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Hum Log (Dr.Tahir ul Qadri Latest Interview!) – 1st February 2013

Hum Log (Dr.Tahir ul Qadri Latest Interview!) – 1st February 2013


    well done dr qadri i love dr qadri

  • sgsg

    Great Leader

  • Ahmed Mujtuba

    Since last sixty years the families of sarmadar , Jagirdar are victimising the poor people of Pakistan. all leaders who had enjoyed the powers they have done nothing for the people of Pakistan.there should be care taker goverment at least five years and take drastic action against crimnal , curruption and recovered all balck money and illlegal money from peoples. care taker govermenrt should be consisting Honest and impartial and commited persons. avegilance cooitttee shoud be formed to chaek and alancee of care taker govermaent.property tax @10% recovered on value of 1milion property and above then every million tax rate shold be enhance 2% use of above 1000 CC car should be Ban for contry wide,we hope th at mr Qadri can do more than as suggest by me

  • Afgar

    Dear Pakistani's ap sub ko maloom ha k Dr. Sb ne jo b baat ki ha us me Pakistani awam ka faida ha, jo log aor Partiyan Dr. Sahib k khilaf bol rahi hain wo haqiqat me Pakistani Awam k Dushman hain, wo nh chahte k Pakistani awam ko shaoor aye aor un ko un k haqooq mil sakain.

  • ali imran

    knoladge,courage,character,confidence, perfect leader..