Nawaz Sharif Adress to Jalsa in Sindh – 8th Feb 2013


Nawaz Sharif Adress to Jalsa – 8th Feb 2013



  • MHZ

    PML(N) will hardly win 09-12 National Assembly seats and 25-30 Panjab Assembly seats. This time it will be on back benches.

  • hasan

    Ganjjay Nooray Haramkhor bank loan default & £ 1200 million London property ka jawab day



  • zinda hain hum

    ooooo mian g hon jaan deyu hon puri awam vote imran khan nu deyu

  • hasan

    Ganjjay Nooray Haramkhor bank loan default & £ 1200London property ka jawab day

  • Akram Boban

    mian sab ALLAH ap ko kamyabi de

  • Killer

    I No Ka Jahil Anpar Gawar Insan, Bolnay tak k tamiaz nhi is gan j ay ko, Yh leader bany ga humra,,, Ohh My God, Pehly Hum log Nhi jantay thy in logon ko, But Our youth Are educated, Humri ankhin kholi han,,, Humry baap dadaon k ankhin band thinnn,,,,,, Hum apna vote inshaa Allah zaror dalain gain, Os shaks ko Jo dunya mein janaa jata ha, Eduected, personalited, Vision wala, Ankhon mein ankhin Dal kr bat karny wala, Just or just pakistan Bhala sochnay wala,,,,,,,,,,, Konnnnnnn ha wo 1 leader, balky os k team mein Sb leaders han Sb Tigers han,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Konnnnnnn imrnakhan,,,,,,,,, Just PTIII,,,,,,,,, Our vote our family vote just for Imrankhan,,,, Inshaa Allah,,,,,,Hope k young youth Understand kary gi Is election… But Is jahil insan Ko vote kabhi nhi din gain Kyun Frds,

  • nhussa02

    nora is the most corrupt person

  • huk1234

    ganja baal lagwaanay k baad mazahya (funny) ho gya hai..

  • hasan

    Ganjjay nooray bank loan default & London property ka jawab day

  • jamal

    Another failed attempt with the help of lota people like Marvi. When someone joins PTI they create hue and cry that Musharaf Baqiat are coming to PTI and then next day they stand by Musharaf Baqiat and feel proud of it. Totally Status Que party .lanty qerdar crupt person

    • MHZ

      Marvi Memon and her father Nisar Memon are opportunist.


    nawaz sharef sindhi b he
    nawaz sharef PANJABI B HE
    nawaz sharef chor b he
    nawaz sharef HARAM KHOR B HE
    nawaz sharef IS CORRUPTION KING

    • SJU

      jhota bhi hai! he said sindhi aati hai and then he was asking one of his lota "kia kahtey hain sindhi main…" why that lota join PMLN now just before election why not in last 5 years?

  • Shahid

    Another failed attempt with the help of lota people like Marvi. When someone joins PTI they create hue and cry that Musharaf Baqiat are coming to PTI and then next day they stand by Musharaf Baqiat and feel proud of it. Totally Status Que party. never do the crime of supporting PMLN or PPP and wasting your vote for PMLN or PPP. If you dont vote for PTI, you dont have any right to wish for better Pakistan. Give PTI a chance this time and change the fate of Pakistan. BE A PART OF CHANGE. VOTE FOR PTI

    • MHZ

      I shall vote for Tahir-ul-Qadri and MQM. Both are with poor people of Pakistan

  • sdfnwb

    Makkar Ganjja,
    and Ch**tia supportes

  • hum log

    I really hope your prediction doesn't come true. Because then Pakistan is only made for elite.
    Whether PTI will get any seat or not..that's a different story. But let me assure you that that no one from poor to middle class is living happily in Punjab. Thanks to PMLN performance. If one person from poor to middle class can sincerely say that they are happy and their future look bright, I will vote for PMLN.

    And I don't know why do you think their is confusion in PTI party….Things seems to be very clear to me.


    PTI walo nafrat mien itna aagy na jaoo . PUNJAB govt ki policies sey agar agree nehy hu tu elag baat hey , but there is no corruption on govt. level Metro Bus mien ghareebo ney safar kerna hey tu aap ko itney takleef kyoun hey coz SHEHBAZ SHARIF ney banaya_________???????

  • hasan

    ganjjay haramkhor 1200 million London property ka jawab do


    PTI walo nafrat mien itna aagy na jaoo . PUNJAB govt ki policies sey agar agree nehy hu tu elag baat hey , but there is no corruption on govt. level Metro Bus mien ghareebo ney safar kerna hey tu aap ko itney takleef kyoun hey coz SHEHBAZ SHARIF ney banaya_________???????
    rehy medicines , health facilities woh bhe SHEHBAZ SHARIF ney hey start ki first time pakistan ki history mien , Behtery ki gunjaish tu hur time rehty hey hur sector mien , agar transport sector mien kuch behtery hoey hey tu aap ko tuttyan kyoun lag gaye hein _______????????
    why just very negative apny ander himat peeda kero ke kisy ke achy kaam ko acha keh sako. aur agar tankeed hey kerna hey tu why just nawaz sharif and shehbaz sharif??????????????????
    why not MQM qatil , why not ANP??????WHY NOT PML -Q?????????BOLO JAWAB DU??????????

    • MHZ

      MQM hi Pakistan ki woh wahid party hay jo Tahir-ul-Qadri, PTI aur Q-League kay saath milkar Pakistan kay awam ko zalimo'N, Qatilo'N aur Chorau'N say nijaat dilayegi. Pervez Musharraf ki All Pakistan Muslim League bhi inkay saath hoagi.
      Corrupt mafia kay khilaf aik grand alliance bannay wala hay.


    GOOD SPEACH …………ALLAH aap ko kamyaabi dey.
    LOVE PML – N

    • MHZ

      Hahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa. Yeh Nawaz Sharif ka nakam jalsa tha. Usko baat karni nahi aati. Woh haklata hay.
      Zafar Ali Shah bhi haar jayega.

  • luv@pakistan

    cha gaya sheer,nawaz shareef zindabad

    • MHZ

      Nawaz Sharif is OUT

  • luv@pakitan

    koi nahein rok sakta isey pm bananey sei.

  • abdullah janjua

    mashALLAH nice crowd . PMLN getting strong in sindh… btw how is tht pti is focusing just punjab and PMLn is going more nd more in sindh.. some kinda muk muka bw pti and ppp

    • MHZ

      Because PML(N) is OUT from Panjab.

  • FromPMLtoPTI

    Ha ha haa … Everyone … Please move to 13:55 … and see what is called a "Thuss Jalsa" … They said "Qadam berhao Nawaz Sharif" from stage and crowd did not respond. Nawaz Sharif thinks they did not understand what he said so he asked to raise hand if they understood.

    Yeh bonga samajh raha hai logon ko smajh naheen aa'e iss ki baat when the reality is … log khushi se iske jaslay mein naheen … pakar ker lae gaey jaain …

    Compare this to PTI jalsas and you'll see the excitement … IK has to keep telling people to listen because they have the energy … love you PTI youth and your Jazba … Your Junoon! That is what will change Pakistan Insha-Allah. I have lived my youth but I'll see … We will see … Insha-Allah … Hum daikhain-ge … Laazim hain ke hum bhee daikhain-ge .. Insha-Allah

  • FromPMLtoPTI

    Media walo: camera zameen se kiyon lagaya howa hai? Ooper karo mein bhe tou daikhon ganjay sher ko daikhnay kitnay log aa'e hain? Media is trying to give an impression as if there are lot of people by leaving camera low …

  • FromPMLtoPTI

    Watch 9:55 – 10:05 … Iss tamater ko Danish schools ka naam tak naheen yaad (jiss per N league 2 saal bhangray daalti rahe thee) … Ye chawal hakoomat karay ga kiya? Durr fittay muhn tere …

  • shahid

    great leadr nawaz sharif zinda bad

  • Usman

    Brainless Noora!!!

  • ik786

    WAH;WAH;WAH: Awam ki thatheen matrti hoi summandri.

  • shsh

    shame on you patwari…ab tu tare sath ak patwaran be khari hai…kim bakar ki tarah is ki be izaat uchal do…ganjaaaaa

  • y2k

    its jalsi and no passion rent a crowd

  • Noon

    or Imran Khan Pasha abu say kyon chup chup k milta tha. jab say Pasha giya apna haal dekho PTI ka



  • Abidi2012

    Nawaz will hurt Pakistan even more. He is holding power in Punjab for 25 years. He was academically failure and financially corrupt. He lacks understanding of issues.He is trying to take advantage of illiterate voter.

    PTI should be given a chance. Imran Khan will bring respect to our passport and nation. Nawaz and Zardari have no respect internationally. Vote for Imran Khan and PTI.

  • Saad Iqbal

    i dont believe i even wasted 5 minutes of my life listening to this crap. highly unaspiring speech. btw the list he counted in the first few minutes (load shedding, no jobs, poor health facalitites, et)- Punjab also lacks all of them. and PML-N has government in Punjab. so Mian sb zara aina(mirror) dekhain!

  • Abidi2012

    He is a stupid candidate. Pakistan will suffer even more.

    • Saad Iqbal

      imagine a Pakistan where Zardari is the President and Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister. my heart sinks even with the thought.

      • Noon

        why your heart does sink when your president is Zardari and Prime Minister Raja Rental biggest thieves of your country u munafiq people

    • Noon

      just compare Punjab performance with other provinces in these 5 year. how can Nawaz is stupid he is doing great job in Punjab

  • azam awan

    sehi fesla kia to imran khan pm huga.sahi fesla kia to nwaz shareer tum nahin hugay

  • azam awan

    panjab ki baat yon bata raha hai jesy eurpe ke mulk ki baat kar raha hai?hum panjabi hain magar shobdabazion ke siwa kuch be nahin kia.jhoota chore

  • azam awan

    qadree ki copy karny ki koshesh kar raha hai?magar copy copy huti hai

  • the truth

    Believe me … Pakistan deserves Nawaz Shareef, a guy who cannot complete a sentence.

  • Truth only

    I watched it for 0:50 seconds …. just look at marvi memon …. she is getting W E T just by watching nawaz .
    Sorry for my 'vulgar' comment….. but i couldn't help it. B)

  • alisaudia

    dekho dekho kon aya…sher aya sher aya

    • gulf


    • Abidi2012

      Chore aya chore aya….

  • hum log

    yeah gaaand itni jaldi nahin khatam hoga……kyoon kay hamari koum bohat dunnger hai.

    abhi thora mushkil hai inko system say nikalna

  • nadeem

    lolz,,,, mashaAllah, aap ko to corruption ki bhi zabaan aati hai, balki yahi zabaan to aap ka Orhna bichauna hai.
    pti zindahbad

  • janno

    jootia noora

  • pakistan

    baatain tu koi nawaz shreef seh seekhe krna kch nahi hum tumhe dekh chukhee hain

  • Khan

    uth oye nooreyaa tujeh pakistan stage show me hona chahiye, noorey yaar tera time khatam hochuka
    bale wayee bale tere naare NOORA KUSHTI

  • kashifumer


  • Noon

    oo dekho dekho kon aya
    dekho dekho sher aya


    ppp na banazeer income support ma 120 Bn use kia. QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    ppp na pia ma 80 Bn curruption ki QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    ppp na OGDC ma 82 Bn ka ghaban kia QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    ppp na rental power per 50 Bn commission khaya QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    ANP na railway ko 100 Bn ka makrooz kia QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    MQM na karachi ko andheron ma dhakel dia QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    ppp na balochistan ka bara gharak kar dia QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ KO KOI TAKLEEF NAHIN HOI,
    han PML N NA 100 Bn ka awami project 30 Bn ma complete ker dia to QADRI,I KHAN, PMLQ Ka k.u.t.t.o.n ko BOHAT ZIADA TAKLEEF HOI HA.

    • himayoun

      nawaz sy figure pooch ky aaye ho… woh gadha hai isy math kaha aata…if they have spent 30bn were the estimated cost was 100bn.that means they have made shadow of actual project that was proposed. rest if u want to hide corruption of nawaz ,tell him to give accountability of assets oin pakistan and abroad .and if its his profit money he made assets from then did he pay income tax only in thousands,,,making roads ,buildings ect is the job of town planer .for politicions something extra is needed thats vission , giving nation as a whole a direction towards prosperity.which nawaz can only dream of

  • Shuyb

    He`s suck a flip pin drama Queen….

  • Hahaha

    Hahahahahaha GADHAAAA !! assay Lag raha hai stage pay koi Gadhaaaa comedy kar raha ho..

  • Mr Mir Swed

    Nawaz Noora CopyCat drama

    • @ijazhussain_786

      ITNA GHOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TOBA TOBA

  • abuabdullah

    Allah na kre k noora iqtdaar mein aaye.

  • imran khan

    dekho dekho kaun aya sher aya sher aya.

    • himayoun

      sheer gadha aaya……

      sher pingry mai nahi rota hai………………………shame on such sher


    chooron ka badsha big choor………

  • raja

    i cant even watch , his words hold no meaning,he even dont know what he is saying.

  • Kashif

    Most corrupt and biggest choor of Pakistan. Only Noora in Pakistan

  • sallu

    kutto ka kam ohta hay gali may bhounkna



  • Abdur Rahman

    the only true leader in pakistan. Salute to you mian sb

  • Umair Hussain

    pehle bhi yahi kehta tha ab bhi.. aajj bara nojawaan yaad aara he pehle kahan they nojawan… copy cat

  • awan

    well done nawaz sharif…
    we love you
    we love pmln
    well done pmln
    love and support pmln to save pakistan

  • haris

    میں خود جب وزیر اعظم تھا تو سندھ کا چکر لگاتا تھا. ہاہاہا.
    یار وە کیا بولتے ہیں اس کو پبلک سروس کمیشن ہاں پبلک سروس کمیشن. ایمان سے بتاو اس بندے کی سوچ عمل شخصیت کردار کہیں سے بھی وزیر اعظم بننے کی اہل ہو سکتی ہے.

  • jewaypakistan

    well done nawaz sharif u r the only hope for pakistan

  • zubair aakif

    Move forward MNS.
    PMLN zindabad

  • sam

    hahaha BE WAQOOF SAADA AWAM…..talya baj rahe hy khosh ho rahe hy……

  • ali malik


  • imtiaz

    u r great Mian sab

  • PakSarZameen

    Jhoota Aadmi, Chor….

  • imran

    Ga N Do

  • latif

    bonga leader

  • mysterious karkoon

    only imran khan

  • amjad khan

    vote for pti………..dont believe nora negue

  • Ultimate

    Here is a Proof:

    PML-N follows Shaitan Ka Rasta. PML-N in fact is Shaitan Ke Cheelain.

    Shaitan Loves Corruption…

    Shaitan Loves Jhoot, Dhoka and Mal Kha Jana …


  • mysterious karkoon

    dekhoo dekhoo kon eaa
    norra eaa ……norra eaa

  • mysterious karkoon

    i love you and respect you imran khan

  • pakistan

    daikho daikho kon aiya gunga aiya gunga aiya!! WO BHI BAAL LAGWA KAY AIYA

  • pakistan

    daikho daikho kon aiya gunga aiya gunga aiya!!

  • paa ji

    baglol leader nawaz sharif, meine loota hai punjab mein lootan ga pakistan, shoda :/

  • mysterious karkoon

    marra khan terra khan
    imran khan imran khan

  • mysterious karkoon

    maray jend maray jaan
    imran khan imran khan

  • mudassar sharif

    no more norra legue………………….just pti………saraf imran khan

  • mysterious karkoon

    @norra legue

    time is finished for you……………time is for pti now………… you pti

  • Ultimate

    These people who are in power are Devil’s followers.

    What you expect from them. They are full of corruption. Do yo think they will say the truth?

    Question is if people still want their and their children’s future in the hand of Devils which are ruling in Pakistan?

    VOTE PTI to save your children’s future.

  • @QasimKhanPTI

    SIR Imran khan is the only choice left for PAKISTAN and remember guys this is the last chance left to make PAKISTAN a sovereign and successful nation, so we have to win this election BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.

  • mysterious karkoon

    maray jaan maray shan
    imran khan imran khan

  • mudassar sharif

    @nawaz sharif

    jab tak sansoon main sas ha
    saraf ore saraf imran khan ha

  • mysterious karkoon

    we have to change pakistan
    with PM imran khan

  • amjad khan

    app ki hokomat ko galat khtam kia gea tha nawaz saheb, but i also will vote for imran khan now, as time has mved on

    • sdfnwb

      Yaar tussi asal shair ho, I feel that it was a wrong way to finish his gov,
      But again its time to move on

    • MHZ

      Nawaz Sharif ki hakoomat ko sahi khatam kiya gaya tha. Yeh Indi say muk muka karnay wala tha.

  • mysterious karkoon

    nawaz sharif shaeb app ke hokomat ko 26 saal ho geay punjab main………………aj bi eak bi thana essa ni jo bekta na ho

    • Shabbir

      ye taqreer ker raha hy ya k garibon ka mazaq ura raha hy. stupid

  • mudassar sharif

    @nawaz sharif

    main na life main 5bar vote dea ha app ke N legue ko………………….lakin ab ni……..i am sorry as well ……..i love pti and believe imran khan

    • bablee

      Mian sb should be told, advised how to speak in Sindh. First of all he should talk on issues. Instead of talking on issues, he is un intentionally insulting people of sindh. Actually his advisors for sindh seems to be un wise.

      • Bablee

        his speech was better than one in nawabshah. why is he afraid of anything. i think he is afraid of people of sindh. he must not be so. i blame his advisors for not guiding him properly. there is alot of space in sindh. why every one thinks that sindh means all votes for PPP

  • mysterious karkoon

    nawaz sharif mujy tum sa hamdardyha………………lakin i am sorry my vote is for pti

    • @QasimKhanPTI

      brother aik vote dhay he dho, warna his becharay ganjay ko kon vote dhe ga ……..PTI ZINDABAD