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Kharra Sach (Punjab Health Dept. Exposed!) – 14th February 2013

Kharra Sach (Punjab Health Dept. Facilities Exposed!) – 14th February 2013




  • Zain

    Great work Mr Mubasher Luqman

  • Shahrukh

    http://dunyanews.tv/index.php/ur/Pakistan/159961 Doctors meet Shahbaz and ends strike. LPC PTI and Mubasshar Luqman xD



  • A azam

    Come on guy's grow up and face the realty, if people hate n league than how did they win in recent by elections although ppp and q league had adopted a joint candidate strategy, and in an other consituency pti backed candidate lost as well. I k did not have guts to openly support his candidates.

  • Umer Farooq


    Every one nows that you are paid for this program,
    If you can show us one singal hospital bater then this hospital in all over the pakistan,
    please show us on your next program,
    We will appriciate you,

  • http://www.pakfocus.com.com waqas

    One can name a list of economic threats imposed today only because of PPP’s flawed policies starting from energy sector destruction, inflation, foreign reserve liquefaction, lack of investor’s trust, ever increasing domestic and foreign loans, devaluing currency terrorism and many more.
    Read more details here http://www.pakfocus.com/thrashing-pakistans-econo

  • saen baba

    nawazoooooooooooooo,,shabazoooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,,tumhaari,,,,gaaaaaand main bazoooooooooooo


      JO tumhara baap tumhari maa ko kehta hai wohi aa k bahir boltay ho……….

  • Nazir

    we hate this nakam ala and his brother , they destroy punjab and pakistan due to their corrupton and ineligibilty. next time i will vote for PTI IK he is better than pmln and one chance should be given to him.

  • raheelbashir

    mubashir great job plz carry on

  • raheelbashir

    PMLN murdabad!

  • The Of LOVE

    mubashr pehlay bhi zalil hua or abi bhi zalil ho raha ha…………….. Kuthay ka Bachia

  • alifbypy

    tehrek insaf k Hero…1.mubashar luqman(chamcha malik riaz)…2. hassan nissar(bhangi)….3.qadri(100% sach waly)……4. shaikh rasheed(sheda talli)……hahahaha..wah kya team hy

    • anjum

      qasoori aur tareen aur lagari aur niazi bank defaulter koo tuu app nai mentioned hee nai kia bro

  • goraya

    mubashr pehlay bhi zalil hua or abi bhi zalil ho raha ha, ess turha aap logon kay dil ma jaga nai kr saktay, lucman is not a sahafi not at all.

    • fantoosh

      tum logon ko sharam ani chahye such dekh kar bhi ankhen nahi khulti tum logon mein aur abu jehel mein koi farq nahi nawaz shareef aur shareef ke pujaryo tumhe is comments ka qayamat mein jawab dena ho ga ghreeb be hal mareezon ko dekh kar tars nahi ata lakin apne khuda ko bachana tum logon ki halat kabhi nahi badal sakti

      • anjum

        mubashir koo bolo naa karachi mai jaa kar dharnaa dai aur APP ISF walay bii jahan par 20 people a day maray jaa rai han …………punjab govt kii tuu sari dunia tareef kar rai hai….world bank transprency internationl, IRI, app logo koo punjab hee nazar aata hai jawoo naa udar karachi aur queta aur peshwar mai logo ki madad karoo jidar people are murdring like animal

    • anjum

      imran wil bring change with sheeda tali , half of PTI is from PMLn PPP and PMLq infact your president is from PMLn when they are in there own parties they are status quo when they come to PTI they are OK…..what a hypocrate

  • goraya

    lucman nay doctuers ki jadojehd pay pani phair diaa, now YDA has lost this go home docs


    kutte hn ganje