Imran Khan completely exposed by Hassan Nisar – PTI Supporter or Not – Must Watch.


Imran Khan completely exposed by Hassan Nisar – PTI Supporter or Not – Must Watch.

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  • Raja abrar



    PTI imran khan zindabad. all will see the the change insha.allah

  • sajjad ismail

    pti imran khan zindabad

  • farhan

    jeetay raho sir

  • Safiuldeen Tipu

    immran khan is dirty main ,,,also hassan nissar is a grat begehart persons also immran khan a big begeheat,,,what hospital and whatis ma da hell worldcup u can bring in your gand,,,pakistan need econommy and the people of pakistan need seceourity and justisc for our cheild,,,,this khan people r not humman these people r anmmel or more then amimel who kidnapp the children and briging in mountain to breaking ston aganist a half peace of bread,,,,,,

    • jaanis

      Mr Safiuldeen(*) Look at Your self ! the selection of your words pointing at u as Dirty person not just pointing at u but your family too iam sure you don't even have respectfull backgrounds,i Support MQM But i respect Imran as i respect Altaf hussain,and do believe Only Imran can Bring Change in the Country and iam waiting for that and i will help him for that,,,,,,,,,,,,plz select ur words befor deliver, thanks

      • Tahir

        Mr safiuldeen: You are the real loser. Koi achi baat beh batay to beh nahi seekh tey. Just like your Cheif minister always say : HUM NAY NAHI SEEKH NA, HUM NAY NAHI SEEKH NA. Yeh noora tum jaysay loogon ko stone age ki tarif lay ker ja raha hay. Koch to apni aakul istamal karo ya sari zandagi jahi aur jotay chatanay walay kuttay raho gay . What ever you wrote does not make any sense. Open you eyes and look at the reality on the ground. You think these corrupt people in power for the last 25 years are gonna give you any security or any thing else!!! Next time they come in power they will take that shalwar off you.

  • safiuldeen tipu

    this hassan nissar is really enemmy of pakistan

    • jaanis

      The Person who don't even know how to write(Speii) Enemy. that person dont know what the F–k he is talking about

      • Qamar Kayani

        well said jaanis…ghada kia janay adrakk ka sawaad;)

  • lala

    smart person bring new people from moon

  • lala

    your glasses are funny please change it u look awful
    no matter what u sa about IMRAN KHAN he is pattan so stut up fool asss

  • Wali Marjan Bangash Pti



  • pakistani

    great explanations THANKYOU

  • Aziz

    hassan nasar sahi ke raha hey .IK jo kehta hey kerta hey . Altaf Hussain key pechey perra. usey phani hpo gai. Zardari key pechey perra. serey mahal kaum key kadmoon mein dhehr ho gia.Ab pasha ki support sey chal perra hey aur nawaz sharif phir chaa jaey ga.

  • shahadat

    hassan nisar is one of the intellagent person and he knows that what is good and what is bad which is doing in pakistan

  • mirzaitaly

    aaj beghair piye ku-tta bhonk raha hai
    is jaisse be-ghairat jab tak hein sahafat badnam rahe gi

  • faisal butt

    right mesege for all pakistanies

  • loco

    o mere bhai pakistanio zidd nah koro insaaf koro.pakistan ke sath insaaf koro aur abb imran khan ko aik bar chance dekar to dekhoo aur badmash,jahil aur looteroon se pakistan ki jaan chorao.
    pakistan zindabad
    plz vote for change


    agar IK ko iqtedar chahiye hota tu kabi apni party mei election na karwata aur na akelay election larne ki bat karta wo aik aqal mand politician hai use pata hai k agar alliance karonga tu ally party ki har ghalat bat mani
    ppare gi ……………………….. Aur koi leader hai aisa jo aise aqdam kare apni aqal larao yar

  • Muhammad Nawaz

    Hassan Nisar is gay, on the payrole of Imran Khan, who is pro-jews, Khan only knows to criricise others, spl. nawaz Sharif and Zardari. why not he explain his party mato and menifesto, why he criticise on others, he know nothing about the politic, his sons are studying in Jews missionery school and living alone in a 25 acrs lands area house without any wife and children. He could not controle his wife, how he will run the country?.

    • Haider Jaan

      Shame on you, dirty minded patwari. Go and learn how to chat while among learned people.

    • Farhad Riaz

      in jesae karaye ke tatoon ki hi to dokan chalti hai aaj kaal nawaz sahab app ke bewakoof leader nawaz shreef sahab ne kitnae main khareeda aap ka zameer

    • ganja brother

      dady ki himayat band kar bacha tera dady chor hea

    • Wali Marjan Bangash Pti


  • Rashid Butt

    You BRAINLESS and BRAINDEAD people NEVER be able to understand what Imran Khan has done in the Pakistan's history. You can say whatever you like and you post whatever you like…..BUT HE IS THE LEADER OF PAKISTAN AND FOR PAKISTAN!

  • Mr Lad

    Hasan Nisar has made this anchor speechless !

  • Omar Malik

    This video is old…..

    AB to SIR IMRAN KHAN ki party mein Election ho gaye hain…..

    ab to waqt badal chukka hai….. AB ye ilzaam dhul chukka k us ki party mein ghalat log a gaye

    • abc

      hahahahahah sharm tum ko magar nahi ati.ghor se suno baby

  • Omar Malik

    The Great Great Greatest "SIR IMRAN KHAN"

    The Honest, Truth Speaker, Visionary, Ideological, Idealistic, Idealist, Patriotic, Dreamer, The Great, The Symbol and ICON, The TRUE LEADER, Leads by example, The Master, The Symbol of Change, Pakistan Khan, The Brave, Highly Educated, The Teacher of true meaning of democracy, Highly Intellectual, Highly Intelligent, The Best Organizer, The Best Manager, The Great Speaker, Highly Respectable and Respected, The Famous, People's Man, The Hope, Highly Patient Person, The Soft Spoken, Well mannered, Well Behaved, Civilized, Own Wisdom, The living LEAGEND, Humanity Lover, Devoted for Pakistan, PRO PAKISTANI, The Struggler for change, Hardworker for Pakistan, Making New Pakistan, Founder of TABDEELI RAZAKAR IDEA Chairman of True Democratic Elected Party Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf.

    May Allah be with you SIR Imran Khan and May you Live Long!!! and Keep Loving Pakistan always and we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with you. For me I will name him QUAID-E-AZAM 2nd, and for me he should be awarded PEACE NOBLE PRIZE.

  • hasan

    Lahore Bakery torture case ke baad PML N ki maqbuliat 28% se 41% hogayee thi siraf ek aadmi ki pitayee ki wajah se ab to Badami Bagh main 150 se ziadah ghar jalayai gayai hain PML N ki maqbooliat 141% upper chali gayee hogi

  • M Ajmal

    i igree to give a chance imrannnnnn

  • sameer afghan afridi

    vote for pti love you imran khan lannat ha mqm our gujrati per

  • patriot

    Imran Khan and PTI is the last hope.Do your your best this time for a new pakistan which will be equal to any developed country where you all can enjoy basic rights.Basic needs, Oppertunity of education for everyone and opportunity to live a respectable life,and vote only pti.

  • patriot

    Request to all brave youth of a great nation of pakistan . Make this matter of life and death and only vote PTI. God bless you all

    • imdad

      Very well said patriot…… if we the youth take a stand with sir imran , we can make the history….. and that is the only way left i think to save our country

  • umeed

    imran khan, imran khan and only imran khan
    vote PTI and save Pakistan

  • umeed

    this anchor interrupt so much and i hate this he is sold anchor by pmln and ppp.

  • rao imran

    4 change pakistan support PAK. khan.experienced lootaries never bring change.their activeness s before election compian before near election what they show the public 4and half not put ur ears at their voices all r 2 distray patiotic public towards again the looteras who r many time make the Pakistanis fool 4 their gains.i was never support any party except nawz i have decided not 2 be fool in garz utro mulk sowaro



  • liaqat gondal

    Mr Jaferee…………you are agent of status quo………..PTI ZINDABAD

  • uk resedant

    hassan nissar lanat lukh lanat he tom per
    kitney me bikey ho

  • uk resedant

    imran crupt politission ki B team he
    is leye election islahat per chup he

    nizam badlo

    qadri ney imran ko bhi be nqab ker diya he

  • uk resedant

    Imran election islahat pey kiuon chup ho
    apni parti ke choron ko buchana chahtey ho

    nizam badlo

    haqiqiqi tabdeeli ka sath do

  • uk resedant

    hassan nisar such bolta he lekin imran ki dallali kertey hue hussan nissar bhee bikao anker lagta he

    nizam badlo

    siyasat ney riyasat bachaoo

  • uk resedant

    IMRAN islamabad dherney me benqab ho giya tha
    shokat treen industry looter se kiya tabdeli aey gi

    nizam badlo

    • Asad Khan

      Dafa ho laanti stop spamming

    • Dr Zahid

      Kia tum koi JAHIL log ho, islamabad dharna expose ho chuka, sab ne dikha us Dramay ne Kia Kia, logon KO use ke k apna Maqsad pora ker k bhag Gaya phir b tum Jesse JAHIL keh rahay hain Imran Khan exposé hua, Imran nai wo Molvi expose hua you IDIOT. PTI ZINDABAD, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • uk resedant

    na bikney wala na jhukney wala


  • James Bond

    Jaffery is gay…Jaffrey Nooray say gand marwata hay iss leeay IMRAN KHAN koo her waqt criticize kartay hay.

    Aajj too Jaffery keyy tattti jamm hoo jaaeee gee because of PTI's massive jalsa in KPK.

    Lanat on such munafiqeens!

  • uk resedant

    imran crupt logon ki B team he
    tabdeley ke dherney se dum dba ke bhag giy

    ab tabdeley ka nara sub topidrama he

  • shan_ak27

    Hassan Sahib ko bhoat bura bhala kaha gaya hai jaisai har honest admi kai sath hota hai.

  • arif mahmood

    mr.jaffery hope you have paid good attention to what Mr. nisar has just said about imran khan and stop picking on him you are so much worry about the person who have done nothing wrong to pakistan and its people, you just do not like him and i can see that all over your face expressions when some one say nice about imran khan. you are nothing compare to him just learn to live with it as God made all of us and our destiny some men were born to do great things and some just to sit down on chair like you and pick on them. wait till imran comes to power you would see how wrong you are. so please leave him alone and start picking on them who deserved it such as zardari, altaf and nawaz. so what do you thing my stupid philosopher.

  • geo

    Shariabiiiiiiiiiiii hassan nisarrrrr

  • kamran

    kya aap logo ko pata hy k ye Mr.Hassan Nisar humaray second father of Nation the great great DR.A.Q Khan sb ki kai baar insult ker chuka hy,or ye on ki Devotions or Abilities ko kuch sumajhta hi nahi.
    or tu or ye so called intellectual mr.hassan nisar dr.shahid k program mai Sharab pee ker bhi khasi Bakwas ker chuka hy.
    if u dont believe in me the plz go to (you tube) nd see by ur own self.
    but if u believe then plz stop listening his Bakwas….thnx
    oh han i hav nothing to do with imran nd nawaz bus sirf ye hi DUA hy k humaray Pakistan k liye jo bhi acha hy ALLHA us ki help karay.Ameen


    vote for khan vote for pakistan


    geo hassan sab geo khan

  • Arshad

    well said Mr Hassan Nisar = Great Imran Khan

  • Bundu Khan

    You are great Hassan Nisar, inshALLAH Imran Khan is our next prime minister.

  • Bundu Khan

    Hasan Nisar is saying right, Mr.Anchor you need to grow up and stop taking money from Noora

  • Bundu Khan

    Mr. Anchor when you talk to much, make it brief when you ask question.

  • Kashif Kashif Iqbal

    i am totally agree with hassan nasar

  • sohail uk

    qadi saab zinda baad

  • nasir

    Har insan kee aqal kee e soch kee had hotii hai aur yahee soch uss ko faqeer yaa azeem banaati hai. Kuch log jin ko bheek kee aadat hotii hai unn ko politians istamal kartay hain laptop, benazeer program, sasta aata kay naam par magar iss bahanay sey woh government kay paisay kaa ghalath faaida uthhaatay hain. Jin logon ko aisay hee beghairton kee tarah bheek par rehna hai tau bhalay sey ppp aur nawaz league ko vote dein magar izaatdaar insan kee tarah rehna hai tau unn kee soch hai. Yeh zaroor sochain kay log 50,000 kaa laptop dey kar 5 billion kee property bana letay hain yaa jo benazeer income program dey kar 5 billion kaa ghar banaletay hain aisay logon ko vote deyna khud bhi chor ban naa hai. Baaqi aap kee apni soch hai. Soch badlain gay tau bachon ko acha future dein gay agar bachon ko bhi apni tarah beghairat aur chor banana hai tau kisee nay haath nahee rokka detay rahain ppp ko auar ganjay ko vote par bachon ko acha future deyna hai tau imran khan kaa zaroor sochain aur eik nayya pakstan banayain.

    • Emad F Farooqi

      This anchor ( Jafree ) is one of the STUPID & Biased anchor, l hate him from core of my heart.

  • m adeel

    we r with imran
    must vote to



  • Ghuman

    hasan nisar is realy dirty minded think himself a chohdary ….

    • Wali Marjan Bangash Pti


  • Mughal Mohammad Younas

    good show

  • Shazia

    Proud on u Hasan

  • Shani

    Hassan Nisar has knowledge and ability to say truth no matter who agree or not…..We respect you sir….take care…..Vote for PTI……Vote for Pakistan…..

  • Liaqat

    Very correct analysis of IK life

  • Azam Ali

    hasn nisar have fekre iqbal

  • Ali

    listen guyz everyone know the reality one hand is PMLN and PPP. On the other hand we have imran khan we have the power to decide weather we want a good pakistan. please vote for PTI.

    • amir

      bhi pakistan kee jahil qoom , laptop solar lamp paa bikna wale ais qoom ko aap ke yaa baat qimat tak samaj nahi aya gee

  • shahid

    welldone hassan nisar and welldone imran khan.Khuda ne aaj tak os qom ki halat nahi badli…Na ho kheyal khud jis ho halat bedalny ka…please give only one chance to sir imran khan.apnay ley apny bachon k ley.imran k pas Allah ka dea sab kuch hai.Apny mulk ka socho.

  • Nura

    Hasan nisar is a true and brave man but this ancor is totally idiot

  • Haroon

    We love imran khan , vote for PTI

  • Ahsan Khan Khan

    both are great
    ik and hassan sb

    • ali

      i am agree with hassan ,,,,,,