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Aapas ki baat on Geo news – Return of Governor Sindh – 27th February 2013

Aapas ki baat on Geo news – Return of Governor Sindh – 27th February 2013




  • Khalid Gill

    We want religious freedom, equality in humanity, repealment of all blasphemy laws, justice for christians of Joseph Colony, Noor Road,Badami Bagh, Lahore. Religious Freedom Fighter KHALID GILL, Chief Coordinator, Human Rights Associations Alliance(GHRAA).

  • Reas Ekberg.

    Najam Sethi poses to be an intellectual. He very artfully hide his prejudices against Sind, PPP and MQM. Sometimes his venom against PPP, Sind and MQM is exposed. Most unfortunate is a nation whose intellectuals who are otherwise last ray of hope, are corrupt.

    Mr. Sethi is a pet of Nawaz Sharif and a firm believer of Pnjab nationalism.

  • Lun

    Sethi sahab, aap ki aik Churya yahan USA me study kar rahi he kis us ka number mill sakta he :):):*

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003065846317 Asghar Ali

      You seem to be a dirty SOB

  • israr

    great analysis…

  • babar ali

    nice very good

  • molvi toka




  • bin yaseen

    MQM kai barai may aap jo baat kartay hoo woo mazloom daarpook khoofzada karachi waloo ki baat hotee hai jo karachi rehker kisee jaga beeth kar yeh baat kar bhi nahi saktay .is lea aap ka program mujhay or dostoo ko bohat pasand hai ALLAH AP DONO KO IS KA AJAR DAYGA [AMEEN]

    • Riaz

      He is prejudiced and narrow minded person. I am sorry to say that.

  • hasan

    Wake up Pakistan
    Vote for Imran Khan

    Open your eye
    Vote For PTI

  • Shaukat

    اسبلی میں بیٹھے کئی جاہل لوگ ہیں اس لۓ وہ رنگ میں بھنگ ڈال رھے ہیں اور کئ اصلی ڈگری والے ان کو بچانے آ چکے ہیں ڈگریوں کی تصدیق کے لۓ ڈ/ عطاالرحمان نے درست کہا ایچ ای سی اپنا دستہ تشکیل دے اور خود ہر یونیورسٹی کے لۓ لسٹ لے جا کر ایک ایک دن لگا کر تصدیق کرلے ۔ یونیورسٹی سمیت تمام ادارے کمیشن کے ساتھ معاونت کے پابند ہیں

  • uk resident

    adlia biki ho to kab insaaf milta hay

  • kashif

    we can see that previouslly our army interfare in politics and thay make win election there favorate people like Nawaz Sharif in nineties and now again media and our judcial support try to make Nawaz sharif become prime minister this very clease pakistan awam can see clearllty

  • kashif Jilany

    Mr. Sethi Good Morning, Hope you doping well , , I belong to Karachi presentally working in bahrain since 10 years I need to ask you some important Issue and i hope you will give me the nutral answer because i am waching you programme since long time and i have some observation about your programme. Like I feel that both of you support PMLN, i can see you body language and way of talking when you talk about PML N specillay Mr. Muneeb which is totally unfare, Ok if you suport some party than you shuld not show on air and don't do d value one party and gives so much values yo you favorate party ,

    • kashif

      Dear Mr. Sethi could you please comments about news that India Interfare in pakistan through afghanistan which is true so what you saying about that and what kind of measere pakistan govt. and all politiction shuld takes action because in india if little thing happend all the polititions stand togather and blaming pakistan stronglly, and specially there media always make big issue so why our media not making strong campain and shold condem stronglly by the pakistan govt. and all the politition please try to save pakistan because we know pakistan has big enemy on his nabour like india and afghanistan

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003065846317 Asghar Ali

      Kashif sahib, you seem to be a PML N basher. I am also not a fan of Nawaz Sharif. But let me say that Najam Sethi is not a man of these politicians. He is one independent and saner voice in this corrupt groups of Mafias. We need to listen to him while keeping our goggles of various biases aside and try to understand what he says. I have yet to see any of his analysis as biased. We must encourage such persons.
      Sethi Sahib, you are doing a wonderful job and I am with you.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000155932647 Muhammad Nazir

    I was before a supporter of PMLN but now after intraparty election conducted in PTI i am going to support PTI any how we need PTI IK and his team for new pakistan. all others are just professonal politician and they are interedted in doing corrupton and destroying pakistan. Nawaz also did same in laptop, metro bus and solar lapmp schem and wasted a lot of tex payer mney. IK ZINDABAD PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

    • aizaz

      welcome sir