh bana de hai peshawar main

  • Bundu Khan

    Please can somebody help, how can I vote as I live abroad.

    • Sardar

      Dear friend i have also same problem but pray for PTI and IMRAN KHAN.

      • Bundu Khan

        Yaar, I really want to vote IK to save my beloved country from the Looters. There must be some solutions.

    • Anonymous

      overseas pakistani can now vote through their email….just get in contact with election commission

    • umeed

      ya, i want to know too.

  • Sardar

    Inshallah i will pray for you all because i am so far from pakistan and inshallah in this election PTI will clean msg to all pakistani people that plz support Imran khan.

  • m adeel

    we r with imran
    must vote to

  • brightness

    every one will see tsunami taday

  • shahid


    • Bundu Khan

      InshALLAH your dream will come true. HAQ AAYA BATIL GEYA.

  • muhammad ali

    i am also attending a today jalsa.i love imran khan

    • Bundu Khan

      Good for you and for your children,please take friends as many as you can.

  • khan


    • shakeel

      I hope this will good for pakistan