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Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry – (Adlia Jamhoriat ki sab se bari Muhafiz) – 13th February 2013

Watch Latest Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry – (adlia jamhoriat ki sab se bari Muhafiz) – 13th February 2013



  • Haji Chuchu

    Pakistan ka jo haal in logon nein ker diya hey ,ab to hamarey buzurgon ki haddian bhi qabron se nikal latey hein .mr.cj tum yehi sab chahtey ho? insaf kahan hey?aaj tuk nazer to nehin aya .dr. qadri k lie decision bhi aisa hi hey .khuda k lia muaaf ker do is mulk ko,warna tumhari dastan tuk bhi na ho gi dastano mein.raham karo hamarey waten per.

  • A dual national

    This double face media was crying from many years the leaders and government is corrupt and are looting the country,when a great and honest person came to bring revolution and save the country,whole media got money from these corrupt people started the trial of dr.Qadri sahib.But you cannnot misguide the public.people know what is wrong and what is right,but you exposed yourself.


    After seeing this decision,it is conformed that every thing can be happened in Pakistan.thank Allah we do not live there.

  • Habib

    Javed chudhry aap ne kitne paise lia hain.

  • Habib

    Khuram ko ziada mut bulwain warna pervaiz rasheed ka phone Aa jaiga aur ye uth kar chala jaiga.

  • Uzair bhatti

    Tahir ul Qadri must go back to Canada. He has flop to

  • makroy

    Adlia Jamhooriat ki muhafiz is a joke. Iftikhar Ch. has a bi-polar personality. One day he says that Dr Qadri has raised very important issues and needed to be dealt urgently. Then for three days he talked only about dual nationality and Qadri's intentions NOT about those important points. Iftekhar Ch. said the same thing what Nawaz Sharif was saying all these days.

  • qadripadri

    Supreme court first attack from Malik riaz with yezdari
    second attack from Qadri with Yazdari

    beck side help PTI MQM PMLQ
    PTI not talk against PPP

  • qadripadri

    Supreme court first attack from Malik riaz with yezdari
    second attack from Qadri with Yazdari

  • Naveed_e_inqlab

    Great Leader of the Pakistan '' Dr Tahir Qadri ''

  • awais

    I'm unable to understand this shaikh ul Islam. He is utterly untrustworthy.

    I was looking at one of his video in which tahir ul qadri was standing by a grave helping the dead in his questioning (questions asked by Angels after death, in the grave).

    He was ridiculing the Ahadits. As it is said and believed, that all worldly connections are terminated after the death of a person. I've also heard about his dream about Muhammad (PBUH), his dealings in 90s and his relation with Gen Zia.

    He is befooling us. Wakeup all his followers. Don’t kill your conscience. Be a true Muslim