Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – Rangers in Karachi – 22nd February 2013


Aaj kamran khan ke saath on Geo news – Rangers in Karachi – 22nd February 2013




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  • Umeed

    Why media doesn't talk about bilawal house in Lahore.it is just not a house it is a fort or palace. Nobody raise any question that from where did he get the money and how much tax did he pay.
    Not any political party especially PMLN say any thing but it is only IK (PTI) who raised question about it.

  • AMIRtqbal

    programe shoroh hota ha to sirf sher ka nissan dikaya jatta hay iss liay iss programe ka nam hona chayey kamran khan sher ke sath

  • AMIRtqbal

    kamran khan sher kay sath

  • ABC

    geo walay dr qadri kay messeg ko dabanay ki koshash kar raha hay. geo walo is inqalab ko rok na sako gay.

  • Sam Rizvi

    Karman Khan why he is shouting take it easy man….get you blood pressure check…its no good for him..

  • Mahboob Sultan

    How come non professionals become ministers of different departments?. There must be technocrats professionals should be elected by parliament base upon their expertise and achievements to bring this country out of crises.

  • kingfalcon

    Shukar hai koi achi news bhi di. Aisi he achi achi news detay raho Kamran Khan. GOOD JOB.

  • sean

    sad story poor lady lost whole family .killer must be hang to death .

  • Aamir (barcelona)

    Sab pakistani Politician Gando hain…..

    Nawaz sharif Zardari Imran khan Cheif Justice…

    • gujjar

      teri ma ko gada shat lagya Cj tera baap kahan se politcian bhosree ke

  • rafiq


  • New Karachi Phir Aya

    When Rangers is gonna conduct the similar operations against the MQM and its criminals ???????

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.supreem John Supreem

    Looks like we are not bothered about what is good for us… and what we shouldn't do. Our criteria for any action are

    The Cake ( Most Important)

    Will our act piss off India ….

    Cherry on the cake ( Would be great is we achieve this )

    Will our act piss off India & America

    Chocolate on top of the cherry .. on the cake

    Can we extract aid (money) .. while pissing off… India & America

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.supreem John Supreem

    In my opinion Pakistan should never have taken this case to the International Court of Arbitration (ICA), because there was, in my view, no chance that they would win the case. Another Pakistani loss after Baglihar would have several consequences, all negative for Pakistan. First, they would have wasted a lot of resources paying for high-priced lawyers. Second, they could be spending their scarce human resources on more productive areas, like improving the management of water in Pakistan. And third, as the press headlines in both India and Pakistan trumpet “India wins, again,” this would reinforce the Indian claim that “victories” over both Baglihar and Kishenganga showed that India was playing by the rules while Pakistan just wanted to harass India on these projects.


    John Briscoe who served as Senior Water Adviser for the World Bank

  • New Karachi Phir Aya

    His Website boasts that Taher Ul Qadri has written 1000 books in Arabic, Urdu and English. This figure looks a huge exaggeration because around 160 books are listed on his website.  Even for the listed 160 books, we fail to understand, how come he has written these books in Arabic when he is unable to express himself in Arabic and has so poor vocabulary. Then the question arises, who wrote all these books, particularly Arabic books?  May be he has hired some people in his Minhaj office in Lahore or elsewhere who write  books in Arabic and other languages which are published in his name.His Website says that he earned MA in Islamic studies from the University of Punjab in 1972 and completed LLB in 1974.  Then he began working as Lawyer in the district of Jhang, till 1978. This shows that he was in Jhang district all these years, from his birth till 1978 (till the age of 27 years).  In 1978, he got a job as Lecturer at Punjab University, Lahore which made him to move to Lahore.   His website claims that he "gained" PhD in Islamic Law".  But no details have been provided about this PhD degree on his Website as to where, when and how he got this degree. However, there are unconfirmed reports on Internet about his PhD degree, which state as follows:  QUOTE – Taher Ul Qadri is among three four person who have fake PhD degrees as described by courts in (Pakistan) – others are Liaqat of MQM, Babar Awan of PPP and  Ghazanfar Mahdi of Ministry of Information, to whom Hakim Ali Zardari helped in award of PhD degree from Jamshoro while his fraud research was in Saraiki language.


    vote for MQM next Prime minister will be Mustafa kamal INSHALLAH

    • Mahboob Sultan

      MQM has been in power for last 10 years. What did MQD they do for this country for Sind for Karachi. MQM want to creates news out of no news. They terrorized public and media channels , news papers to publish their news. Business are moving out Karachi due to bhatta. Is this not true?

    • akal tumko nahiaati

      kun kia pakistan ki abadi kum karni hai kia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ya tum ko karachi mqm ke ilawa kuch pata hi nahi hai

  • kamran khan

    NEW world's largest building in KSA!!!! and good universities benefits for uk
    Should maybe spend their money on social reform instead of my tower is bigger than your tower

    This is the benefits of education as The British company that built the Shard has landed a contract to manage the construction of what will become the world's largest building – and plans reveal the two look remarkably similar. In Pakistan if we have good universities we can get this contract and eran lot of money with thousand of Jobs for Pakistani graduates and `Engineers, Oh but now also Pakistani will get jobs in this project as worker kind of DONKEY use to takes soil and BRICKS from one place to other or max like truck drivers.. Shame of Pakistani education system ,,, Britian has world best universities and they are selling there Engineers…
    The plans have been designed by American firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

    More countless Arab billions squandered on gaudy bling. Can these people not invest in something worthwhile. Medicine, new energy sources, environment, technology that benefits people. Who on earth are they trying to impress with these pointless buildings in the desert ?Wouldn't their money be better spent on greening a bit of the dessert?. Look at the Israeli example – they grow all sorts of things in the dessert.
    The development, unveiled by billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, is part of a £13billion redevelopment of the Kingdom City, north of Jeddah.

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    • Allha Akobhar

      we have to go uk for studies



  • HAJI G