Chal Parha on Geo news – 8th March 2013


Chal Parha on Geo news – 8th March 2013



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  • tanveer

    lanat ho tum pr Shehzad Roy,Allama Iqbal ki nazmain ga kr mashoor hone wale to pakistaniyoon ki nazroon se kuta dikhta ab,

  • brightness

    very Informative programme

  • fareed

    no sex no babies k bachoo.phir aulad k liye rone ki zarorat nahi beauladin ko kaho har waqt sex kren bache hi bache ho jaen ge .dhrio aulad allah ki den he na koshish se ruke ga skte hen na bina allah ki marzi k laye ja sakte hen
    chaho tu azma lo hukm ho ga tu ho gi nahi tutakren marte rho umer bhar befaiz rho ge

  • zaf

    This program should be shown on every channel of Pakistan and world, that what women's are doing in Pakistan.
    This is very educational program.

  • safiuddin


  • farhan

    Yai hood Bouy her matter main kuoon bolta hai. education per, population per, politics per,… her field ka mama bana phirta hai. main itnay arsay tak is shakhs ko kaafir samajhta raha. kiya faida aisay logon ka jin ko Taleem bhi kuch na sikha saki.

  • Zohaib

    Ager esa he chulta raha tou Aunkareeb Pakistn ka Khuda he Hafiz ha

  • arshad

    Bachay ki paidaish main kisi insan ka koi dakhal nahi hota. Jo roh Allah nay paida ker di hai wo her haal main ussi hamlay, usi ghar main aaye gi. Its all Allah's will and nobody can stop any roh from coming to this world. All contraceptions go in vain when Allah decides to send someone in this world. Trust Allah. Allah decides the gender, rizq, age and many other things about the child even before he/she is born in this world. Learn Islam and try to be a prudent Muslim, rather than ignorant Munafiq

    • Furqan Majeed

      no u r wrong dear….allah gave us mind….we should use that..we can control population ..allah will help us..;)

  • Khuram

    Ah Allaha give 20 children to every family in ENGLAND….. Allaha give at least 10 children to every family in ENGLAND

    • REhman

      MAN if this happen in England than it will be miracle. I think God will not give so much children to each family of UK.. As God not like them. God like Pakistani less educated people .

  • jamshad

    It is insulting to produce so much Children… Children r given us by ALLAHA…

    ALLAHA please dont give more than five children to any family.. Please ALLAHA

    • akhter

      It is not Allha has to decide how many babies one want. It depend on couple simple rule

  • Wali Khan

    My Children are given me BY GOD… WOW all ur sex activity with wife so u blame to God… If u did less sex and use some condemn u will have children. Please ask this uneducated man these babies not gave u by ALLAHA

    And no children mange to get school… Shame on these children producing factories…

    Stop doing so much sex.. Please Women dont produce children

    • arshad

      R u out of ur mind??? Jo roh Allah nay paida ker di hai wo her haal main ussi hamlay dunya main aaye gi. Its all Allah's will and nobody can stop any roh from coming to this world. Lath condoms pehn ker bhi tum kisi bachay ko dunya main aanay say nahi rok saktay. wo usi hamlay usi ghar main paida ho ga jo Allah nay pehlay say decide kiya huwa hai. Learn Islam and try to be a prudent Muslim, rather than ignorant Munafiq

      • qasim

        More Sex more Children. DO less have less children

        • jan

          child producing mills

  • Rafiq Sabir

    He is doing good work . My request to him is to refrain /avoid to shake HANDS WITH INNOCENT AND SIMPLE LADIES OF REMOTE AREAS.BY THIS HE OR SHE MAY face bad results.Also all people love their children so in presence No will tolerate to say bad about his children.what he is telling may be right but there is good ways to convey the message.It is useless now to say him some thing advice.Better now help him with education and other by sending some NGO in that area.

  • danial

    shezad has a very valid point about population and women… Population controll will eventually become one of Pak major issues in the future if not taken into account right now..

  • David

    Shehzad,I must say that Its unique progarm (Chal Parah) and you are doing well to bring change in our lives and people of Pakistan, this is real issue of our country Pakistan after education, your program on education was awesome….

  • I love Pk

    Our country has over whelming talent, pouring out in every field and I am amazed to see the women of my country are so TALENTED!!! where are we going wrong?? some loosers on the top level have made my motherland suffer :( Wake up people of PK, especially youth, and snatch the mother land from ppl who have been raping her for ages!!!

  • Im Pakistan

    Excellent show!!! Keep it up Shahzad :)

  • dad

    Ufff!! what is going on, give them education, man! This country will go down with over population, if not with terrorism.

  • safiuddin

    Mr. shazad roy sab its fine k aorat k leya taleemm zaroori hy LAKIN tum ny aoratt ke mesall wrong dee hy aorrat BANZEER BHOOTOW HINA RANI KAR AND etc. lakin real aorat ke messal yeh hain

    (bebe KHATEZA KUBRA (R.A)…)

    (bebe FATMA (R.A)……)

    (bebe ZANAIB (R.A)….)

    MAIN YEH nahi kahtaa k aorrat ko taleeem nahi hasalll karni sheya balky taleem LAZIM HY lakin …

    QURAN OR SUNNAT KA KANOONN MAT TORROOO agay ke isss mulak par bohat azzabbb hain tum or bay hayi na pahlaowwwwwwwww plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • romeo

      Ghadhe arboon ko choro apni baat karo. Tum log sixth century se kab bahir niklo ge

    • Daudi

      tum log hamesha bas purani batein kar kar he khush hote raha karo

  • Kashif

    Its all Rubbish.. Allah (S.W.T) her shaks k rizk us k payda kernay sa pahlay likh daytay ha.. ya sab kamzour yakeen ki batay ha
    Alllah (S.W.T) k fayslou ko koi badal nahi saqta… Allah (S.W.T) ham sab ko is ki samaj atta farmaye.. Ameen

    • dad

      Allah nay insaan ko "ashraf ul makhlooqat" iss liye nahi banaya k woh janwaron waalay kaam karay….abortion is wrong but not having more children is not wrong by any means…don't bring Islam and Allah in every issue.

      • electronicFriend

        dear, Islam and Allah should be in every issue. Our lives should be according to the principle of islam and commandment of Allah. but unfortunately, we have forgotten this. This the reason we are in the rage of Allah. May Allah guide us back to the footsteps of our Sahabas and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

    • akmal

      shahzad very nice show keep it up….in jaisay soch rahkne walu ki waja say is pakistan ka yahe hal hai..Taliban hai sab ..yahan koi acha kam b karay tu inko bura lagta hai khud in k hatho say ak acha kam b nahi ho sakta..naam k muslims hai is country may…

    • Stewie Griffin

      Answer: During the time of the Prophet, some of his companions tried to reduce the chances of conception and pregnancy, because they did not want any more children. The Prophet was aware of that. Some referred to him while some relied on the fact that no edict was given concerning the question of preventing pregnancy. The general rule is that "everything is permissible unless pronounced otherwise." Thus, we have statements by some of the Prophet's companions such as: "We resorted to contraception at the time when the Qur'an was being revealed", and "We resorted to contraception and the Prophet was aware of that but he did not stop us." These statements are clear in their import. If the Prophet's companions had been doing something unacceptable to Islam, God would have either revealed a prohibition in the Qur'an or the Prophet would have given an order in a Hadith.

      The fact is that the Prophet did not give such an order. Instead, when he learned from one of his companions that he resorted to contraception, the Prophet said clearly that no method of contraception would stop the creation of a child, should God will that the child be born. As such, no method of contraception can stop God's will being fulfilled.

      The method of contraception which was known at that time was coitus interruptus. Modern methods are equally permissible, provided that they are safe and they prevent conception. Sterilization of either the man or the woman is not permissible except when it is made absolutely necessary for medical reasons. Thus, if doctors determine that any pregnancy is likely to present a serious risk to the life of the mother, then sterilization may be approved. But each case must be considered separately on its own merits.

      What I have said so far applies at the individual level only. A national policy of family planning which aims to reduce the population is unacceptable because it is likely to have serious repercussion on the health of the nation as a whole.

    • Stewie Griffin

      Bhai ja kar pehlay research karlo aur dekho ke islam mein contraceptions allowed hain! There are certain kind that's allowed in Islam! Islam is not all about having sex and making world record in having number of kids.

  • Idrees

    Shahzad Roy, Please stop talking about ISLAM.. you do not know any thing about our Muslim leaders.. Please dont poke your nose in school Islamic syllabus … I dont believe SUB SEY PEHLAY PAKISTN

    • Daudi

      tum pagal ho … pagal insaan Islam ka basic hukam hai taleem… aur mujhe aik baat batao, agar tum ko aaj America aur Europe must kar dein ke Christianity parho yahan rehne ke liye tou tum log kaho ge ke ohhhhooo ye tou zulm ho gaya hum par ke humein Muslims ke khilaf tareekh parhai jaa rahi hai, etc.
      Khud pe laagu kar ke dekho chawal jaahil insaan ke tumhe kaisa lagay ga tab, agar entire syllabus mein nafrat ya things against islam hon.

  • Raeese Hassan

    i think and think,why we don,t have leader like Ahmadi nejat or Hogo chevaz who are adored by their public ?
    we are 180 million in Pakistan and can,t have leader like them.ii believe,its establishment who keep bringing these pigs in power or people are illiterate who can not chose the right the time is here for educated people to go out and tell people to chose right person this time otherwise Pakistan is and will go further down in black hole courtesy of zardari daco and noora thug.

    • adrish

      wt i undrstand is people like u who vote for the said people by u ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so plz dnt blam establishment nd jst try to realize wt ur saying.

  • faraz

    nice program.

    join pti shahzad.

    • HAHAHA

      es toufee ko be PTI main shmail karloo pti ka well abrar + shzad

    • alisherdil

      aise begerat ki pti.ko zaroorat nai at all……….