Imran Khan’s message for 23rd March: PTI Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan

Imran Khan on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Tsunami Jalsa in Lahore, Minar-e-Pakistan on 23rd March 2013.



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Imran Khan's message for 23rd March: PTI Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, 9.0 out of 10 based on 56 ratings

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  1. LANATHOPPP says:

    Great Imran Khan and Great Leader and Great Human being, please vote for him if you want to save? pakistan. Only leader of Pakistan who truely deserves to win the election. He wants to work for Pakistan and not for? his foreign based family and friends and supporters.

  2. SAFE PAKISTAN says:

    People of motherland pakistan , please this is a time for change to chang our motherland .give your hands and vote to PTI and imran khan ,you can trust that man to make your motherland in safe hands,please give your hand in safe hands……………………………………SAFE PAKISTAN SAFE PAKISTAN SAFE PAKISTAN

  3. MOHIB _E_ WATTAN says:


  4. GUEST says:

    Great Vision Great Leader.IMRAN KHAN

    • sohail uk says:

      great vison but you need generations to achieve the revolution in this corrupt system. If PTI takes 10 seats even though there are alot of supporters with PTI but when it comees to elections i dont see hope. same election commisson same adlia same officials setup for election. even PMLN has even created thier future cabinet all is planned how will it happen. If you know all this setup and expect to win election i am shocked. IF you have submitted complaints to EC in november and they haven't responded does this not tell the story please bholay pan say nikal aoo. Samraj kay haath say sab chenna it asan nahin. Yeh wMy sinceree advise to PTI is to have planning after elections this is just an act plan for post election strategy. best of luck

  5. PTI says:

    InshAllah .. on 23 March there will be a huge gathering … PTI zinda badddddd …<3

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