PTI Peshawar Jalsa Promo-10th March 2013


PTI Peshawar Jalsa Promo-10th March 2013


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  • Niazi

    INSH ALLAH this jalsa will be the bigest jalsa of KPK history Imran khan v all are with u………..

  • butt spain

    j oooy imran khan

  • king tukker

    We all love you Imran khan.You certainly are pakistan with the blessing of God.<3<3<3

  • Liaqat Yousufzai

    I hope every body in KPK will welcome him at Peshawar

  • insaan

    gio Imran.

  • ilyas

    lu ik

  • Muhammad Nazir

    INSHA ALLAH Tsunami will come in general election for clean sweep in KP, PUNJAB AND BALOCHISTAN. MAJOR POSITION IN KARACHI AND SOME SEATS IN SINDH