To The Point (Another All Parties Conference) – 28th February 2013

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To The Point (Another All Parties Conference) - 28th February 2013, 7.6 out of 10 based on 30 ratings

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  1. AltafKalia says:

    This Safi is a paid tattoo… he received a pair of ties from tahir al Canadi and regularly receives monies from Karzai when he visits him few times a year

  2. murtaza says:

    جو پاکستانیوں اور پاک فوج پر حملا کرے ان پر اور ان کے دوستوں پر لعنت

  3. we are with PTI IK as why this all idiots and corrupts politician took APC decision in last week of five govt. why they forget peace negotation in last five years and IK is saying for peace from last 8 years.

  4. Tough Pakistani says:

    Bottom line is that Nawaz Shareef can't even wipe his $hit off without asking either his brother or the army. All his energies are spent towards getting more power in Pakistan and then buying property in Middle East or England. If he had any sincerity for Pakistan he would've never joined hands with Zardari. The last 5 years has completely exposed Pakistan's political class. It's up to the people now to choose their right destiny.

    The only answer is PTI.

  5. ABC says:

    Liar and hypocrate politicians…

  6. Muhammad Amin says:


  7. APC says:

    US defence minister Chuck Hagel said in his speech, that india is behind the troubles in Pakistan, she is financing troubles for Pakistan, This site is not allowing his speech link here, go to youtube search enter "Chuck Hagel said india is fianancing problems for Pakistan" and watch

  8. Don says:

    Safee stop picking your Nose!

  9. M Ikram Riaz says:

    All parties comference me sab 420 hian………our ya is kam ky ily dr abdul qadeer sb sy kion rabita ni karty

    • ALI says:

      Mr M Ikram Riaz, all the guys sitting in APC are your representatives, they are reflecting real face of the people of Pakistan, because they are here because people gave them vote, people have chosen them as their representatives so If you call them 420 then you are actually calling 420 to yourself and the rest of 180+million people of Pakistan. IF YOU DONT LIKE THESE FACES, SELECT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES MORE WISELY.

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