Exclusive interview with Aamir Khan [Boxer] – 10th February 2013

Exclusive interview with Aamir Khan [Boxer] – 10th February 2013

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Exclusive interview with Aamir Khan [Boxer] - 10th February 2013, 9.2 out of 10 based on 117 ratings

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  1. Hope says:

    keep it Up..,.,.,AAmir Khan

  2. zain says:

    he might be good. but he plays for UK and that's it
    why are you guys so happy over it .
    baygani shadi main abdullah dewana

  3. rao says:

    Amir khan zindabad

  4. ch naeem rana says:

    i proud of you amir khan

  5. Muhammad Faisal says:

    Carry on Dude…..You are our pride in this time of prestigue crisis

  6. asif says:

    nice we r proud of you

  7. UK lov says:

    Strongest Muslim man on Earth right now is Amit KHan,

  8. Mr Lad says:

    goood interview

  9. Ali says:

    This boy is really mentally strong. Boxing is not very easy game. its too dangerous game and their are many incidents that ended in death. May God give him more power, patience and fame.

  10. Muslims says:

    Indian Muslims must learn the English language, practice the scientific method, accept that physical phenomena are explainable by physics only,
    Sir Syed accepted the Holy Quran as divinely revealed but he frequently reminded his readers of Islam’s forgotten rationalist (Mutazilite) tradition, as in the works of Averroes. He proposed a radical reinterpretation of the Holy Quran to make it compatible with science and modernity. Among other matters this involved understanding miracles, which science cannot accept as factual. Sir Syed therefore explained the Great Flood, as well as various miracles of Jesus, to be purely allegorical and symbolic. He also interpreted Islamic laws as actually forbidding polygamy and amputation of limbs. Quite expectedly, his claims provoked a furious reaction from the ulema of the time and he was decried as a heretic.

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