Imran Khan Addressing at Chakwal [GEO News Report] (10 Feb 2013)


Imran Khan Addressing at Chakwal [GEO News Report] (10 Feb 2013)



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  • Aslam Kanwan

    Imran Khan please stop comparing Politics with Cricket….
    Be mature…
    Politics is not a child play…
    Take it as politics not cricket…

  • tamana

    nawaz sharif shabaz sharif jo marzi kar lo ab vote sirf imran khan ki ho gai

  • salma

    aeak chawal ki bori day dho ore vote lay lo

  • Sultan

    imran khan is a living legend, and more than that he is honest, sincere and visionary. i wl vote for pti, and pti is my choice forever. thanks

  • maverick

    PML-N kay liaye Punjab ka matlab hae LAHORE….lanat ho in per…baqi Punjab ku.ta hae….sirf lahore hi sab kuch hae…70 arab laga diaye 27 kilometers yae taraqi hae..log hospitals main mer rehay hain, Bijli ahe nahi….

  • ali

    i am from Lahore insallah when PTI will in power pti will take care of all Punjab not just Lahore
    instead of generating electricity for whole Punjab they just focus on Lahore and this Lahore Metro Bus Service will be a white elephant wasting my tax payer money such a dam foolish project

  • Sajid

    True and brave leader Imran khan

  • imran

    pti zinda abad

  • akram

    god bless you imran khan come on pakistani awam togather we can beat states co partys noora and zurdari

  • ijaz

    vote for pti

  • Arshad

    Great Leader Mr Imran Khan
    Vote For Change,Vote For PTI

  • Azmat

    Pti zindabad

  • Akey

    P t i is the only party that can change this courept system the rest are family base enterprise that must be destroy and vote out inshallah

  • Imran's Tiger

    great Leader………….

  • marinakhan

    lov you khan but please very careful with this clown tahirul padri

  • Imran's Tiger

    What a bulshit Chanel Geo, did not even show the crowd, all due to payment received from Nora League

  • honest1

    We are with you IMRAN……the only leader…IMRAN


    INSHALAH……Imran we love you…

  • shujaat

    my leader

  • mudassar sharif


  • mudassar sharif


  • haq

    vote for pti for real pakistan

  • mudassar sharif

    i belive you khan ji…….

  • mudassar sharif

    a lot of respect for ou khan saheb……….

  • mudassar sharif

    maray jaan maray shan
    imran khan imran khan

  • mudassar sharif

    mara khan terra khan
    imran khan imran khan

  • mudassar sharif

    geo maray khan………….geo hazarron saal…………

  • Sana

    Very true sir, love u

  • Mian Khaalid

    Thats good…we need u n the public not n meetings and drawing rooms.

  • Mokan

    New PTI govt should refuse to pay IMF loans until west take legal action against the corrupt politicians and others to bring the stolen wealth back to PK.

  • usman

    love you imran khan

  • kkool

    Agree .. totally and 100%

    • khawer

      I m from Australia but originally from sialkot assure you that Imran Khan
      Is legend and no one can achieve him accept his

  • hahaha

    Khan sahab is Qaum say itni Umeedien Mat Lagao .. yeh Biryani ki Plate ot Keemay walay naano pay apnay app ko Beechnay wali Qaum hai..

    • Hello

      100% right mughay to IK ko dekh k dukh hota hay 17 saal zaya ker diye apni personal life bhi berbad ker di is politics ki waja say

      • muhammad kahloon

        it is called humannity.

      • Pakistani

        Personal life with no motives is absolutely miniscule in worth to a tough, difficult and rusty, but correct path and the way of truth. 17 years worth of public service stands far more superior than useless and futile time in some foreign countries while sitting on luxurious and comfortable sofas.
        Our Beloved Quaid left a life of extravagance and came for his nation, strived hard, put his frailing health online, but gave us Pakistan. "Well done, Mr. Jinnah!" was what he wanted to hear from his Lord. This same force, this very passion drives great men, and for them, an ascetic lifestyle provides warmth of the heart; they are comfortable and relaxed with their own people, no matter if they have to sacrifice mere artificial and materialistic glitters of life. Let Imran Khan do his work! May Allah Almighty bless our country.

      • muhammad

        apny asli zaya ki k PTI ny apko khen be corruption o bamsahi ma saht ni dia na dhga

    • iqbalkhan75

      ab bhi agar is qaum ka zameer na jaaga to phir is qaum ka ALLAH HI HAFIZ HAI…JIYEEEE BHUTOOOOOOO RAJ K LUTOOOOOOO.

    • Mubarak Ali

      bat to theak hy bhai bt is koum ko shaour b to ana chahye na hm to ghulam hen kyda hmare bache b gulami ki zindge guzaren ge ? Nai aisa nai ho ga humen apne power ko use karna aor wo power hamara vote hy ek dafa is ka sahe use ho gya in lateron aor choron se jan choot jai ge hm sb ki
      This time is only hope Imran Khan Just Imran khan nothing else PTI Zinda Bad

    • khan711

      it s very true friend.

    • Pak

      true … harsh reality of our people