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  • M Tariq Bashir

    This is now Clear to Nation what's going on here and how truth is being hidden …….. So We have to raise.

  • msmq

    Qadri will get success and Pakistan will come on straight path very soon under the leadership of Qadri;

  • Sahsan

    Those who may be wondering what Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri achieved from Long March and the agreement with the Government in its current status. It is to be clarified that first of all he never intended or said that he would bring revolution overnight or in few weeks and revolutions don’t occur in few weeks. It’s a continuous struggle. Also just the agreement was not meant to bring revolution, that was just the beginning of positive change. The main purpose of all current struggle had been to bring awareness in general public and to initiate a process of positive change. Here are few things what Dr. Qadri achieved from current struggle:

    – People are now aware about articles 62, 63 of the constitution, very few knew about it before. Now people know what to expect in the candidates and would demand election commission to scrutinize candidates properly.
    – People are now aware that constitution itself requires a Government to provide basic necessities to the public and it’s not a favor by any political party but it’s their duty
    – People are now aware that election commission was not formed per constitution and consists of members who are biased. Other honest politicians also started talking about it.
    – Govt. agreed to implement Section 77 to 82 of the Representation of Peoples’ Act 1976 and other relevant provisions relating to conducting free, fair, just and honest elections guarded against all corrupt practices. No one in public was aware of it before.
    – Govt. agreed to implement Supreme Court Judgment of June 8, 2012 on constitutional petition of 2011 in Toto and in true letter and spirit. Before this no one was even aware of this.
    – Scrutiny period has been increased to 14 days. This is again the beginning of a big change. Now at-least Government agreed to make this law, if Dr. Qadri had not shown flexibility, Government may have totally ignored it by not making it a law.
    – Four day peaceful protest by thousands of people demonstrated the World that people of Pakistan are very organized and peaceful.
    – People learnt how to do a successful peaceful protest, prior to this there was no concept of such huge peaceful, yet successful protest in Pakistan.
    – Huge gathering on 23 Dec and then peaceful long march demonstrated to everyone in Pakistan that people want change and they can come out on streets to demand it.
    – Four day consistent sit-in and patience of thousands of people was highlighted by international media and sent a strong message to the World. With this politicians also know now that such protests could occur again too if they did not perform their duty well.
    – People now aware that certain big changes need to occur at our highest courts as well, previously people had thought some of them as heroes.

    This news shows one of the positive results of the long march: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-13-20949-EC

    There are other such achievements too and overall impact of all these will be huge in the long run insha Allah.

  • ansar

    Dr. Qadri is a visionary leader. He proposed a way to break the status-co. While other parties who have a similar objectives have a different methodology. Trust me they cannot achieve their objective with corrupt political system of this country. where fake degree holders, tax evaders, looters can so easily become the member of parliament. I am deeply impressed by the revolutionary ideas of Dr. Qadri. May God bless him and succeed him in his plans.
    Corruption is spreading in this country. All the Govt. is running through taxation on essential items like C.N.G mobile cards etc. Elite class is composed of tax evaders. Where this country is heading? May god keep all of us safe from rumors, self made conspiracy theories, suspicions, confusions etc. We must not stand for individuals or parties but for manifestos. I didn't find anything wrong with the manifesto demonstrated by Dr. Qadri. It ensures a parliament composed of corruption free personalities? Why not to support this idea? Who can call it a conspiracy? only the corrupt mafia and its beneficiaries. Trust me

  • Samajhna_Mushkil راگ ملہار

    قادری مداری کو تو بہت پہلے ہی لاھور ھائی کورٹ ایک فراڈیا اور شہرت کا بھوکا قرار دے چکی ھے، جب اس نے اپنے گھر کی دیواروں پر بکرے کا خون لگا کر جھوٹا مقدمہ کیا تھا۔ اب خوب ڈگڈگی بجا کر جب یہ سپریم کورٹ میں آیا ھے تو اس سے اور کیا سلوک کیا جاتا۔ مثل مشہور ھے کہ یہ نہ دیکھو کیا کہہ رہا ھے بلکہ یہ دیکھو کون کہہ رھا ھے۔ یہ مداری شخص جو خود کو بصد اصرار شیخ اللسلام کہتا اور کہلواتا ھے، ایک مشرک اور بد عقیدہ انسان ھے، جس نے ناروے میں گستاخ رسول کے ساتھ فوٹو بنوائی تھی اور فتوی دیا تھا کہ گستاخ رسول کی سزا غیر مسلم کے لئے نہیں ھے۔ یہ جھوٹا بےغیرت ذہنی مریض طاہرلقادری شکر کرے کہ اس کو جیل نہیں ڈالا گیا جہاں اس کیصبح شام بنڈ مار کر اس کی شیخ الاسلامیت تار تار کر دی جاتی، اب جو اس کی پھٹی ھے تو اگر اس میں شرم ھے تو کہیں ڈوب مرے۔ میری چیف جسٹس سے استدعا ھے کہ اس مکار کو فی الفور ملک بدر کیا جائے بلکہ اس کی خوب ماری جائے یعنی بنڈ۔

    پوری قوم نے دیکھا اب تک ایک مداری بھانڈ

    کورٹ میں آ کر یارو دیکھو پھٹ گئی اس کی گانڈ

    شہرت کا بھوکا ھے جھوٹا، ھے یہ نوسرباز

    پورا گانڈو زرداری کا ، یہ ھے اس کا راز

    • hasan ali

      brother u dont know about that case it was frod,,it was a blaim that had not been proved untill now,,plz search b4 u comment

  • Shoaib Siddiqui

    Long Live Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri…..You are our Hero..!

  • Rizwana , Manchester

    well done Dr.Tahir ul Qadri

  • http://www.pakfocus.com.com waqas

    One can name a list of economic threats imposed today only because of PPP’s flawed policies starting from energy sector destruction, inflation, foreign reserve liquefaction, lack of investor’s trust, ever increasing domestic and foreign loans, devaluing currency terrorism and many more.
    Read more details here http://www.pakfocus.com/thrashing-pakistans-econo

  • drkashif

    i am not supporter of QADRI SB but the way CJ has behaved with him was very bad…CJ lanti ko apne ghar ka nhi pta ke us ka don beta with in 5 moths after doing MBBS 37karor ka malik ban gia…QADRI SB r much more loyal to this country..his tanzeem MIHAJ UL QURAN has above 800 schools,colleges and univ..in pak and above 90 islamic centers all over the world..i live in RUSSIA.v know due to terrorism and as a pakistani hm ko yahan kia kia nhi sehna perta..DR SB is projecting the true picture of islam that is peace…this dirty CJ has proved that he is the insurance policy of PMLN due to his dirty cousin RANA SANAULLAH and corrupt political mafia

  • Muhammad Aqeel

    Great Confrence bt Shaikh ul islam Sb

  • candid786

    Absolutely Right — IAK comment below — Infact this CJ is no where near the caliber of justice MR Kayani or the like . his level is well manifested on his taking sou motto notice on two wine bottles from attiqa odho for obvious reasons and on samosas — He is serving his financial supporter Nawazaa . Intentionally caused disgracing aspersions on Qadree no matter what one thinks about him – I have some reservation on some points but CJ 's conduct LEAST BECOMING OF A ORDINARY CLASS THREE MAGISTRATE LET ALONE CJ — SHAME — He arranged all this just to give advantage to Nawaza as he financed and sponsored his restoration movement . All allegations against him and his son are wrong and he is RIGHT ???? DUBIOUS FROM DAY one –Shame

  • candid786

    Personally have quite a few reservations about Qadree but having said that CJ has proven without an iota of doubt that he has crossed all limits to show his malice in proving his loyalties with NAWAZA which he had been doing all along . History is there.

    Basically this man iftekhar chaudhry is NOT AT ALL FIT TO man this chair –HE IS A DUBIOUS CHARACTER RIGHT FROm DAY one .– allegations against him in Musharraf reference case (which was never heard) and Arsalan case ( father not knowing what his son is doing and whole family having having khushee time in costliest london hotels and chaudhry does not know !!!!!!) —

    HE is indebited to nawaza for sponsoring / financing his restoration through Aitzaz ahsan — to cut short nawaza during his shift from Saudia to London has financed /sponsored many attempts to create problems for stupid Musharraf — Recall –Lahore put ablaze in some tahreek khatame naboowwat —

    Then he was able to en-cash Musharraf’s extreme stupidity of chaudry handling — Those days Aitzaaz was held up by police having crores of rupees in his car trunk during disturbances — police report is there on files. Where from Lunch / dinner boxes and other facilitation came for Kala coat people ??? He was the source.

    Clear cut soft corner shown to Nawaza –when both Zardaree / bhuttos and Nawaza are equally CORRUPT and with long history of cases — Tilt is very obvious all along favoring NAWAZA.

    Rana sanaullah and Iftekhar ch are close relatives. Basically he is reportedly from Faisalabad but got domicile of Baluchistan for rapid / uncontested promotions. This decision speaks of all what I have said – easing up pressure by maligning Qadree to help Nawaza —

  • sajjad ahmed


  • sajjad ahmed


  • sajjad ahmed


  • sajjad ahmed


  • Hope

    آج کے دور میں ڈاکٹر صاحب جیسا دلیر، لائق ،اور خوبیوں کا مجموعہ نہیں دیکھا ہے اللہ پاک آپ کو مزید ہمیت اور توفیق دے اور عوام کو بھی حق کا ساتھ دینے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے۔

  • ROZINA from france


  • ROZINA from france

    aik shreef vs 100 BADMASH + JAHIL KOM

  • Shoaib Siddiqui

    Long Live Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri…..You are our Hero..!
    many Holy Cows are Exposed…!