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Prime Time (Syed Munawar Hassan Exclusive) Part 1- 20th February 2013

Syed Munawar Hassan Joins Rana Mubasher in Prime Time – 20th February 2013




Second Part will be Aired on 21st February 2013

  • ABC

    Founder of Thunder SQUAD. Munafiqoon ka tola.

  • razeddin

    Very nice interview.

    Please don't go after pointless debates. & compare with open eyes and mind.

    Haan policy ghalat sabit ho saktee hai kabhi. lekin koi moral ya legal koi scandal nai bana.

    –na corruption / chori / ghaban ka ilzam
    –na beroon-e-mulk nationality ka ilzam

    They are pure ideoligical / nazariatti Pakistanis

  • ROZINA from france

    they are terorist killers of shia noun league and molvi halva fazlou

  • zarasoicho


  • Ghufran Tayyab

    Tabdeeli k 3 nishan ALLAH, MUHAMMAD or QURAAN

  • muslim

    pakistan ko aisy he leader ki zrorat hai jo sirf islam ka nizaam chahta hai

  • maria

    ye sare mulla inki pakistan ko koi zarooret nhi these moron produce just terrorist n killers.i wish someone kick them out from pakistan.jahil un educated morons destroy pakistan

    • Great Game

      who are hiring these terrorists against Pakistan? Our politicians, these terrorists, saudis and arabian puppets kings all they are part of the Great Game

  • Failed Democracy

    Who is responsible to provide safety and security to the people of that country?? Government right, because people have given them vote for it. When government is incapable to do it's job, then why it's still sitting on power seats??

  • Naeem Khalid

    Syed Munawar Hassan is a truly great leader. Syed Shib's talent and genius as a leader and a true Muslim is recognized across both the Muslim world and the non-muslim world.

    Syed Sahib has an immense ability to effortlessly communicate extremely complex issues which makes him an indispensable asset especially in terms of negotiating on conflicting priorities nationally and internationally.

    Jamat-e-Islami needs to get together with PML-N and form a formidable alliance and a coalition in the forthcoming elections and the next Parliament. Long live Syed Sahib and Jamat-e-Islami.

    • Ahsan Jameel

      U r right bro….a syed CANNOT join hands with a secular party like pti… and i would advice JI to not make any alliances with Imran Khan only due to IK's very dubious and playboy past..!!!

  • anwar

    VOTE FOR JI =============== JI ========= JI ========= JI ========= JI ======== JI
    kun kay leadership choor nahi our khari ha party ke age bhi pakistan ke age kay barabar ha

  • GHUL

    Qareeb aa gia dunday wali sarkar ka din jo sarahdoun ko seal kar kay 6 mah bahar k mulkone sai raabta mahdoud karay gi aur us ka hukum kum aur dunda zyada chalay ga.6 mah k undar sub safae ho gae gi aur mulk darust semsut chal paday ga.