Meri Kahani Meri Zabani (Crime Show) on Samaa News – 25th February 2013

Watch Latest Online Meri Kahani Meri Zabani (Crime Show) on Samaa News – 25th February 2013



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Meri Kahani Meri Zabani (Crime Show) on Samaa News - 25th February 2013, 7.9 out of 10 based on 141 ratings

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  1. aliya hussain says:

    very good story

  2. Ejaz says:

    So impressed by the girl in general and by the makers of this drama in particular. Great job Samaa tv. Our society desperately needs such constructive episodes to caring change in society. Hats off for this episode. :)

  3. nazia says:

    today is nice story

  4. majid says:

    achi khani hy aur 1 acha mesg b

  5. Allaha Aokbhar says:

    Education standard are so poor in Pakistan..….
    Ali said that English was used as a preserve of the wealthy and elite. He cited the example of Malaysia, which has made the English language compulsory for all, so that people can access books and go abroad to obtain a higher education. He stressed that English needs to be made compulsory in Pakistan too.
    Mr Tariq is greatest living Pakistani British in world.
    I am totally agree we should make English the compulsory for all pakistani as most of the world knowledge are producing only in ENglish. It take at least 15 years to get translated copy in China to Chines language. Although China has big translation industry. So imagine if we dont know english, than how long it will take to get world latest knowledge at our study desks. May be 50 years. One must keep in mind there is million of millions books in world and translation is complete science.Not every body can translate if he/she know English and Pakistani language unless he/she is that subject specialist.
    I am always listen this video of Mr Tariq ali ,

  6. Fantasy says:

    It's just fantasy……Reality is bitter. 1 out of 100 might act like this, but normaly doesn't happen. This is a pure Woman's digest story

  7. J.K says:

    Very unusual mostly we watch hear read crime crime crime but something we watched today is hope and could be better if i say that's what we need today which is a basic pillar of Islam

  8. falaana-timkana says:

    shaadi , shaadi shaadi……..
    Allah ham sab ko achi aor pursakoon zindagi sy nawaazy…aor ham sy insaan hony tak ka koee tameeri kaam ho saky…
    Shadikarna thek bi hai aor galat bi……..
    dalaael moj0od ….
    fi amaan Allah …..

  9. peerazaz says:

    One of the best story

  10. muhammad imran says:

    really it is a good lesson for girls that how to deal the house matter and most important how give the respect house member and how to take respect……

  11. Raj says:

    it is a good lesson to respect elders and then get their love

  12. raheelbashir says:

    very very nice.

  13. adrees says:

    an positive story ,which we need .

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