Qadiyani Humare Bhai Hain :- Nawaz Sharif

Qadiyani Humare Bhai Hain :- Nawaz Sharif



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Qadiyani Humare Bhai Hain :- Nawaz Sharif, 3.4 out of 10 based on 50 ratings

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  1. Umar says:

    Kuttay ka bacha

  2. shah g says:

    might be it is dubbing or true . but if u say tht they r our brother they r important simply u r out of islam i say

  3. zh siddiqui says:

    hai friends

  4. Malik Awan says:

    ALLAH tujhe aur tere bhaiyoan ko gharaq karey wasle jahanm kare.Ameen

  5. javed says:

    Laant ho tum per allah tjhey or teray bhaiyon ko gharat karay

  6. asim says:

    laanat ho esa byan denay walon par

  7. Laanat ho tujh par bhi aor tere bhaion par

  8. hassan says:

    muslim ho ya ghar muslim uski jan ki hafazat karna humara farz hay … he is right

    • jan ki hifazat karna thekh hai.magar in k aqedy ki nai.or yeh hamary bhai ho he nai skty

      • q bhai insaaniyat ka theka kia sirf Imran khan ne lia hua hai ? khan sb khud kehty hain humanity humanity humanity….

        imran khan insaf ki bat kare tu jaiz ? nawaz sharif qadyanio ko insaniat ki rooh se bhai kehay tu ghalat ?

        imran khan insaniyat k nam pe AQEEDA E KHATAM E NABUWAT ka khayal rakhay beghair ye keh dy k mein Namoos e Risalat ka qanoon katam kar k qadyanio ko unka haq dilaon ga tu wo jaiz ??

        remember , jahan baat purely mazhab ki ajaye gi, wahan conflict ajaye ga insaniat k concept k sath …

  9. Haroon says:

    he said ka ahmedi pakistani ha usi tarahan jaisay chirstan han hindu han so in that context ….. he is right …. he doesn't say ka woh hamray real bahi han …


  11. AamPakistani says:

    Ye khudi ho ga bhai qaddyaniyon ka hum tu dushman hain qaddyaiyon k.

  12. shan_ak27 says:

    Begarat will always be a begarat!
    Its not about Qadiani's we respect them and their belief laikin yah ganja Musharaf ko bhi bap bna leta hai, zardari ko bhe aur Zia ul haq ko bhi just for false power and haram money

    • Siraj says:

      no we dont respect them and their belief, we cannot respect some one's belief in false prophets and some one who misguides and leads people astray in the path of deen

  13. Hamza says:

    where is Nahid Akhtar now days,can anyone tell me please Lol

  14. Hamza says:

    besharam ganjay

  15. Hamza says:

    Aik karela woh bi neem chara Lol

  16. Hamza says:

    Vote lenay k liye yeh yahoodi ko bhi apna baap bana lay,hang on actually kim barker wala interview shayad yaad nahi yeh to british journailst of line maar raha tha,us nay kaha mota,ganja shaadi huda uncle us ko phone gift karna chata tha,what a loser.

  17. raja says:

    only thing which i can think off that if the same statement would have came from imran khan. there would be lot of yes and geo imran comments here. even if he said that Muslim girls have tryin khan niazi type kidz still there would be lot of likes.
    when you live in a country you have to love everyone as your brother even if he is a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or even qadiyani. in our national flag we have white part reflecting the non Muslims community.
    fuk imran and his followers

    • Siraj says:

      not taking any political sides here but i don’t believe in nationalism and especially sacrificing my religion in the name of nationalism. You don’t have to love them or respect their belief or empathize with them to appease international community or western religious freedom paradigm. It is your duty to tell everyone that they are liars who misguide and cheat and lead people astray in religion. They are believers of a false prophet who was bribed by the British to create this mess. If you cannot take a side here and want to include them in your Muslim community as “brothers” then you are nothing but a traitor to Islam (period)

  18. imran khan says:

    ALLAHTAILLAH ka farman hai kafir kabhi musalmanoon ka doost nay….bachary ko pata nay hoo gaa ..bholy may moo say nikal gaya

  19. ali says:

    As Human Beings We All Brothers .

  20. paklover says:

    Kia aaj tak Nawaz Sharif ne kabhi koi aqal wali baat ki hai? Iski koi eik hi statement bataa do Kashmir, Guwader, Baluchistan ya Terrorism par.

  21. Adnan says:

    Nawaz and his Brother Shehbaz both are recomended to get ATM treatment. Now what is a A-T-M treatment, type it in Google with the word Se*

  22. tgr says:

    Tabb he apni baaji asma ko care taker pm banwa raha thha.

  23. muhammad adil says:

    kafir k bachy qyyydni kis k bahi ha wo kafir han

  24. maria says:

    whts the reason for uploading this video whos that what if he say this.this is the only thing he did right ever.every pakistani is a same.

  25. Dr Rehman says:

    Nawaz Sharif is a good person, if he avoid from devil mulan/molwi. He is most loyal for Pakistan.

  26. i hate Nawaz says:


  27. I was before a supporter of PMLN but now after intraparty election conducted in PTI i am going to support PTI any how we need PTI IK and his team for new pakistan. all others are just professonal politician and they are interedted in doing corrupton and destroying pakistan. Nawaz also did same in laptop, metro bus and solar lapmp schem and wasted a lot of tex payer mney. IK ZINDABAD PAKISTAN ZINDABAD


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