Muslims do not succumb to the challenges – Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Posted on February 20, 2013 User Submitted

our countries enemies are always inventing new formulas to steal our countries valuable natural resources, they have nothing to do with any religion matters, the sectorial war is only being started so an anarchy is caused and then it is being pushed towards civil war in Pakistan . The enemy just wants pakistan’s natural resources which it cannot take so the enemy is now promoting suicide attacks and giving it financial back up. their plans and conspiracies are to destroy Pakistan to such an extent when nothing can function properly and they are trying to make Pakistan in such a state where WE ask them for help, it is the same people who created a reason that Iraq contains mass destruction weapons
these wars have nothing to do with muslim or non muslim country, it is just to forcibly get the resources out of the country.
Pakistan is an atomic country and the army is already strong, so it is not easy for any enemies to attack and take the our valuable natural resources.
if any one ever thinks to steal Pakistan’s natural resources, then there is no doubt that the third world war will start. so now the enemies are using different techniques to paralyse Pakistan and then they can reach the natural resources. they are using their full effort to reach their goal of stealing Pakistan’s natural resources.
This is now every Pakistanis responsibility to save their cities and stay very alert and not ignore this. we need to fully understand that this is a war within the country which is now currently active and we need to think to save the country and co-ordinate everyone and we must support our Pak army and security agencies. with our support they will gain confidence. we need to stand united together for the sake of our countries survival. the time is here that we need to prove to the world that we are one nation.

Enemies are using different techniques to paralyse Pakistan and then they can reach the natural resources.

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