Hum Log (Which Party is Most Favourite to win Election 2013?) – 9th February 2013

Hum Log (Which Party is Most Favourite to win Election 2013?) – 9th February 2013




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Hum Log (Which Party is Most Favourite to win Election 2013?) - 9th February 2013, 5.9 out of 10 based on 39 ratings

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  1. Think Tank says:

    I am a blind supporter o PTI but with current situation and political instability in the country, we have seen what PPP and PNL (N) did. nothing but corruption, corruption and only corruption why not give a fare change to PTI and let us see what they say will fulfill in there term of 5 long years.

    More over if any of the leader will say he/she does not have overseas property in there or any of the relatives names. I would strongly likes to suggest to Pakistan govt. to please take an oath on holy qurr'an on the live media "they do not have overseas property in any form in there or relatives names" reciprocally auction / sell that property and transfer the funds to govt treasury in Pakistan.

  2. rollinaces says:

    Only PTI inshaAllah

  3. khan says:

    Bht jahil qaum hai. Kya hoga aisi qaum ka. Afsoos. Shame on these peoples.

  4. Pakista says:

    You must know that family politics is cures and evil on Pakistan it must be destroyed vote them out

  5. Raja says:

    Jamat e Islami nay konsi corruption ki hey ?????????
    wahid jamaat jis mein system b hey aur democracy b…….which calls people towards Quran o Sunnah and which has corruption free leadership…….jo mehl (palace) mein nahi rehti………aur jo time tested b hay.

  6. kazi sahab says:

    jahil qaumm jahil awam "aa bail mujhe maar" yeh loog kab samjhen gey

  7. achor is a gentle person, he is not supporting anyone. most of the people supporting noora league, not good for pti , not good for Pakistani. with low literacy rate what you can expect?

  8. Vampire says:

    This is Journalism…

    3 4 bandey bitha k hi hello, hasi mazak karna Journalism nahi hai…

  9. Shoaib says:

    ایک بندہ پیچھے ہر کسی کو ن لیگ کو کا بول رہا ہے۔

  10. Shoaib says:

    تعلیم اور کھلے ذہن کا فقدان ہے۔

  11. phool says:

    sab topi drama hai do real program man half program i watch then i stop the program all plated program

  12. KAWA says:

    ???????????? The anchor is walking and talking to genuine people. How can the anchor be biased??????????????? Lol!

  13. umar says:

    oh anchor lahore ki bund say nikal lagat impression denay walay jnoobi punjab ja k dekh pti he pti hai …. even in rwp pti hai

  14. sajjad ismail says:

    pti and only pti

  15. inqlabi says:

    hamari awam hylanti hy in ko in hukamrano ki adat ho chuki he

  16. PAA KHUSHI says:

    oyee anchor gwaalmandi aur H mandi se bahir nikal ker janoobi punjab may bhi jaa ker pooch

  17. Bilal says:

    Lahore sy bahir niklo pata chaly??? Only PTI

  18. Cornered tiger says:

    Lol…once again this programme confirms..this nation has no logic in their wonder corrupt keep getting in and no doubt with this public will once again get in 2013. Complain but then vote the same guy!!!

  19. KAWA says:

    Although I support PML-N because of the their performance and not a single corruption scandal in spite of free media and plenty of free lance journalists on AZ's payroll, they could not find one thing.

    That said, I would also be happy if PTI wins because after PML-N, they are the send best. Anyone but PPP, PML-Q, ANP or MQM. Vote for the devil but these morons..

    • Khan Baba says:

      How strange ??? PML-N's "performance" & "No single corruption" ????????? wow … do u live in Pakistan bro? or u commenting from Moon or Mars?

      • aamir says:

        yar curruption hukumat hatni ka bad pata lagti ha
        jab anhoni 1 company sa 22 companies banay apni pehly hukumat me aur dosri humkumat me jaddah sa le kar england tak karobar jo khola wo to hukumat hatni ka bad pata lagi ha

        • black & white says:

          corruption pakistan me koi issue nahi he yeh mr kab se samjha raha hu inn PTI ke piyaro ko, jaha har aadmi kisi na kisi sense me corruption kar raha he , waha yeh bander ka nach nahi chale ga

  20. Lahoria says:

    Alarming situation for PTI who stupidly spend ages on conducting intra party elections…they should on emergency basis come out of the party elections….and start a massive election campaign and contact people door to door…thats the only way forward…or else the future looks dark…finaaly shame on the people who will vote for PML-N just because they are a punjab based party….

    • KAWA says:

      I feel for you as you are a strong supporter of PTI. I support PML-N but truthfully would be as happy if PTI wins. My vote would definitely go to PML-N not PTI.
      That said, I do not wish to demoralize PTI supporters but just returned from Lahore and also traveled to Faisalabad. From what I saw and feedback from local friends, there is NO WAY PML-N can ever lose in Punjab. The support is massive!

  21. Abidi2012 says:

    This anchore is biased. On the payroll of Nawaz Shareef.

  22. @umer_1621 says:

    yr had hai jo keh rahe hai k ye paid hai NS ne galian sun'ni thi koi duniya ka esa banda hai jo khe muje log bura khe or logu ko dekha do had hai yr khuch ne bura kha khuch ne nahi ab is me paid kaha se aa gy

  23. Javed says:

    To be honest if someone give vote to pmln bec it's a panjabi party and nothing special in it this is totally unacceptable ; why not they just try pti for once

    • KAWA says:

      Punjab is the only province which does not vote on ethnic criteria. If that was the case PPP would never win a single seat in Punjab. This is a trait for urdu speaking population in Karachi or Sindhi mind. It is not a Punjabi character. God forbid the day that became the character of Punjabis, no other leader of another province would ever be able to form the government.

      Your comment is misguided and I respectfully disagree!

  24. sim says:

    awaaam he bewaqoof ha

  25. xain says:

    Summary of Survey:
    PMLN : 30%
    PTI: 17%
    PPP : 6%
    No Vote: 30%
    Undecided: 19%

  26. @umer_1621 says:

    jab hum khud theak nhi q ameed lag k bethe hote hai k khukmran ache aye…khud koi kaser nhi chorte jaha daao lage laga dete hai,fruot wale ka lage gala sara fruit de dete hai,sabzi wala bassi sabzi pakra deta,dukandaar duble triple munafa le k cheze bechta,fotgi pe khane pe ese toptte hai jese kisi khushi k moqa pe aye ho,kisi ko khush dekh k hasad kerte hai usy barbaad kerne k lie her kohshish kerte hai,khud oficer ban k coruption kerte hai or in k MNA kere to aitraz jab khud nhi theak hna to dosru se q umeed lagte ho

  27. @umer_1621 says:

    musharaf k banye hue election comisiner pe kisi ko koi aitraz q nhi tha jo fakhru g pe hai or tehlel kerne ka kaha ja raha hai ECP ko??

  28. baig says:

    Who Should be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?
    Do not waste your opinion, vote here..!

  29. jadoons says:

    jab tak is jahil awaam ko shahor aur samaj nai ati us waqt tk is mulk ma compelete real change na a sakta in logo ka pas tahleem hi nai aur na hi noora ligue in unparh logo ko tahleem ki taraf raghib karna chati ha aur ya hum log programe b noora ligue ka hi ha aur hum vote ki stamp imran khan ka dil par lagain ga inshallah. aur noora ligue ko hum kabi nai anay da

  30. Tret says:

    people who want to vote PMLN sound brain dead!!

  31. Muhammad says:

    This is callled media manipulation and how you built the views and that anchor attitude is clearly declining towards PML-N despite of this fect that this show is deliberately held in Lahore to show that people are with Nawaz and secondly i am hundered percent sure all programme is edited and many viewers were shown intentionally that support PML-N but even then result will be quite different in the comin election as they cant changed the people views .Atleast PML-N just bring ten people suppoprt on thsi forum,i will support your vioce that your getting popularity.Just wait for 23rd March when sonomy will started to rise again after 8othousand elected members from whole Pakistan will take oath .Just wait for that day.Will show you PTI popularity on that day.Wait and see.if you are popular dont worry we are not in government .You are in power and will remain in power.So no need to cry on PTI popularity,

  32. Imran says:

    is awam ko abi or jutoon ki zrorat ha aesi scheme k teht awam ko taleem se mehroom rkha ha k ye jahal hi rhen or nawaz shareef or zardari k talwe chatte rhen ge.. bewkoof

  33. ahb says:

    yeh ganjay public ko education is leye to nahi dete ke unparh log hi un ko vote dete hain

  34. Abz says:



  35. khan says:

    Ary sub an parh log kese parehy lekhey ke pas be chalye jate us se poch lete kes ko vote dena hey.

  36. wajid ch says:

    kia sirf lahore se survey karne se sab awaam ke rai maloom ke ja sakte hae, because lahore is that city whrere pmln did spend his all budget. kia ye noon leauge show nahi hae………………

  37. Abz says:

    Sab jahil Rickshaw Driver aur Wagon Drivers Imran Khan aur Zardari k voter hain… Aur aksariyat PMLN

    Is se sabit hogaya k IRI survey k mutabiq waqi PMLN har jaga chaa chuki hai

  38. Ayesha says:

    It's paid programme by Noora go in public 75 percent with Imran Khan talk to people guys. By self you will know people's know media is baught with our tax money to sing for Noora

  39. Rooh says:

    This nation deserve second zardari Mr. Nawaz …

  40. Abz says:

    Confused stupid uneducated nation…. Nawaz Sharif all the way InshAllah

    • Salma says:

      Noora supporter lanat on you your childern will be slave of Nwaz childern that's what you like



      • Abz says:

        Salma i appreciate ur language and you must have definitely been brought up in a decent enviroment and you parents must have definitely taught you alot of manners :)

    • farhan says:

      yes you are right confused stupid and uneducated people will vote nawaz sharif.a for imran khan concern he will b choosen by sensible educated and patriotic people

      • Abz says:

        u mean like the rickshaw drivers out there who have been given a few thousand rupees by PTI zakat funds Lol

        4 to 5 supporters of PTI and 3 to 4 of PPP and the rest PMLN does it not give a silent message.. who is the b-team of zardari hey?

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