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Geo news 9pm bulletin – 16th February 2013

Geo news 9pm bulletin – 16th February 2013

  • pakistanimuslim

    laanit hoo zulim kernay waloon per … laanit hoo un ka saath dainay waloon per …. laanit hoo un per jinoo nay zulim k baray main suna our uc per raazi rahay…

  • salman baloch

    this media is not showing news about imran khan

  • pakistanimuslim

    zulim ….band keyia jaay kowi shia hoo ya sunni sub ko pakistan main rehana ka haq hai….

    please support hazara brothers…. we dont want another Bangladesh ….

    love Pakistan support Peace and VOTE FOR PTI

  • Yasir

    jeo bakwas chaneel hay is leya log ab is kum hi dakhtey hain

  • Thinker

    MQM are hypocrite tomorrow they will be again with PPP. MQM is not committed party. They are also screwed well by PPP. This is Politics.

  • Thinker

    PPP is playing with Qadri using him as hunterwala so that all the parties should behave or else another Long March.

  • sveetsilly

    munafeeq tareen people of pakistan mqm and maolana dizzel you have enjoyed 5 years governament and then you say you are separated from governament what a fuuny shame on you

  • Ahmad

    If u wana get marriage in UK or USA please get registered… they need lot boys… Boys are in short supply,,


  • khan_ezzy

    wat the hell jeo news????????????? no coverage for imran khan jalsa

    lifafa news jeo news

    • Ahmad

      Mir SHakeel ur Rehaman is most corrupt TV honor of Pak!!!

  • dgkhan

    taliban……zaliman…….kharizi……sur k aulad…..yahoode agent…..