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  • Raja abrar



    PTI imran khan zindabad. all will see the the change insha.allah

  • sajjad ismail

    pti imran khan zindabad

  • farhan

    jeetay raho sir

  • https://www.facebook.com/safiuldeen.tipu Safiuldeen Tipu

    immran khan is dirty main ,,,also hassan nissar is a grat begehart persons also immran khan a big begeheat,,,what hospital and whatis ma da hell worldcup u can bring in your gand,,,pakistan need econommy and the people of pakistan need seceourity and justisc for our cheild,,,,this khan people r not humman these people r anmmel or more then amimel who kidnapp the children and briging in mountain to breaking ston aganist a half peace of bread,,,,,,

    • jaanis

      Mr Safiuldeen(*) Look at Your self ! the selection of your words pointing at u as Dirty person not just pointing at u but your family too iam sure you don't even have respectfull backgrounds,i Support MQM But i respect Imran as i respect Altaf hussain,and do believe Only Imran can Bring Change in the Country and iam waiting for that and i will help him for that,,,,,,,,,,,,plz select ur words befor deliver, thanks

      • Tahir

        Mr safiuldeen: You are the real loser. Koi achi baat beh batay to beh nahi seekh tey. Just like your Cheif minister always say : HUM NAY NAHI SEEKH NA, HUM NAY NAHI SEEKH NA. Yeh noora tum jaysay loogon ko stone age ki tarif lay ker ja raha hay. Koch to apni aakul istamal karo ya sari zandagi jahi aur jotay chatanay walay kuttay raho gay . What ever you wrote does not make any sense. Open you eyes and look at the reality on the ground. You think these corrupt people in power for the last 25 years are gonna give you any security or any thing else!!! Next time they come in power they will take that shalwar off you.