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Meri Dunya Hassan Nisar Kay Saath – 3rd February 2013

Watch Latest Meri Dunya Hassan Nisar Kay Saath on Dunya News – 3rd February 2013




  • tji

    Dear Hasan nisar
    l like your programe in 3rd Fe b .program you defined the love but you did not justice .
    Lo ve means, love with mom,dad,brother,sister,love with your children than love with country in whi h you live,
    Love with Deen , man and woman love is nothing this is only ……………..sexual satisfaction if you both are
    Satisfy that is good other wise look for another one.

  • syed taqi

    please hasean nisar sahib write me your e-mail adress.
    syed taqi

  • sridhar

    Hassan Nissar should not try to equate India with Pakistan. Kashmiris have a long history before they became muslims. They want autonomy today not because they have a separate culture (as a Tamilian, my culture is also separate from rest of India; tamilians are not agitating for freedom today), but because they have not had a "genuine autonomy" within free India as other states have. Constant interference from Pakistan has ensured that India never gave Kashmir genuine freedom and there was always interference from the Center.
    Hassan NIssar should not worry about "akhand bharat" concept. Nobody in India wants India to merge with present day Pakistan or take it by force except some "looney fringe". That would be counterproductive. Pakistan is viewed as a place that is on a fast downward spiral with few good prospects. Democracy there is a sham. Nissar should confine his comments to Pakistan. He is way beyond his brief when he starts clubbing his country with India. Most Indians feel no kinship with Pakistanis (except a fast disappearing breed of Punjabis on both sides who were alive at partition, present PM of India being one such person). Pakistan is viewed with suspicion due to terrorism emanating from there.

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    Why do you bring India into all this. India, despite its problems, is a better place. Its muslims are safer and not killing each other. Yes, its politicians are corrupt but they have to go through free and fair elections every now and then and are routinely punished. Yesterday's Mayawati, Karunanidhi are nobody today. As the people become more literate, they will elect better people to govern them. Is this happening in Pakistan.
    So, please confine your comment to Pakistan without generalizing it to India. Pakistan tries to change status quo in Kashmir. India is not seeking the POK. Also, European Union came into existence after fighting 2 bloody world wars. That part of the world is stagnating economically (except Germany). For an economic union to happen in the subcontinent, Pakistan must have a genuine democracy where the Army is subservient to civilians.