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  • waqas aslam

    acid key saza acid honi chy sungsaar krna chay sb k samny khoof padha ho ga jb is may tho yah nai hoa ga islam may sakht saza ka okam isee leay han

  • Pakistan


  • Tahir Azeem

    Aoa to all

    Ofcourse ppls will decide in election to whom they want to cost vote, IF you will give them a chance of free and fair election. Every one know that it is very difficult and a big challenge for ppls of Pakistan.

    Pakistan zindabad.

  • Feena

    Aaroo garnade hota tha,mota ho gya ab

  • Tahir Azeem

    Aoa to all

    Pakistni media is doing a great job. Some T V channel's ( not all ) anchors are bringing good political information and knowledge to the public.

    By doing this they are helping Pakistan toward right path.
    Media is playing important role in all development countries these days.
    Pakistan zindabad.

  • conspiracy_buster

    'America kee riasat Colombia' Junaid saleem made a mistake. 100 incidents of acid throwing in United Sates each year? Actually it is South American country Colombia not United States of America.

  • sofiatabbassam

    weldon azizi and all the team.all of u doing very well job mein app ka program bohat shoq se dekhti hoon.
    azizi you are good actor

    • mian abedullah

      good actor mais BE eman

  • naseer ahmed

    weldon azezi and teem of hasb e hall and slam
    to all teem. information about mda multan is totely rong. pls.chack again an explan of rong news

  • solemnlyjia

    Azizi you are doing a great job, best of luck to you and your whole team. http://entertainmentbuzzz.com/beautiful-valentine

  • Tahir Azeem

    AOA to al

    Azizy and his team is great their husbe hall is best programme.

    Facts. Ppp is at No.1 in corruption and fraud in Pakistan.

    Noon League No.2 in corruption and fraud.

    MQM, No.3

    Qaff League.4

    If U want to see a betterment of Pakistan and a peaceful Pakistan then help and support the agenda of Dr. Tahir Qadri and Imran Khan. These big partie's corrupt politicians joined together in propaganda compaign against Dr, Tahir Qadri and Imran Khan.

    These corrupt politicians deep down in their heart, they knows ppls of Pakistan don't like them and don't support them that is why these corrupt politicians are very nervous and disappointed.

    Their give and take scheme is failed and falling apart. They got nothing else to say except 3rd power (establishment ) is sabotaging to postpone the g election.
    After election a new alliance will be the best solution of current problems of Pakistan.

    Vote for HUMAN not for Animal in Human face, Pakistan zindabad.

    • mian abedullah

      if imran is human for you: Zardari is a great human for me (let the peoples decide

  • mian abedullah

    khabron par tabsara(dur fittay moon)

  • saeed khan

    follow on facebook ([email protected])<3

  • saeed khan

    azizi sirr punjabi na boly ,samaj nai arahi, simple urdu junaid ki tarah, saeed khan

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  • hakim


  • hakim


  • hussian


  • master mind

    Azazi bai ap ko ithani information ha belive me ithani information to kasie faqueer ko be nahi ho ge .,..,.,:p wsay love u all of u

  • John

    Azizi, you had all the time to discuss the article by Shahrukh Khan in an Indian Magazine, However … no time to cover the fall out or context portrayed post the article.
    Also you had no time … to cover … the Book by Lt Gen Aziz … which was making headlines in our media…

  • Logic

    This girl is always ki ki kiki ki ki he hehehehe too much too much

    • Talat

      Najia I like ur laughter and jugatbazi of Azizi too.Keep it up

  • purepakistan

    Hasb e Haal is Far Far Batter than Khabarnak
    Well done Azizi and all the team

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    Have you seen the mysterious Saif ul Maluk Lake
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  • hussen


    • kasim


  • Ali

    Iam writing you this comments from USA you people are doing a great job. Aap baht ouch hanste hanste khe Kate hai Lekin hum yahah khoon ke ansoo roten hain. Tears of blood.

    • mlk

      brother i live in Usa to bleave me we have 999% better life then 95% pakitanis.

  • ali

    vote for pti

  • Parus Ali

    azizi main kay ghar aanay per bahut khush hai PPP ki kit laga raha hai

  • http://planet48.blogspot.com/ Ahmed

    Awesome Azizi

    • hak


  • kim


    • hussen


      • master mind

        great program.,.,love u AZAZI BAI.,.,.,AND Junaid UNCAL.,.,.,

    • Mirza Shahroz

      @ KIM ,
      How can u understand URDU AND PUNJABI .

    • FromPMLtoPTI

      Would you mind learning English first to spell Chinese right?